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Is it love? . Dating . Spending time with dating partners can teach people lessons that help them prepare for marriage or serious relationships.

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  • Spending time with dating partners can teach people lessons that help them prepare for marriage or serious relationships.

  • While people are dating and having fun, they are also learning about each other. Through dating, people learn how to give and take in personal relationships.

Lessons from dating
Lessons from dating

  • You learn that not everyone is like you, or your other family members.

  • What you look for in someone.

Types of dating
Types of dating

  • Group dating

    • number of people from both sexes hang out together.

    • Get to know each other with no pressure.

  • Random dating

    • Date more than one person at a time.

  • Steady dating

    • Can relax and be yourself

Dating conflict
Dating conflict

  • Conflict occurs in all relationships.

  • May just stop seeing each other.

  • Commitment in steady dating encourages the couple to resolve their conflicts.

Do they love me
Do they love me?

  • Unfortunately, a person’s affection cannot be measured by any objective standards.

  • Love has no height, weight, or volume.

  • Love has many different meanings.

    • Love your dog, friends, parents, boy/girl friend

  • How do you view love?

    • Take love languages quiz

The 5 love languages
The 5 love languages

  • Words of affirmation

  • Quality time

  • Gifts

  • Acts of service

  • Physical touch

Infatuation vs love
Infatuation vs. Love



All about the other person

Long lived

Can take a while to develop/may be on first site.

Rarely fall into love

  • Self-centered

  • Short-lived

  • May begin quickly and focus on just one trait.

  • Fall into many times

Love and sex
Love and Sex

  • Infatuation/love in a relationship can often lead to sex.

  • Once you make a decision, stick to it.

  • Not everyone is having sex!

  • Think about the consequences!

    • STDS

    • Pregnancy

    • Reputation


Deciding to have a sexual relationship can affect the rest of your life!!!!!