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Outplay. Outwit. SURVIVOR. Graduate. The Final Year Project at SCI. Your Official FYP Online Guide!!. WKW SCI website Dr. Angela Mak, FYP Coordinator (PPC) Mrs Angeline Sim, Student Affairs Manager. FYP Schedule AY10/11. FYP Registration.

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The final year project at sci





The Final Year Project at SCI

Your Official FYP Online Guide!!

  • WKWSCI website

  • Dr. Angela Mak, FYP Coordinator (PPC)

    • Mrs Angeline Sim, Student Affairs Manager

Fyp registration
FYP Registration

  • Jan - Sep 2010 Finalize your FYP Supervisor

    • You must have the approval of the Faculty Member before you register him/her as your FYP Supervisor

Fyp registration1
FYP Registration

  • Sep 8-30 2010 - Online Registration & Confirmation of Project Groups via Student Link

    • StudentLink >>> Acad Matters >>> Survey/Subject Option >>> SCI Final Year Project

  • The earlier you register, the better it is (just in case your Supervisor decides to change his/her mind!) 

Fyp registration2
FYP Registration

To register your FYP, you need the following information ready:

You’ll need all these information ready before you register:

a)     Project Title (Tentative – can be updated next Sem)

b)    Description of Project (Tentative – can be revised next Sem)

c)     Type of Project (Pick from list)**

d)    Supervisor(s) Name (s)

e)     Group Members' Names according to Matriculation Card

Grading criteria for projects
Grading Criteria for Projects

  • Each type of project has its own set of grading criteria. Students should work with faculty to develop their projects based upon these guidelines:1 Audio/Radio

    2Combination Projects

    3Feature Writing

    4 Illustrated Feature Writing

    5 Multimedia


    7 Public and Promotional Communication Research

    8 Public Promotional Communication Project

    9 Research

    10 Scriptwriting etc

Check the latest grading criteria on the website by 30 September!!

Submission deadlines mark these dates in your diaries
Submission Deadlines –Mark these dates in your diaries

  • Submit interim report to Supervisor 29 Nov 10 (Mon)

  • Update FYP Project Description & Details online 10 – 28 Jan 2010

  • Submit Final Report to Mdm Lim & Ms Indra at Level 4 General Office18 April 2011 (Mon) 12.00pm

  • **Oral Presentation Day**03 May 2011 (Tues)

What should be on your cover page
What should be on your Cover Page

  • Your Projects should be accompanied by a Cover Page which includes:

  • Your Project ID (Number)

  • Your Project Title

  • Your Supervisor’s Name (s)

  • Your Group Members’ Names

    DO NOT LIST YOUR MODERATORS’ NAMES on the project and its cover page. There’s no need for customisation (as it slows down the sorting process)!

Submission deadlines mark these dates in your diaries1
Submission Deadlines –Mark these dates in your diaries

  • Submit Receipts & Claim Form through group leader to FYP Supervisor for Endorsement 03 May 2011 (Tues)

  • Submit Endorsed FYP Subsidy Claim Form (and supporting Receipts) to Mdm Lim at Level 2 General Office. 03 May 2011 (Tues)

  • Submit softcopy of revised final report and any additional required material (CDs, DVDs, Photojourn books, etc.) to DR-NTU 30 May 2011 (Mon)

Fyp claim guidelines
FYP Claim Guidelines

  • Students should carefully plan their FYP budgets. The School will only provide subsidy for 50% of expenses, up to a maximum of S$200 per FYP, whichever is lower.

  • Not all expenses will be reimbursed and the School reserves the right to determine the types of items that can be subsidized.

  • If an FYP is financially sponsored by an external organization, the FYP Committee shall determine whether the FYP group is eligible for subsidy from the School.

Fyp claim guidelines1
FYP Claim Guidelines

  • Students can only claim reimbursements at the end of their FYPs.

  • Claim forms must be:

    1 Accompanied by Receipts (otherwise your claims will be rejected outright)

    2 Signed by the FYP supervisor

    3 Submitted to Madam Lim (4th floor General Office) by 03 May 2011

    The School shall only reimburse the FYP team leader.

The final year project at sci





The Final Year Project at SCI

Late Policy:

Late submissions will have 5 points per day deducted from the final grade.

The weekend will count as 2 days.

Groups who submit their project on time and then re-submit new copies a few days later are subject to the late policy.

The final year project at sci





The Final Year Project at SCI

We're Not Unfeeling Monsters!!

The late penalty may be waived in the event of *serious illness, death or other events beyond the students’ control.

The FYP committee, in consultation with the FYP supervisor and Asst Chair, will approve the waiver and set a later deadline.

The final year project at sci





The Final Year Project at SCI

The Fine Print

“a later deadline” means 1-3 days later

“events beyond the students’ control”:

In all of the late cases last year, the students did not inform their supervisors of their plans or the difficulties they were experiencing. Some of these problems cropped up as early as January and February. The supervisors all said that if they had known about the problems, they could have worked with the students to solve it and meet the deadline.

Other examples of projects that came in later were cases where the students did not anticipate equipment slow-downs or difficulties as part of their planning for completing a project. So for example, waiting until the day of the deadline to take the FYP report to the printers was not seen as an event beyond the students’ control. Likewise, waiting until the day before FYP projects are due to execute your final mix and discovering that the mixing board settings have been seriously changed was not seen as an event beyond the students’ control.

Things to remember
Things to remember …

  • Plan well ahead for any problems

  • Work out a schedule for meeting the supervisors and also completing work as planned

  • Check out with clients (esp sponsored projects) and explain to them the importance of your project and the work that you will be doing over the year and your completion deadlines

  • If finances are involved, make sure that the client is ready to fund you for the project. Prepare the budget and get it approved by the client

  • OR if you are sourcing for funds, do make sure that you have enough and if necessary consult your supervisor and sign an agreement with them.

  • In case of problems, please inform your FYP Supervisors immediately.

The final year project at sci





The Final Year Project at SCI

Want to Avoid Disappointment???

Anticipate problems (and prepare solutions)

Keep your supervisor(s) in the loop

Keep Mrs Angeline Sim or Dr. Angela Mak in the loop (if needed)