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hives treatment

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Hives treatment includes Natural, Homeopathic, Holistic and some other ways. Causes of hives, symptoms of hives, treatments for hives are described here.

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hives treatment

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    1. Hives Treatment Hives (medically called "utricaria") is a skin allergic reaction that appears as raised red or pale welts on the skin. Hives rash look like mosquito bites and cause a great deal of itching on the skin. Hives appear in clusters in various parts of the body and their sizes and shapes also tend to change. The areas which are mostly affected by hives are arms, legs back and torso. Hives can also affect smaller children resulting in similar allergic reaction that is commonly seen in adults. Hives in children must be treated expediently and with caution as the condition of hives is highly irritating and can cause severe itching.

    2. Symptoms of Hives • Hives is a particular skin condition that appears like rings and patches on the body. • Appearance: Skin hives rashes appear as raised and circular skin welts. They are itchy and appear as clustered bumps on the skin. • Location: Hives are generally found on the arms, trunk, neck and legs. It is usually observed that when hives of a particular area lessen in prominence, they soon reappear on other parts of the body. • Chronic utricaria(Hives) : When the skin hives last for a longer time, say more than six weeks, then this particular condition is called as Chronic hives. • Face swelling: Swelling of the face is the most common symptom in hives where the patient gets swollen cheeks and the glands too get irritated.

    3. Causes of hives • The usual causes of hives are none other than the most common allergens that trigger the auto-immune response of the body. • In the case of hives, the symptoms are seen on the skin as red patchy and itchy clustered lesions. Around 20% people suffer from hives and seek medical advice to get rid of them. • Following are the causes of hives, which includes. • Foods • Infections • War Zones • Intestinal Parasite • High temperature • Pet animals • Dust mites • Floods and Hurricanes ,etc..

    4. Hives rash • Skin hives appear as raised pale or red colored welts on the skin. • They may be located on the arms, trunks, legs, chest etc. • Sometimes the face and tongue also might be affected by hives rash. • This special condition of hives rash is also referred to as angioedema. • Hives rash can be caused due to anything as it is an allergic reaction on the skin. • What are causes of hives rash? • Emotional stress and temperamental vagaries • Extreme weather temperatures • Food substances or food additives

    5. Hives in Children • Hives are harmless skin allergic reactions which might irritate a child a great deal. • Hives in kids are generally found on arms, legs, back and torso. • Causes of hives in children: A child maybe allergic to a food substance or a food additive and hence, may get an allergic reaction of hives. • You can also administer home-made remedies to get rid of hives reaction from the skins of the children. • Other common factors that trigger the onset of hives in children are: drugs and medications.

    6. Natural treatment for hives • Hives are common skin disorder that affects many around the world. There are a number of medicinal and natural treatments for hives. • Some of the possible causes of hives are as follows: • Food Allergy • Alcohol Allergy • Sudden Change in Temperature • Cold Weather • Stress • Illness like Viral Fever, Flu, Diarrhea, Thyroid • Menopause in Women • Herbal Treatment for Hives • Holistic Treatment for Hives • Home Treatment for Hives • Home Remedies for Hives

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