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FOR SOCIAL BUSINESSES. ABOUT THE LITS PROGRAM. [ WH AT DO WE PROVIDE TO SOCIAL BUSINESSES ]. Benefits of our program. We provide a three-week development program for social businesses that seek to deliver sustainable and long-term social improvement. Get external perspective

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about the lits program
benefits of our program
Benefitsofour program

We provide a three-week development program for social businesses that seek to deliver sustainable and long-term social improvement.

  • Get external
  • perspective
  • Discuss your business with a team of business experts who are keen to share their insights, ideas, know-how and experience with you and your team.
  • Develop yourteam
  • Build capacities of your people by allowing them to go through a series of workshops, trainings and seminars designed specifically for your business needs.
  • Spread awareness
  • in media
  • Join a larger network, become part of the LITS story and present yourself to a large global audience interested in social business. Make sure the world knows about your efforts.
  • Acquire social
  • investment
  • We are keen on investing into social businesses that we know and believe in, which is why longer-term cooperation involves prospective investment into your social business.
indian program overview
Indian program: Overview

Date: August 14 – September 4, 2013

Groupsize: 3 participants + LITS Globalguide

Duration: 3 weeks

Costs: Social businesses have no financial obligation to participate in the program.


Your business is designed to address a social objective and deliver sustainableand long-term improvement

Your business is compatible with the course of the program and LITS Globalgoals and vision

Your team is able to take appropriate care of program participants and ensuretheir successful integration

participants profiles
Participants‘ profiles
  • JiriCermak
  • Specialization
  • sales, business development, marketing, advertising, PR
  • Education
  • - University of Exeter, Ireland
  • University of Economics, Prague
  • Working Experience
  • - Radisson BluAlcron Hotel Prague
  • - Prague Safe Deposit
  • Alexandra Boskovicova
  • Specialization
  • TV and film production, event management, marketing
  • Education
  • - New York Film Academy
  • University of Economics, Prague
  • Working Experience
  • - Commercial TV JOJ
  • - freelancer

Michal Duchacek


finance, analysis, problem solving, strategic consulting


- Maastricht University

- Charles University, Prague

Working Experience

- McKinsey & Company

- Roland Berger

program flow
Program flow








Where can we benefit your business the most?

How can we customize our program to fit your business needs?

What skills, expertise and insights of your team shall we focus on?

How can we support implementation of the acquired knowledge?


  • Shadowing local team
  • Team-building and social events
  • Cultural exchange and sharing
  • Finalizing training events for next week
  • Delivering workshops, presentations and trainings
  • Coaching and consultations
  • Drafting/feedbacking business plan and working on strategy
  • Working with the team on implementing the new knowledge
  • Coaching and consultations
  • Finalizing business plan and strategy
  • Analyzing the social business
  • Understanding scope and context of the social business
  • Defining scope of the project
  • Drafting initial program plan


5 days

9 days

7 days

1 month


Home country

Abroad part ofthe program

Ongoing helping out within the social business and in the local community

about lits global
about lits global1
About LITS Global

We are a non-loss, non-dividend social business

We run a customized three-week impact travel program for highpotentialsfrom the corporate world.

We enable them to have a sustainable social impact in an emergingcountry without compromising their corporate careers.

  • LITS Global is built around four elements:
  • Learning Impact
  • Travel Sustainability


Social businesses



  • High potentials from the corporate world seeking sustainable social impact without compromising their careers.
  • Businesses that recognize a social problem and work on solving it through sustainable market-based principles.
  • Companies that want to contribute to their employees’ engagement and development and improve their image as a socially responsible employer.
  • Companies
stakeholder relationships

Diagram below simplifies relationships amongall parties involved:

Full care during the abroad part of the program

Skills, efforts& know-how

Learning, impact& travelexperience





Social business

LITS Global

Corporate support& benefits

Employee engagement&mediaattention


social impact our goals
Socialimpact& ourgoals

To make the world a better place by becoming a global provider of life-changing travelexperiences that deliver sustainable social impact in emerging countries.

  • Developinggloballeaders
  • Promoting toleranceandunderstanding
  • Empoweringsocialentrepreneurs
  • By getting exposed to a completely different environment and working on tackling challenges with the local social business team, our participants go through a unique and intensive personal learning experience.
  • We believe in social entrepreneurship as a tool for mitigating some of the world’s most painful problems, which is why we intermediate the transfer of skills and know-how between the for-profit and for-impact sector.
  • With today’s heavily interconnected world, cultural understanding and religious tolerance is a clear pre-requisite for a prosperous future. We seek to ensure that our stakeholders see themselves as “citizens of the world” and think and act according to it.
lits global team
LITS Global team
  • JanKrahulik is the kind of person always looking for a deeper purpose in whatever he’s working on. During his studies at the University of Economics in Prague, he was fully dedicated to building up the world’s largest youth-run organization (both on local and national level), volunteered in Indonesia and invested significant amount of time in exploring possibilities of how business can be pursued both sustainably and efficiently.
  • Marek Beran had the opportunity to interact with many people from different parts of the world and with very various socioeconomic backgrounds. Those encounters made him realize the large differences in living standards of people around the world and helped him understand the challenges and issues connected with it. He sees LITS as a platform for top talents regardless their origin, status, education or financial background, to get together and build something meaningful as a team.
  • VeronikaLosova wanted to make the world a better place since her early age - without injustice, intolerance and empty words. She dreamed of becoming a politician or a lawyer. Later on she became passionate about acquiring a more international perspective, went to study business and kept looking for different opportunities to make her dreams come true.
  • Zdenek Fred Foustraveled through more than 40 countries around the globe. During his travels far away he kept meeting exceptional local people – talented and friendly individuals committed to ensuring a good-quality life for themselves and their families in the often uneasy living conditions. Seeing the great obstacles they were facing and at the same time realizing how little is actually needed to empower them to overcome those obstacles, led him to start thinking about sustainable solutions to those problems.
CONTACTZdenek F. FousCountry Manager+44 20 7617 7355 zdenek.fous@litsglobal.org