georgia airports association international terminal activation n.
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Georgia Airports Association International Terminal Activation PowerPoint Presentation
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Georgia Airports Association International Terminal Activation

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Georgia Airports Association International Terminal Activation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Georgia Airports Association International Terminal Activation. October 24, 2012. International Complex. Domestic Terminal North. International Complex. Domestic Terminal South. E. A. B. C. D. F. T. International Terminal Complex.

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international complex
International Complex

Domestic Terminal North

International Complex

Domestic Terminal South








international terminal complex
International Terminal Complex

Maynard H. Jackson Jr. International Terminal Complex



profile view of levels
Profile View of Levels

Maynard H. Jackson Jr.

International Terminal

Mezzanine Level

Hourly Parking Deck

Boarding/Departures Level

Level 5

Apron/Ramp Level

Level 4

Level 3

Arrivals Level


Level 2

Train Level

Level 1/Gold/Employee

atl terminals
ATL Terminals

Domestic Terminal North

International Complex

Domestic Terminal South

international terminal complex1
International Terminal Complex

International Terminal Complex

Domestic Terminal

North & South

int l terminal and activation purpose
Int’l Terminal and Activation Purpose




Stakeholder Readiness – Successful Opening Day and Beyond

  • Support International Pax Growth
  • Eliminate Cumbersome Baggage Re-Check
  • Ease Demand on Existing Facilities
  • Connects to Concourse E – 40 Gates Int’l Complex
  • Add Group V Gates
  • Provide East Entrance to Airport


stakeholder readiness
Stakeholder Readiness
  • Approved Policies and Procedures
  • Completed Facilities – System Commissioned
  • Equipment & Supplies Purchased
  • Trained Employees
  • Contingency Plans
  • Test Facility and Employees
  • Communication to Passengers
activation approach to stakeholder readiness
Activation Approach to Stakeholder Readiness
  • Approved Policies and Procedures
      • Coordinate Development, Review, Monitor Approval and Training
  • Completed Facilities – System Commissioned
      • Coordinate with Construction Team, Develop Contingency Plans for Components yet to be Finished
  • Equipment & Supplies Purchased
      • Coordinate with Stakeholders (internal & external), Monitor Progress
activation approach to stakeholder readiness1
Activation Approach to Stakeholder Readiness
  • Trained Employees
      • Develop Training Program, Training Infrastructure, Monitor Stakeholder Training
  • Contingency Plans
      • Develop Contingency Plans, Coordinate Stakeholders
  • Test Facility and Employees
      • Develop Large-Scale Simulation
  • Communication to Passengers
      • Develop Detailed Communication Plan for Public, Coordinate with Stakeholders for Passenger Communication
activation team
Activation Team

B. Bheodari

Team Leader

Risk Management

Critical Issues


David Gruber

Stakeholder Issues

Robert Seewald

Building & Systems

Matt Davis

Design & Planning

Jaimi Tapp

Training & Communication

  • Communication Node, ID Risks, Develop Recovery Plan, Track Progress, Reporting,
  • Budgeting

Commissioning, Testing, Validating, Training, Acceptance, Orientation, Trials, Exercises, Simulations

Intermodal Tnsp

Airside/Landside Signage

Facility Infrastructure

Airside Standards, Parking

ADA Requirements

Management, Training, Communications, Simulation Development, Operations Center

Heather Hippensteel

Stakeholder Issues - Landside

Darrin Barth

Airside Issues

Clay Garnett


Jerome Woodard

Logistics & Training

Communications Working Group, Operations Center, Training

  • Operations, Passenger Flow, Employee Flow, Terminal Working Group, Security, Terminal Signage, Training

Airfield, Apron, FAR 139, Security, Airfield Signage, Training, Stakeholder Issues

Logistics Planning, Training Infrastructure, Training, Contingencies

Checklists, Operations Center

activation strategy
Activation Strategy








activation planning
Activation Planning




X Factors



Pax Services






Ramp Services









Mgt Staff

Integrated Facility


Parking Garage



CU Systems


Baggage Systems

Safety & Security

  • State of Industry

Int’l Events

  • Wx


Success Indicators


activation tools
Activation Tools
  • Coordination Meetings
  • Working Groups
  • Timeline (list of tasks with schedule)
  • Book of Interfaces
  • Issues Log
  • Communication Plan
  • Training
  • Trials
  • Large Scale Simulation
1 coordination meetings
1. Coordination Meetings

Working Group Meetings

Focus Group Meetings

Interdepartmental Meetings

Individual Stakeholders

Activation Meetings (Dept. of Aviation)

Senior Staff Briefings

2 working groups
2. Working Groups
  • Key Stakeholders, Shared Information, Made Decisions, Technical Discussions
    • Logistics
    • Communication
    • Airside
    • Terminal
    • Training
3 timeline activation process
3. Timeline - Activation Process

OPENING DAY! – May 16, 2012

  • Validation of:
  • Building Systems
  • Equipment
  • Training
  • Procedures
  • Guidelines
  • Plans

Concurrent Tasks

Feb. 2012 – May 2012

Modify Procedures, Systems, Equipment, Signage as required by Simulation After-Action

Perform Operational Simulation (Large Scale – Operating Day)

Modify Draft Procedures, Building Systems, Equipment, Signage as Required based on Trial Results

Perform Trials Involving Systems, Trained-On Procedures, Plans and Guidelines

Training on Draft Procedures, Contractor Building Systems & Equipment Training, Familiarization, Orientation

August 2011-May 2012

Circulate & Approve Draft Procedures, Plans and Guidelines

May 2011-August 2011

Revise Existing Procedures, Plans and Guidelines

September 2012-May 2011

Identify Changes in Procedures, Plans & Guidelines for All New Facilities

March 2010-July 2012

Evaluate Current Procedures, Plans and Guidelines

dept of aviation stakeholders
Dept. of Aviation Stakeholders
  • Airside Operations
  • Landside Operations
  • Maintenance
  • Security
  • Atlanta Fire-Rescue
  • Atlanta Police
  • Ground Transportation
  • Parking
  • Centralized Command and Control Center
  • Automated People Mover
  • Concessions
  • Planning
  • Properties
  • Marketing and Business Development
  • Public Affairs
  • Environmental and Technical Services
  • Information Services
  • Training, Safety and Organizational Development
  • Geospatial Information Systems
  • Facilities Management
4 book of interfaces
4. Book of Interfaces
  • Key tracking of all systems interactions
  • Included testing plans
5 issues log
5. Issues Log
  • Detailed spreadsheet of all issues raised
    • Stakeholder Meetings
    • Working Group
    • Individual Meetings
    • Management
6 communication plan
6. Communication Plan
  • Terminology Standardization
  • Messaging Coordination
    • Airlines
    • Other Stakeholders
    • PR Stakeholders
  • Support with Media Interactions
7 training
7. Training
  • Contractor-Provided Training
              • Contractually Required by Installing Contractor for each Project
  • Standard Operating Procedures
              • Intradepartmental & Cross-Functional on Operational Plans & Procedures
  • Functional
              • Facility System & Equipment Location & Functionality for Employees with Hands-on Post-Opening Responsibilities
      • Orientation
              • General Employee Operational Overview
8 trials
8. Trials
  • Validate System Functionality
  • Validate Employee Training
  • Validate Operating Procedures

Primary Responsibility:

Activation Team/DOA

Substantial Completion

Primary Responsibility:


9 large scale simulation purpose
9. Large Scale Simulation Purpose
  • Test and validate processes and procedures
  • Test and validate physical components of complex
  • Test selected emergency procedures and training
simulation priorities
Simulation Priorities
  • Wayfinding
  • Parking
  • Terminal Shuttle Operations
  • Ticketing
  • Baggage
  • Federal Inspection
simulation participants
Simulation Participants
  • Dept. of Aviation (and sub-contractors)
  • Federal Agencies
  • Airlines (and sub-contractors)
  • Operators
  • Construction Team
  • 1,500+ volunteers and their luggage
    • 17 mock departure and 17 mock arrival flights
concept of operations
Concept of Operations
  • Solicited volunteers
  • Verified volunteers
  • Developed gated flight schedule
  • Verified with stakeholders
  • Assigned unique scripts for each passenger
  • Communicate directions
    • How to arrive at airport
    • Which flight to depart/arrive
    • Flight Amenities
concept of operations cont
Concept of Operations (cont.)
  • Developed survey instruments
  • Arranged for food/souvenirs
  • Arranged for “Controllers” to observe and step in if necessary
  • Media control plan
  • Activation Coordination Center to be operational
    • Phone number for participants
    • Central personnel for communication and reporting
communications with volunteers
Communications with Volunteers
  • Original request – response to email address
    • 1,600 volunteers from all over world
  • Verify volunteer status
    • Explained components of two-part simulation
  • Unique script emailed 4/26
    • Include detailed instructions for arrival/parking at airport
  • Passenger surveys
    • Departure and Arrival
    • Survey Monkey or hard copy
sample script departing passenger
Sample Script – Departing Passenger


Terminal Doors will open at 7:30. Please allow enough time to check-in, go through TSA security screening and travel to your gate before Departure Time.

Access Mode – Please plan on arriving at the International Terminal by the following mode:

Check-In Mode Coach or Premium Passenger

Amenity Activity – Please locate and/or use the following if possible:






  • Your simulated flight will “board” at the time listed above. Please fill out the “Departures Survey” before your boarding time. The survey can be completed in one of two ways: 1) use your iphone, android phone or 3G/4G tablet using the website provided at the gate or 2) pick up a copy of the Departures Survey on a clipboard in your departure gate.
sample script arriving passenger
Sample Script – Arriving Passenger

ARRIVING PASSENGER SCRIPT – Your Arrival City is the same as your Departure City Above

Connecting or Terminating Passenger Assignment:

Amenity Activity – Please locate and/or use the following:

Please fill out the “Arrivals Survey” before leaving the Arrivals Hall in the International Terminal. The survey can be completed in one of two ways: 1) use your iphone, android phone or 3G/4G tablet at the website listed in the arrivals hall to fill out online or 2) pick up a copy of the Arrivals Survey on a clipboard in the Arrivals Hall and fill out with pen or pencil.

Once your survey is completed, please proceed to the Information Desk in the Arrivals Hall to turn in your survey and collect your souvenir. After you’ve received your souvenir, you may proceed to the Arrivals Curbside to pick up a small snack and drink. Please exit the airport using the same method you arrived.



coordination center
Coordination Center
  • Single Point of Contact
    • Questions
    • Issues
    • Situational Response
  • Event Monitoring
    • Initiation and Completion
    • Status Updates
    • Log
first responder drills
First Responder Drills
  • Test selected emergency procedures and training
  • Utilize different areas of the facility
  • Sequence trials
    • APD
    • AFRD
    • APD
after action
  • Follow Up Meeting
    • Key Stakeholders
    • DOA Controllers
    • Survey Results
    • Observation Analysis
      • Critical and Functional Area
simulation summary
Simulation Summary
  • Over 1,000 passengers participated
    • Over 840 Departures Surveys
    • Over 770 Arrivals Surveys
  • Majority rated experience good
  • Received  very specific comments and controller observations
issue identification
Issue Identification
  • Multi-level Feedback Evaluated
    • Volunteer Survey Comments
    • Controller Observations
    • Stakeholder Input
issue identification1
Issue Identification
  • Critical and Functional Area Analysis
    • Safety
    • Processes
    • Systems – Building
    • Systems – Other
    • Baggage Handling
    • Signage
    • Personnel
    • Amenities/Functionality
    • Ground Transportation
    • Aesthetics
    • ADA
    • Miscellaneous
issue resolution
Issue Resolution
  • Action Item Log
    • Issue Description
    • Issue Facility/Area/Location
    • Action Required
    • Priority
      • “A” = Immediate Action
      • “B” = Prior to Opening
      • “C” = Review Existing and Revise if Required
      • “D” = Longer Observation Prior to Action
    • Identify Responsible Party(ies)
    • Current Action
    • Resolution Date
issue resolution1
Issue Resolution
  • Sixty-seven (67) total issues identified
    • Includes all four (4) categories
  • 72% of issues closed prior to opening
    • Permanent and/or temporary solutions
    • No “A” or “B” item unresolved prior to opening
    • Three (3) “C” item issues required equipment order (in process)