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R10 SAC REPORT 2006 (Student Activities)

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IEEE REGION 10 MEETING Chiang Mai (26 t h -27 th March 2006). R10 SAC REPORT 2006 (Student Activities). Prof. Marzuki Khalid Student Activities Chair Kazuyuki Sudoh Region Student Representative. 2006 R10 SAC Members. Marzuki Khalid – RSAC Kazuyuki Sudoh – RSR Yong Jin Park – RCC

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r10 sac report 2006 student activities


Chiang Mai (26t h-27th March 2006)

R10 SAC REPORT 2006(Student Activities)

Prof. Marzuki Khalid

Student Activities Chair

Kazuyuki Sudoh

Region Student Representative

2006 r10 sac members
2006 R10 SAC Members
  • Marzuki Khalid – RSAC
  • Kazuyuki Sudoh – RSR
  • Yong Jin Park – RCC
  • Norman Mariun – Malaysia Sec Chair
  • Shahidul Islam Khan – Bangladesh Sec Chair
  • Yasuharu Ohgoe – GOLD (Past RSR)
  • Darrel Chong – Invited (RAB GOLD Chair)
  • Cecilia Jankowski – Invited (RAB MD)
  • Wang Jing Yiyi – Invited (SC2006 Chair)
region 10 sbs in terms of numbers
Region 10 SBs in Terms of Numbers

(Latest as of 28th February 2006)












SEOUL NATIONAL UNIV (COM-019)(Seoul, Korea) – 143



DELHI COLLEGE OG ENG (PE-031) (Delhi) - 140






membership stats as of 31 st dec 2005
Membership Stats as of 31st Dec 2005

R10 Student Membership has increased by 14%

new sbs approved in 2005
New SBs Approved in 2005
  • Total: 47 SBs
  • (List received from C. Eldridge IEEE Students Services on 31st Dec 2005)
  • (52 given by Prof. Sankaran)
  • By Country:
    • India – 38
    • Pakistan - 4
    • Malaysia - 1
    • Australia - 1
    • Thailand - 1
    • Japan – 1
    • Taiwan - 1
major activities awards of sac 2006 details are given to each section chair and sb chair each year
Major Activities/Awards of SAC 2006(Details are given to each Section Chair and SB Chair each year)

[1] Student Paper Contests 2006 (DEADLINE FINISHED)

Deadline: 28th February 2006

(1). Undergraduate Contest

(2). Postgraduate Contest

(All Prizes for both categories will be provided by HQ

except for PG Contest Winner USD1,000 Travel Grant)

[2] Student Best Website Contest 2006 (DEADLINE FINISHED)

Deadline: 15th March 2006

Two Levels: Region 10 and All Regions

Region 10 Level (Prizes awarded by Region 10)

[3] Larry K. Wilson Award 2005 (DEADLINE FINISHED)

(Best student volunteer of the year)

Deadline: 28th February 2006

[4] R10 Outstanding Student Branch Award 2005 (DEADLINE FINISHED)

Deadline: 28th February 2006

other awards activities for 2006 details are given to each section chair and sb chair each year
Other Awards/Activities for 2006(Details are given to each Section Chair and SB Chair each year)
  • Outstanding Student Branch Counselor & Advisor Recognition Award - $500 and a certificate, applications to HQ. Deadline 30th May, 2006.[Submit nomination form to l.durrett@ieee.org]
  • AT&T Award - for a Technical project - run by a Branch, funding up to US$1000 - applications to HQ deadline - 1 November, 2006.
  • Outstanding Student Certificate - 1 Cert per 100 members in a Section, on request from a Section SAC to the HQ.
  • Leadership Workshops

Can be organized by a Section or a Group of Student Branches. (Apply for partial supporting fund from RSAC)

[3] Students Professional Awareness Activities

(Contact Joey Duvall [j.duvall@ieee.org])

  • S-PAC: Student Professional Awareness Conference
  • S-PAVe: Student Professional Awareness Ventures
r10website contest 2006
R10Website Contest 2006
  • At first 23 SBs submitted their intention to participate in the Website Contest 2006
  • Eventually 19 submitted their URLs:
    • India-14
    • Pakistan-2
    • Australia-1
    • NZ-1
    • Malaysia-1
  • Current Status – Reviewing Process at the Region 10 Level by 6 Judges
  • Results will be known by 15 April 2006
  • Top two from R10 will vie for the Inter-Regional Website Contest
ieee outstanding branch counselor award
IEEE Outstanding Branch Counselor Award
  • 10 Nominations: R3 (2), R4 (1), R7 (1), R8 (1), R9 (2), and R10 (3)
  • 3 From Region 10
    • Dr. S. Balakrishnan (Mepco, India)
    • Mohd. Amran Mohd. Radzi (Malaysia)
    • Nisha Kuruvilla (Chengannur, India)
  • Winner will receive Prize Money (USD500 + Customized Cert + USD200 to SB)
  • Current Status – Reviewing Process
  • Results will be out by end of April 2006
r10 student gold congress 2006
R10 Student-GOLD Congress 2006


  • 13th -17th July 2006
  • Check URL: http://www.r10sc2006.org
  • Hosted by 4 Beijing SBs
  • Beijing Univ. of Post & Tech.
  • Beijing JiaoTong Univ.
  • Peking University
  • Tsing Hua University
  • For more info contact:
    • Mr. Xin Jing: Email:jx9802@vip.sina.com
    • Ms. Wang Jingyiyi: Email:wangjingyiyi@126.com
ieee r10 sc gold2006 draft program
IEEE R10 SC-GOLD2006- Draft Program
  • 13th July 2006 (Thursday)
    • Arrival and Registration
    • 18.00: Dinner will be provided at each university
    • Ice Breaking Activity at each University
  • 14th July 2006 (Friday)
    • 08.30: All participants and invitees take seat in Auditorium
    • 09.00: Speech by Chairman of Organizing Committee (Ms. Wang)
    • 09.10: Opening Speech by R10 Director S. Takeuchi
    • 09.20: Opening Speech by BUPT President
    • 09.35: Coffee/Break
    • 10.00: Special Lecture by IEEE President Michael Lightner (or RAB Director)
    • 10.35: Special Lecture by SAC Vice Chair (Jim Reiss)
    • 11.10: Special Lecture by GOLD Comm Chair on “What is

GOLD?” (Darrel/Yasu)

    • 11.40: Photo Session
    • 12.00: Lunch
    • 13.00:
14 July 2006 (Friday Afternoon)
  • 13.00: Training Sessions/Special Lectures (SPAA, How to Organize Vibrant SB, 3 special lectures (30 mins) – Speakers will be decided later by R10 SAC and Committee)
  • 13.10: Special Lecture I (SPAA – J.Paserba)
  • 13.40: Special Lecture II (RAB - C. Jankowski)
  • 14.10: Special Lecture III (Students Activities -M. Khalid)
  • 14.50: Q&A Sessions with IEEE President (or RAB Director), R10 Director, SAC Vice Chair, R10 SAC, GOLD and Staff
  • 15.40: Tea Break
  • 16.00: Tour of BUPT by IEEE VIPs/Speakers (30 minutes)
  • 16.00: GOLD-Student Interaction (60 minutes)
  • 17.00: Tour of BUPT
  • 17.30: Ends
  • 18.00: Bus leaves for Dinner
  • 19.00: SC2006 Formal Dinner and Awards Presentations (GOLD included but paid by GOLD)
  • 21.00: Ends
15th July 2006 (Saturday) (SC2006)
    • 08.20: All participants take seat (BJTU)
    • 08.30: Student Leadership Training Workshop and Strategic Planning Sessions (Speakers will be decided later)
    • 12.30: SLTW/SP Ends (Lunch)
    • 13.30: Follow BJTU plan of activities
    • Students Activities organized by SC2006 Organizer (this may include presentation by LK Wilson 2005 Award winner, Outstanding R10 SB 2005, Sharing of experiences, etc.)
    • 17.30: Ends
  • On 15th of July 2006, GOLD will organize their own Congress separately (Yasu will provide inputs on this)
16th July 2006 (Sunday)
    • Events will be organized at 2 universities (PKU & TH Universities)
    • Branch discussions for the students benefits
  • 17th July 2006 (Monday)
    • Visit Great Wall / Forbidden City / Market
    • Participants fly out
  • 18th July 2006 (Tuesday)
    • Fly out
    • USD10k has been allocated for partial travel support from R10 (write to R10 SAC at marzuki@utmkl.utm.my)
goals proposals for 2006
Goals/Proposals for 2006
  • [1] Support All Major Activities and Sectional Activities for Students in Region 10 (especially biennial Students Congress for R10)
    • Great Improvement for R10 Students Congresses
      • SC2002 – USD4k
      • SC2004 – USD4k
      • SC2006 – USD24k
      • Future SCs – continue the USD24k support
goals proposals 2006 contd
Goals/Proposals 2006 (contd)
  • [2] To increase Student Memberships and Retain Them
    • (Will work with MDC on Incentives to Sections for Students Moving onto Members Grade)
    • My Proposal (3 Years Incentives for Sections):
    • 1st Year: USD2 for the Section when Student (Incl. GSM) move to become a Full Member
    • 2nd Year: Another USD2 if that Member continues to be a member
    • 3rd Year: Another USD2 for the Section if the same Member continues his/her membership for another year
  • Cost to R10
    • About 18,000 Student Members (if all become members, this will cost R10 USD36,000 in 2007, if 40% then its about USD14,400)
    • Could balloon to USD42,000 in the third year and further…
goals proposals 2006 contd19
Goals/Proposals 2006 (contd)
  • [3] To increase new SBs but also to reduce Inactive SBs
    • This former has already been done
    • Still find difficulty to improve conditions of Inactive SBs
  • [4] Set up a Database of all SAC in Councils/SB Counselors/SAC Chairs/SB Chairs of Sections
    • This is ongoing
  • [5] Provide FURTHER support to RAB on the formation of new membership students grade in R10 of “Graduate Students” and “Students” (Undergraduate) [as proposed by RAB]
    • Would be interesting how GSM can improve students membership and retention
regarding the regular student membership
Regarding the Regular Student Membership

Student Member

  • (a) A Student Member must satisfy the following conditions (1) carry at least 50% of a normal full-time academic program as a registered undergraduate or graduate student in a regular course of study in IEEE-designated fields; and (2) not yet qualify for Member grade. The total cumulative period for a member to hold the Student Member grade and/or the Graduate Student Member grade shall be limited to 8 years.
  • (b) Student Members, upon graduation or upon reaching the 8-year limit (whichever occurs first), with at least a baccalaureate or higher degree (or its equivalent) from a school and a designated field on the IEEE REP List shall be transferred to Member grade.
  • (c) Student Members other than those qualifying under subparagraph (b), upon graduation or upon reaching the 8-year limit (whichever occurs first) shall be transferred to Associate Member grade.
graduate student membership gsm
Graduate Student Membership (GSM)
  • In July 2005, RAB members and Regional Activities Department staff made a decision to promote and advertise GSM in 2006 when it will be fully implemented with the new IEEE Business Management System (BMS).
  • Regional Activities staff will inform individuals that students who are currently attending graduate school and would qualify as GSMs are eligible to be elected/appointed to serve as Section/Chapter/Affinity group officers.
  • The credentials and achievements of GSMs will allow them to:
    • Hold office in Section/Chapter/Affinity groups
    • Vote in IEEE elections
    • Get more actively involved in IEEE activities as volunteers
    • IEEE Bylaw I-104
Graduate Student Member (GSM)
  • A GSM must qualify for Member grade and carry at least 50% of a normal full-time academic program as a registered graduate student in a regular course of study in IEEE- designated fields. The total cumulative period for a member to hold the Student Member grade and/or the Graduate Student Member grade shall be limited to 8 years.
  • GSM upon graduation or upon reaching the total cumulative 8-year limit as a Student Member and/or GSM (whichever occurs first), shall be transferred to Member grade.
summary on gsm
Summary on GSM
  • GSM has been implemented finally
  • IEEE Database at HQ Level will be ready to categorize GSM status as of July 2006
  • GSM still pay students fee but will be eligible to vote (as of Sept. 2006)
  • GSM will be able to hold (volunteer position) office at Section and Chapter Level
  • SAC Committee proposes to have GRSR (Graduate Regional Student Rep at the Region Level - to be proposed at Fall SAC Mtg)
new activities for students coming up
New Activities for Students Coming Up!
  • DC Exemplary Students Activity Award
    • RAB approved this Award in the Nov. RAB meeting
    • First Submission: February 2006
    • This Award will be given to any Activity organized by any IEEE Student Branch that is deemed beneficial or successful
    • Criteria will be out soon
    • Awards in the form of Plaque categorized as Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze
    • Also will be advertised in Virtual Hall of Fame on Student Concourse
    • Judges: Current and Past SAC Committee
    • No limit to number of Awards
    • Submit to getplatinum@ieee.org
    • Criteria already available now
IEEEXtreme Programming Contest
    • RAB has approved the Concept (USD20k approved)
    • Global 24-Hour Programming Contest
    • Open to a Group of 3 or 4 students (all must be IEEE Student Members)
    • Teams should register before a certain deadline
    • Judging – Partly Automated
    • Branch Counselor to certify
    • Topics will be given online at 0 hour
    • Prestigious
      • Significant publicity in promotion of event
      • Significant publicity in presenting the Award
    • Many students will want to participate
spaa students professional awareness activities
SPAAStudents Professional Awareness Activities
  • R1-6 under IEEE USA SPAC Funding
  • SPAA is for R7-R10 under RAB Funding
spaa criteria
SPAA Criteria
  • The “Usefulness” of this activity to the students
  • Also what they can get after the activity….
  • For SPAA Funding – apply to Joey Duvall
  • Funding from USD100~USD1000 may be obtained
  • Need to submit a proposal and pre-budget- send to j.duvall@ieee.org
spaa philosophy
SPAA “Philosophy”
  • Emphasis on
    • Professional Awareness
    • Professional Development
  • Promotion to Students
    • Concept
    • Benefits
what do we need to address
What do we need to address?
  • Awareness
    • Information Dissemination
      • Website
      • Promotion
  • Committee Makeup
    • Establish Regional Liaisons for R7-10
  • Identify “Local” Speakers for R7-10
spaawebsite will be enhanced
SPAAWebsite will be enhanced
  • Link on Student Concourse (exists)
    • Separate (intermediate) page for SPAA?
    • Translation of pages into separate languages?
  • Include examples/ideas
    • Successful Programs
    • Others (e.g., venture capitalism)
  • Revised “Quick Start Guide”
  • SPAA Event Calendar
example of a spac event proposed by a r10 student branch
Example of a SPAC Event proposed by a R10 Student Branch
  • The student branch of IEEE at National Engineering College (NEC), Kovilpatti, INDIA organized a national level "Student Professional Awareness Conference" (S-PAC) on creating professional awareness and developing management skills among upcoming engineers (5th Sept 2005).
  • About 300 delegates from all over the State representing 15 different schools participated in the conference
summary of the event
Summary of the Event
  • Engineering graduates know how to design circuits and write code, but struggle when it comes to planning meetings or organizing presentations.
  • Engineering schools are reluctant to add these non-technical skills to an already full curriculum.
  • In reality, these non-technical competencies are just as critical to an engineer's future as his technical training.
  • Hence the conduct of such programs will certainly help to develop the professional behavior of the Engineers.
promotion of spaa
Promotion of SPAA
  • At Regional events, etc.
  • Paraphernalia (Promotional Material)
    • Posters
    • Pens
    • etc.
  • No official Speakers Database/list for SPAA
  • Identify local speakers within areas
    • Begin with prior participants
  • Examine R8 Professional Speakers list as potential “partnership” opportunity for R8
other ideas
Other Ideas
  • Worldwide Contest?
  • Additional SPAA Training for RSACs/RSRs
    • To be conducted at subsequent SAC Meeting(s) - during SAC Overview?
other important developments in sac
Other Important Developments in SAC
  • Pen Pal Club (set up by 4 SBs in R10)
  • SLTW ppt will be enhanced by the SLTW Committee – to be shared to all Sections and SBs
  • SAC is recommending to RAB such that to recommend to Sections to foster greater relationship with their SBs – perhaps one criteria for Best Section Award will be based on this.
pen pal club of ieee r10
Pen Pal Club of IEEE R10
  • SET UP BY 4 SBs:
    • UPVCE, Gujarat
    • JMI, Delhi
    • NUCES, Karachi
    • BUPT, Beijing
  • International Fraternity of IEEE R10 Students
  • To establish a convenient communication channels via Internet to enhance communication & Co-ooperation among SBs and student members
  • To explore common interests
  • To improve English skills
  • Go to www.r10ieeepals.org
rsac discussions in san francisco
RSAC Discussions in San Francisco
  • Guidelines/Manuals for SB Officers
  • Academic Calendars between the Regions
  • Recommend Foster Relationship between Sections and SBs
  • Mechanism for RSAC/RSR Training in the SAC Committee
  • GRSR and RSR for Each Region
guidelines manuals for sb officers
Guidelines/Manuals for SB Officers
  • SLTW ppt
  • Do we send this Info of the Branch Office to new SBs? Yes (See Student CD)
  • SB Officer Handbook
  • Q&A Type of Manual (this is not available yet)
  • Igor (R9) to champion this issue
academic calendars between the regions
Academic Calendars between the Regions
  • Different academic calendars among regions in Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere but also among the different countries
  • Extend the period of application especially for Society based contest
  • Action Item for RSAC 8, 9 and 10 – to identify the school/college dates
recommend foster relationship between sections chapters and sbs
Recommend Foster Relationship between Sections, Chapters and SBs
  • Award to Sections supporting SBs activities (to reccommend)
  • Sections should have Sections Student Representative (Section SR)
  • Section and Branch Interactions (organized by Marco and John – get it from the Section Congress website)
  • Proposal -> For Large and Small Section Awards – make a criteria for interactions between Sections and SBs as a major criteria
  • Some Inputs from RSRs
grsr and rsr for each region
GRSR and RSR for Each Region
  • RSR should be an Undergraduate rather than a graduate
  • Create a GRSR from GSM
  • SAC Committee will consist of RSAC, GRSR and RSR and also GOLD
some important points to note
Some Important Points to Note
  • 55% of IEEE Members have been IEEE Student Member-> SAC is thus important
  • RAB has approved USD1,000 per Region matching money for student promotional items
  • We can get this money if Region support 50% of it. Write to Laura that we wish to print USD1,000 worth of T-shirts for R10 Student Congress (request has to come from the Regional Treasurer).