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Monday, December 10

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Monday, December 10 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Monday, December 10. Warm Up: Late reading responses/binder checks??? 5 minutes vocab review!. Today’s Agenda: Vocab Quiz STAAR Folders Expository Rubric Expository Essay Exploration. 9 days until Christmas Break!!!!. After Vocab Quiz…. Get a folder and 2 handouts

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Monday, December 10

Warm Up:

Late reading responses/binder checks???

5 minutes vocab review!

  • Today’s Agenda:
  • Vocab Quiz
  • STAAR Folders
  • Expository Rubric
  • Expository Essay Exploration

9 days until Christmas Break!!!!

after vocab quiz
After Vocab Quiz…

Get a folder and 2 handouts

Write your first and last name on the tab (in marker)

Write your class period next to your name

Put all STAAR materials in folder (see board)

Tape “STAAR Wars” handout to inside

Read “STAAR Wars” and Expository Rubric (mark what stands out to you on rubric)


TUESday, December 11

Warm Up:

Get your journal!

Turn to a clean piece of paper and title it “Power Writing”


Read your SSR book!

  • Today’s Agenda:
  • Power Writing
  • Grade Quizzes
  • Bubble Scantrons
  • Thesis Statements & Expository Exploration
  • Practice Essay

8 days until Christmas Break!!!!

power writing
Power Writing

Pick ONE of the two words…

Write for two minutes using the word at least ONCE.

Write as much as you can, as fast as you can, as well as you can.

Whatever comes to your mind…write!

Don’t fear mistakes…there are NONE!

power writing1
Power Writing



power writing2
Power Writing

Count how many words you wrote!

Write the number down.

Round two…

power writing3
Power Writing



power writing4
Power Writing

Count how many words you wrote!

Write the number down.

Did you write more or less????

expository exploration
Expository Exploration

Expository Essay Defined

Thesis Statements

Rubric Overview

Read prompt as a class…analyze!

Look over handwritten essays & scores individually…discuss!

Analyze essays A-F…guess grades! Discuss!

Score Point 4 Examples!!!

expository essays
Expository Essays

Expository writing is a type of writing, the purpose of which is to inform, explain, describe, or define the author's subject to the reader

writing a thesis statement

Writing a Thesis Statement

and organizing

your essay

Adapted from Crafting Expository Argument: Practical Approaches to the Writing Process for Students and Teachers by Michael Degen

what is a thesis statement

What is a thesis Statement?

A statement that presents the writer’s approach, or insight, toward the topic;

presents the writer’s opinion about his topic; OR

a statement that provides

an answer to an implied


how does a writer discover a thesis statement
How does a writer discover a thesis statement?


  • Brainstorming is simply making a list of short phrases or incomplete ideas.
  • List as many concrete details (facts) as you can regarding the topic, whatever comes to mind.
  • The process of making a list causes the writer to make associations, recognize possible comparisons, remember examples, etc.
how does a writer formulate a thesis statement
How does a writer formulate a thesis statement?

Specific Topic…………..….Being unique

Question about the topic…Why is it important to be unique?

Thesis……………………….It is important to be unique and think for oneself in order to stand out and truly be an individual.

what next after writing the thesis statement
What Next?After Writing the Thesis Statement
  • Organize the Evidence – Look for patterns. You MUST first examine the evidence (or examples) before organizing your paper. Allow the evidence to determine the organization of the essay.
  • Create Topic Sentences –
    • Write topic sentences for each paragraph that will support the thesis statement.
expository prompts
Expository Prompts




Be Sure To…


Wednesday, December 12

  • Warm Up:
  • Get Expository Packet & STAAR folder from front chairs.
  • Continue scoring essays A through G.
  • Then read the essays that follow!
  • Homework:
  • Finish Draft
  • Read your SSR book!
  • Exam reviews due Tues. 12/18 (5 extra points each!)
  • Today’s Agenda:
  • Finish Expository Exploration
  • Structure/Do Nots
  • Write Draft of Essay
  • District Exam Review

7 days until Christmas Break!!!!

essay structure
Essay Structure






Topic Sentence



Topic Sentence


P4 (if room)

Topic Sentence


P4 or 5 Conclusion

essay do not list
Essay DO NOT List
  • No questions…unless they are insightful and fitting
  • Don’t talk about own writing
  • No personal pronouns
  • None of these…
    • “I think…”
    • “I feel…”
    • “I believe…”

Thursday, December 13

  • Warm Up:
  • Get STAAR folder from front chair.
  • Take out expository essay draft!
  • Homework:
  • Read your SSR book!
  • Exam reviews due Tues. 12/18 (5 extra points each!)
  • Today’s Agenda:
  • Final drafts of expository essay
  • Peer & self evaluation
  • Work on exam reviews

6 days until Christmas Break!!!!