in 1994 a group of veterinarians from brisbane n.
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Veterinary Hospital

Veterinary Hospital

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Veterinary Hospital

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  1. In 1994 a group of veterinarians from Brisbane established an emergency hospital at Bowen Hills to give first aid to sick pets so they did not have to be on call 24 hours a day. Advances in veterinary medicine over the next decade meant gradually more and more could be done for the sickest pets. The practice became constrained because its owners wanted a clinic to look after basic first aid, while the vets and nurses working there knew that more could be done with better resources and training.

  2. Veterinarians have a responsibility to provide out of hours treatment for their patients. For a long time this meant exhausting working hours for vets. It was not uncommon for an individual vet to get called out two to three times a night for emergencies after a long day at the surgery. This took a huge toll on their families and lead to widespread professional burn-out.

  3. Facilities We are not: Corporate owned and driven to deliver shareholder returns. We are: Driven to provide world-class emergency treatment for pets when they need it. Surgery We have well equipped surgical suites with comprehensive anaesthesia, resuscitation aids and multi-parameter monitoring in suite. We maintain a staff capable of performing all of the frequently encountered emergency surgeries. We can organize specialist surgeons out of hours when needed.

  4. Laboratory Medicine A wide range of blood tests are available onsite, providing emergency diagnostics when required. We can also access outside laboratories if more extensive testing is necessary. We ensure appropriate investigations are available around the clock. Anti-Venene We maintain stocks of the main antivenes required in South East Queensland. Tick antivenene and polyvalent snake antivenom are available at all times.

  5. Intensive Care We have a separate ICU department with its own workspace and dedicated staff. We make sure there is always a high staff to patient care ratio in the ICU. By constantly training our people and maintaining our equipment we ensure that our ICU care is second to none. Critically ill patients can be referred to us for advanced life support, mechanical ventilation and high dependency monitoring when those services are not available around the clock at your regular practice. Our senior practitioners have a special interest in the intensive care of tick paralysis and snake envenomation cases.

  6. Hospitalisation Should your pet require hospitalisation he or she will receive round the clock monitoring and treatment. Our dedicated team together with our medical equipment and facilities provide the best possible care for your pet.

  7. Consultation The veterinarian will perform a thorough physical examination and recommend either outpatient treatment to be followed up with your local veterinarian, or hospitalisation with the appropriate treatment and diagnostic tests. The veterinarian will discuss all this with you. Please ask any questions about the pet's condition and treatment as it is very important to us that you feel comfortable with our proposed treatment.

  8. Communication While your pet is in hospital we welcome you to phone for an update on how your pet is progressing. We will always contact you if there is any change to the treatment necessary for your pet or any change in their condition.

  9. Visiting The Animal Emergency Service welcomes visitation anytime day or night. A courtesy phone call is appreciated. Insurance If your pet has insurance please bring details so we can provide the necessary information for you to lodge your claim with your insurer.

  10. CONTACT US Gold Coast Brisbane 104 Eastlake StreetCarrara QLD 4211 Ph: 07 5559 1599Fax: 07 5559 CNR Lexington & Logan RoadsUnderwood QLD 4119(PO Box 1854, Springwood Qld 4127)Ph: 07 3423 1888Fax: 07 3423

  11. SUNSHINE COAST SUNSHINE COAST 431 Tanawha Tourist DriveTanawha QLD 4556Ph: 07 5445 1333Fax: 07 5445 43 Rene StreetNoosaville QLD 4566Ph: 07 5430 6900Fax: 07 5474 WEBSITE :