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Year 9 , 2014 Information Evening Tuesday 27 August PowerPoint Presentation
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Year 9 , 2014 Information Evening Tuesday 27 August

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Year 9 , 2014 Information Evening Tuesday 27 August - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Year 9 , 2014 Information Evening Tuesday 27 August
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  1. Year 9, 2014 Information Evening Tuesday 27 August

  2. Principal Mr Craig Fielke

  3. Information Night Year 9, 2014

  4. Middle School Learning Leader Mr Matthew Pearce

  5. Students are stretched to discover their potential… excited and challenged by endless possibilities for learning.

  6. Year 9 subject selection • Each students will study core subjects of: • Christian Living • English • Geography • History • Mathematics • Science • Physical Education • Information Technology Year 9 Curriculum

  7. Students must choose 5 subjects from list + one reserve. Art German A Chinese A German B Chinese B Home Economics Drama Music A Design and TechnologyMusic B All subject information is found on a PDF that will be emailed to you tomorrow.

  8. Compulsory choices Each student must have at least : One semester of a Language One semester of an Arts

  9. Pressure points If you are thinking of doing: German Chinese or Music ( must have private lessons in either an instrument or voice) at Year 10 you must do a German B , Chinese B or Music B ie. German , Chinese or Music for the whole year. If you choose this option you cannot change from this pattern at any stage during the year.

  10. Pressure points (cont.) Students will be identified through our Adaptive Education staff to not do a language Evidence provided by parents/caregivers needs to be in the form of a professional report Natasha Cass (Adaptive Education Leader) will contact you directly if this is the case These students will have a study line

  11. Example A • Chosen 1 language for semester • Chosen 1 Arts for semester • Chosen second Arts for semester • Chosen Technology subjects for semester each • Music is reserve BUT must make sure student is okay to do Music for whole year ( if reserve is used)

  12. Example B Must make sure student is clear that cannot swap from a Language in 2nd semester. Can’t have reserve as Art.

  13. Example C Can’t do two Art subjects in the one year (courses are the same) Can’t do Music B without doing Music A first

  14. Year 9 Journey Program What is it? The Journey is a year-long program for Year 9 students that challenges them: Physically Emotionally Socially Spiritually Students will be in single sex class for Christian Living and PE to help accommodate this program.

  15. Year 9 Journey Program The students are guided by same gender teachers in single gender classes, through the exploration of four main questions: Who am I really? How do I get on with others? Is there something more? What is my purpose?

  16. Year 9 Journey Program During this exploration, outcomes are sought in the following areas: • Consciousness • Communication • Connectedness • Challenge • Celebration

  17. More information about the Journey Program will be given out in a special Information Night early in 2014.

  18. Information Night Year 9, 2014

  19. Healthy Habits Vital that a good foundation is set now At least 8 hours sleep per night Turn off the technology Eat good meals – (Breakfast is vital) Have a break No set homework doesn’t mean no work

  20. Information Night Year 9, 2014

  21. Middle School Wellbeing Leader Mrs Leanne Filmer

  22. A Caring Environment Every moment at Cornerstone College is a pastoral moment. Care for the students and each other is not limited to Home Group, Christian Living or Chapel. It is paramount in all our interactions.

  23. Care and Connection at Cornerstone Wellbeing Director Middle School Wellbeing Leader House Leaders Home Group teachers Pastor and Chaplain Counsellors Student Care Team – weekly meetings to ensure academic and emotional welfare

  24. Student ‘Families’ In 2014 the Year 9 students will belong to a Middle School Home Group. Middle School Home Groups will be comprised of students in Years 7, 8 and 9 Each Home Group will have a teacher (or in some cases two teachers) who will work closely with the students in that Home Group Each Middle School Home Group will be closely aligned with a Senior School Home Group which they will occasionally combine with When students move on to Senior School they will stay in the Home Group that they were aligned with

  25. Home Group Structure • Total of 12 Home Groups: • Six Middle School (Years 7, 8, 9) • Six Senior School (Years 10, 11, 12) • Belonging to four Houses: • Aroona • Battunga • Moorak • Naturi • For example, your child might belong to Aroona 3 A • Aroona = House name • 3 = Home Group number • A = Middle School (B = Senior School)

  26. Student Leadership Opportunities Middle School House Leadership Each House will have: four Year 9 Leaders who will work with the Senior School House Leaders and the two teacher House Leaders. Leadership within the House will be broken into four areas: Service and Outreach Devotional Life House Culture Home Group Development each Middle School House Leader will be responsible for one of these areas within their House.

  27. Facilities Middle School with have access to: A Middle School oval Undercover ‘all weather’ play area Adjacent playground Yr 9 students will have a number of their core subjects within the upper level of Paideia

  28. Restorative Practices – Foundation We don’t live in a perfect world Everyone is equal in the eyes of God When relationships are broken our aim is to restore them Based on God’s love for us

  29. Restorative Practices Possible Stages Restorative conversations Mini conference Group conference Formal conference

  30. Restorative Practices Each of these mediation conferences aim to resolve the problem – not to blame: Telling what has happened Exploring who has been affected Repairing and putting things right Moving forward in a way that stops it happening again

  31. College Communication ‘clippings’ magazine for the wider community ‘connections’ fortnightly newsletter ‘Collection’ College Magazine Website

  32. Any Questions?

  33. Thank you for attending the Year 9, 2014 Information Session The Power Point presentation from tonight will be uploaded to our website for reference tomorrow