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Unit 4

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Unit 4. Aims & Requirements To be familiar with important words and expressions To require students to know sth. about Interexpo China. New words and expressions. Successful inception 成功的开端 In conjunction with 与 …… 联合 Sign…worth of contracts 签订价值 …… 的合同 Remarkable result 显著成效

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unit 4

Unit 4

Aims & Requirements

To be familiar with important words and expressions

To require students to know sth. about Interexpo China

new words and expressions
New words and expressions
  • Successful inception 成功的开端
  • In conjunction with 与……联合
  • Sign…worth of contracts 签订价值……的合同
  • Remarkable result 显著成效
  • Give one’s presentations 出席
  • Regional economy 地区经济
  • Unprecedented opportunities 空前的机遇
  • International business platform 国际商业平台
complementary words and phrases
Complementary Words and Phrases
  • I think we can draw up a tentative plan now.我认为现在可以先草拟一具临时方案。 If he wants to make any changes,minor alternations can be made then.如果他有什么意见的话,我们还可以对计划稍加修改。
  • Is there any way of ensuring we'll have enough time for our talks?我们是否能保证有充足的时间来谈判?
  • So our evenings will be quite full then?那么我们的活动在晚上也安排满了吗?
We'll leave some evenings free,that is,if it is all right with you.如果你们愿意的话,我们想留几个晚上供你们自由支配。
  • We'd have to compare notes on what we've discussed during the day.我们想用点时间来研究讨论一下白天谈判的情况。
  • That'll put us both in the picture.这样双方都能了解全面的情况。
background information
Background information
  • The objective of InterExpo 2008 is to facilitate the development of China??s exhibition industry and promote exchange and fair competition within the industry. InterExpo 2008 bases itself upon the market, focuses on its high quality and continues to operate in a professional mode to serve as an exchange and cooperative platform for enterprises at home and abroad to improve their images, establish and maintain their relations with customers. As an important event of China Expo Forum for International Cooperation (CEFCO 2008), jointly organized by China Council for the Promotion International Trade (CCPIT),
The Global Association of the Exhibition Industry (UFI), International Association of Exhibitions and Events (IAEE) and Society of Independent Show Organizers (SISO), the 9th China International Trade Show for Exhibition and Conference Industry (InterExpo 2008) will be held at New International Convention & Exposition Center Chengdu Century City on Jan 16, 17, 2008. Show organizers, fairground owners, booth contractors, service suppliers, government bodies,, exhibition media, etc., will once again gather together in Chengdu for the grand gathering of the convention and exhibition industry
complementary dialogue
Complementary Dialogue
  • SCOTT:This facility is great, don't you think?
  • ANDREW: Yes, it is better than last year. They have done a very good job this time.
  • SCOTT: I'm glad our booth is on the first floor. More people can see our display.
  • ANDREW:If someone wants to find us, they can look at this floor plan. It shows where all the companies have their booths.
  • SCOTT: Let me see that. I didn't get one when I came in.
  • ANDREW:Really? They didn't give you one with your ticket?
  • SCOTT: No.
ANDREW:That's strange.
  • SCOTT:Where do you go for lunch around here?
  • ANDREW: Are you hungry?
  • SCOTT:Not too bad. But I will be soon.
  • ANDREW:I went across the street. There is a good Chinese restaurant next to the hotel.
  • SCOTT:I can't see Comtex on this floor plan. Don’t they have a booth here?
  • ANDREW: They must. Let me look at that.
SCOTT:Oh, that will be uncomfortable for them.
  • ANDREW:For whom? Comtex?
  • SCOTT:Yes. Comtex just stole Darren McDowell from Rolly. And probably Darren will be here. So he will have to spend the whole show standing next to his old Comtex coworkers.
  • ANDREW:I've never met Darren. But you're right. That would probably be uncomfortable.