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Desiree Smith

Desiree Smith

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Desiree Smith

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  1. Desiree Smith Pd.2 3/23/10

  2. St. Louis, Missouri THE START for Lewis and Clark this wasn’t an expedition for money, this was an expedition to bring more lands and money to the people of the nation. They started from St. Louis, Missouri and ended back at that small town three years later.

  3. St. Louis, Missouri THE END • After three very long and tiresome years of exploring and climbing, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark arrived back at St. Louis, Missouri on Sept. 23,1806. They were greeted with gifts and stories. Although their stories weren’t published till later they assured the people it was safe to move west.

  4. San Jancito • APRIL 21 1836: the battle of San Jacinto lasted no more than 20 minutes and resulted in the sealed fate of three republics. Although Mexico would never lend claims to the land again it marked only one of many Mexican battles.

  5. The Alamo The battle of the Alamo marked the day that Mexico thought they had defeated Americans. It started off as Mexicans feeling like Americans were going to take over and Americans feeling as though their freedom was being taken. The Alamo was a long and dreadful fight that ended in more bloodshed than victory.

  6. Oregon trail • The Oregon trail was a well planned and dangerous travel. The Oregon country was not yet part of the united states. Tall tales of wheat taller than men and turnips that grew to unimaginable sizes drew the people to this place and left them with fertile farmlands.

  7. Sacramento- Sutters Mill • Sutters Mill marked one of the most famous spots in Sacramento. A man named john Sutter was the first man to discover gold in a small river behind where he lived. He decided not to tell anyone but gossip got out and soon everyone was flooding to California in search of gold. This gave California a head start in the economy.

  8. Trail of tears • The trail of tears was when native American tribes were forced off their land. Cherokee’s were forced to leave their lands east of the Mississippi river due to an order president Andrew Jackson gave in 1838 and 1839.