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Understanding Survey Questionnaire

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Understanding Survey Questionnaire - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Understanding Survey Questionnaire. Cleantech Estonia Kaido Väljaots January 14, 2014. Why a survey ?. Survey is a cost-effective and still systematical way to analyze regional organizations involved in rainwater monitoring and management

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understanding survey questionnaire


Cleantech Estonia

Kaido Väljaots

January 14, 2014

why a survey
Why a survey?

Survey is acost-effective and stillsystematical way to analyzeregional organizations involved in rainwater monitoring and management

Survey helps to create a unified contact database in the fields of rainwater monitoring and management in given regions

goals of the survey
Goals of the survey

Find out potential internationally competitive solutions in the field of rainwater monitoring and management

Establish a cluster initiative and support network for all stakeholders

Information gathered from the survey will be used to design JAP and contingency plans for the future


Final discussions and additions to the questionnaire are to be decided today

Final version of the questionnaire is to be completed and sent to partners by end of January 2014

Final version of the questionnaire is to be sent out to your local stakeholders by the mid February 2014

We expect the first feedback from stakeholders by March 2014

Report on regional capacities is due June 2014

structure of the survey

1) Classifying questions

2) Concentration on specific products

3) Expectations from the cluster – what are the main problems that could be solved BY the cluster and what solutions could be offered TO the cluster

4) Future perspectives and cooperation

expected results of the survey
  • Who are the organizations dealing with flowing rainwater monitoring/managing in each region?
  • Which organizations are interested in cooperation?
  • What are their specializations and do they have any world class expertiseor an internationally competitive product?
  • What are the main problematic areas for the organizations and what type of cooperation would they need?
  • What kind of cooperation would they be willing to providetootheractors?
  • Can we identify technologies/services that could be globally marketable and are the organizations interested in exporting their products globally?