kiln tire repair projects l.
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Kiln Tire Repair Projects

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Kiln Tire Repair Projects - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Kiln Tire Repair Projects. By: Tommy Breaux E ngineered C asting R epair S ervices, Inc./ METALOCK CORP. 2219 Florida Blvd., Denham Springs, La. 70726

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kiln tire repair projects

Kiln Tire Repair Projects

By: Tommy Breaux

Engineered Casting Repair Services, Inc./ METALOCK CORP.

2219 Florida Blvd., Denham Springs, La. 70726 email:


ECRS / METALOCK has performed several mechanical and weld repair projects on kiln tires. The severity of the crack, the size of the tire, the alloy the tire is manufactured from and the customer’s objectives all play a part in the repair process that we recommend and perform.On large cross section tires with a large per centage of the cross section affected by the crack a weld repair is generally required.On smaller cross section tires a mechanical repair process can be implemented.ECRS / METALOCK has designed and assisted in the manufacture of a two piece kiln tire.

smaller of the two crack locations
Smaller of the two crack locations
  • The first step in the repair procedure was to get a sample of the tire material for a metallurgical analysis to determine the mechanical properties and the chemical composition of the tire alloy. So that a proper weld procedure could be designed for this repair.
  • The next step was to position the tire so that both repair locations could be worked simultaneously.
  • The third step was to remove the crack by air arc gouging to establish the geometry for the weld repair.
  • The fourth step in the process was to grind the surface of the gouged cavity to remove any traces of the hardness that was developed during the air arc gouging process.
larger of the two crack locations
Larger of the two crack locations
  • After the weld grooves were prepared the tire was prepped for pre and postweld heat treating of the welds.
  • The tire was then preheated to the proper temp and the welding commenced. The weld procedure employed was a “temper bead” procedure.
mechanically repaired kiln tires
Mechanically Repaired Kiln Tires

This tire was approximately 4” thick x 16” wide. The crack was approximately 3 ¼” deep x 12 ¾ in length.

The repair process was a mechanical process utilizing our proprietary Mini-Keylock repair / reinforcement components.