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Final Exam Trivia. How WWI led to WWII. Great Britain and France wanted to avoid war so they followed this policy of giving into an aggressor The U.S. abided by this foreign policy in the 1930s to avoid war

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how wwi led to wwii
How WWI led to WWII
  • Great Britain and France wanted to avoid war so they followed this policy of giving into an aggressor
  • The U.S. abided by this foreign policy in the 1930s to avoid war
  • Germany was angry over this document that ended WWI and made them take the blame for war, lose their colonies, and pay harsh reparations that led to economic instability
  • The failure of this international peace-keeping organization encouraged Hitler to take lands since it did nothing to stop Japan and Italy
  • Hitler was able to come to power in Germany due to an increase in prices for goods and services combined with a reduced value of $ called this
road to war
Road to War
  • This party became the most powerful party in Germany because they effectively played on public discontent and promised to revive German greatness
  • Pearl Harbor which took place on this date led the US into WWII and gave Japan confidence
  • Japan, Italy, and Germany for this alliance system
  • At the Munich Conference, Britain and France gave in to Hitler’s demands for this region of Czechoslovakia
  • He became the totalitarian leader of the Soviet Union after Stalin’s death and signed a non-aggression pact with Germany that Hitler would later violate
war in europe
War in Europe
  • This battle on June 6, 1944 established a 2nd front in Europe
  • Hitler used this method of violent offensive attacks called ‘lightening war’ to defeat the Polish
  • Hitler’s desire to create the perfect Aryan Race led to the mass killing of millions of Jews called this
  • The mass killing of a race is called this
  • This battle put the Germans on defense on the Eastern Front
war in the pacific
War in the Pacific
  • One of the most feared aspects of the war in the Pacific was the Japanese soldier’s willingness to fight to death as shown by these suicide pilots
  • Secret American Program to build the atomic bomb
  • Atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and this city
  • The last stop on the island hopping campaign made a mainland invasion of Japan possible
  • American and Filipino soldiers were forced to march for miles or be beaten or shot by Japanese soldiers during this
america in the war
America in the War
  • He served as President from 1933-1945, created the New Deal to get us out of depression and served in office during WWII
  • Blue Points and Red Points were a system of limiting the amount of certain products to ensure enough availability for military use which is called this
  • Many people believe that the jobs created during WWII officially ended this event of economic struggle that took place in the 1930s
  • She was the main symbol of the campaign to hire women to work in factories during the war
  • Americans helped fund the war by increasing taxes and purchasing these that could be cashed in for more money in 10 years
who was it
Who was it?
  • Leader of the Nazi party who led Germany during WWII
  • He became President in 1945 and ended the war in Japan by dropping the atomic bomb
  • Commander of Allied forces in Europe during WWII; was elected President in 1952 and 1956
  • British Prime Minister during WWII
  • Leader of the Indian independence movement who MLK based his philosophy of nonviolence after
name the amendment
Name the amendment
  • Granted women the right to vote
  • Outlawed slavery
  • Outlawed poll taxes
  • Granted African American men the right to vote
  • Granted full citizenship rights to people born in US: ‘equal protection under the law’
  • We airlifted supplies to the Western side of this city after the Soviets blockaded it so that it wouldnot fall to communism
  • Military alliance created to protect from Soviet aggression
  • Program that gave money to Western Europe so that it could rebuild after WWII
  • Document that gave military supplies to any country that fought against communism (most went to Greece and Turkey)
  • The Eisenhower Doctrine gave military aid to this region in order to help it fight communism
korean war
Korean War
  • US got involved in the Korean War to uphold this policy of stopping the spread of communism
  • This country crossed the parallel that divided Korea thus starting the Korean War
  • Parallel that divides North and South Korea
  • General who was fired for challenging the authority of the President
  • When the US crossed the border into North Korea this country joined the war against us
cold war
Cold War
  • Soviet union wanted control of this region to act as a buffer to protect from future attack
  • Imaginary line dividing communist east Europe and democratic west Europe
  • NASA was created after the Soviet Union launched this satellite into space
  • Organization created to gather information and spy on foreign countries
  • Senator who claimed to have a list known communists working the gov’t. people believed him at first which shows America was looking for someone to blame for recent communist victories
cuban missile crisis
Cuban Missile Crisis
  • Soviet leader who emerged after Stalin’s death and placed missiles in Cuba
  • Cuban dictator who overthrew Batista and angered the US when he seized American businesses and property
  • Kennedy response to the missiles in Cuba was to set this up around the island
  • Country we had to remove our missiles from 6 months after the Soviet’s removed their missiles from Cuba
  • After this failed invasion of Cuba in 1960 Cuba turned to the Soviet Union for protection
  • South Vietnamese rebel forces known for guerilla warfare tactics
  • North Vietnamese army originaly created by Ho Chi Minh to resist Soviet expansion
  • Country that controlled Vietnam during WWII
  • This amendment lowered the voting age to 18
  • Failed policy to remove South Vietnamese civilians from their homes, place them in ‘safe camps’ and burn their villages led to resentment by the Vietnamese
  • Slang term for people who opposed the war
  • Slang term for people who supported the war
  • Document that gave Johnson the authority to repel any armed attack against US forces
  • This group was most influential in turning public opinion against the war
  • This battle was the turning point of the war because it showed no place was safe
vietnam war leadership
Vietnam War Leadership
  • President who sent the first combat troops into Vietnam
  • Vietnamese nationalist who ruled N. Vietnam and wanted unification
  • President who sent troops into Cambodia and Laos to bring N. Vietnam to the bargaining table and introduced the policy of Vietnamization
  • Anti-communist leader of S. Vietnam who the US originally supported
  • Any President’s ability to commit troops to foreign wars is now limited by this act which requires congressional approval to commit troops for more than 60-90 days
hodge podge
Hodge Podge
  • College enrollment rose during the Vietnam War due to these postponements of military service due to health education, or job
  • The US was unprepared for this Vietnamese attack because they thought KheSanh was the reason for increased military preparation by the Vietcong and Vietminh
  • This bill gave low interest loans to veterans to help them attend college
  • Government program that provides free healthcare for the poor
  • Government healthcare program for people over the age of 65