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“Connecting Terms of the New Message” Part 3 “The Age of Full Maturity” PowerPoint Presentation
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“Connecting Terms of the New Message” Part 3 “The Age of Full Maturity”

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“Connecting Terms of the New Message” Part 3 “The Age of Full Maturity” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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“Connecting Terms of the New Message” Part 3 “The Age of Full Maturity”. HEBREWS 5:12 You have need to be taught again the importance of a new message ; your need is milk , and not strong meat.

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HEBREWS 5:12 You have need to be taught again the importance of a new message; your need is milk, and not strong meat.

HEBREWS 5:13 When you cry for milk you are unskillful in the word of the hour: it’s because you are still an infant suckling.

HEBREWS 5:14 Strong Word is for those who aged to full maturity. Ones that experiences have developed their spiritual senses to discern all things.


William Branham’s ministry changed from a church age ministry to the prophetic ministry of Revelation 10:7 and a new attribute was unfolding. His status change from church age to “prophetic messenger” also quickly changed the status of the believer from church age to bride age revelation. One of the first things that happened was the move of the Spirit took him into the change from a partial revelation to a full and complete revelation of the entire Bride Body.


The preparation had been evident through the Elijah Ministry of Malachi 4 after the church ages. That Elijah Ministry led up to the new door opened at the revealing of the seals in March 1963. It was a New Ministry coming on the scene. The seventh angel uses terms that we will look at for a few minutes to understand the change of form; (en-morphe) into the New Age of Maturity in the Son of David reign.


Terms relating to the “Age of Full Maturity” are terms such as The Fullness of The Gentiles, The Body Ministry, The Son of Man Ministry, The Bride Unit, The All In All, The Complete, The Bride Time, The Bride Tree, The Light-Upon-Light Age, The Whole Seed, The Whole of the Omega Sevenfold Revelation, Seven Course Menu, and "Full Word birth". These terms relate to the Wife of Christ receiving her understanding and rising up from dead denominationalism


She raised into an Age of Full Maturity, which couldn't happen until this age. In the prior ages the believers rose to the level of revelation and understanding given but there was no complete Bride Tree coming forth in the Whole Seed. When the mystery was finished in the prophet of Revelation 10:7 then the ministry began to unfold in the fullness. The prophet finished the mystery and delivered us into the understanding of the Full Word.




101 Now, notice, but AT THE OPENING OF THE SEVEN SEALS, Revelations 10, THE FULL WORDis to be borned into manifestation again and vindicated by the Spirit of God in THE FULL STRENGTH.


We passed through the veil of the church and entered a Bridal relationship and we saw the significance of the day. This day let’s us see our “Full Word Strength". What we became at the opening of the door in 1963 was prophecies taking on maturity. The growing was needed and apparent but the promise was sure. The Bride Age entry and our Age of Full Maturity needed something more than the church ages had produced. Please do not take me wrong here.


The individuals through the Seven Church Ages received an individual birth by the message of their hour. Their new birth made them Hebrews, redeemed in the earth body. Their fleshman became subject to the Theophany as witnessed in Martin Luther when he stood and declared, “Here I stand, I can do nothing else”. Their new birth brought their earth bodies subject to the Theophany within while dwelling in this dust.




94 …In the Bride, coming of Christ, coming out of the church, there'll have to be a Sheaf waved again in the last days. Oh, my! Waving of the sheaf! What was the sheaf? THE FIRST ONE THAT COME TO MATURE, the first one that proved it was a wheat, that proved it was a sheaf.


96 Hallelujah! I'm sure you see what I'm talking about. It was waved over the people. And the first time there will come forth, for THE BRIDE AGE, for a resurrection out of dark denominationalism, will be a Message, that THE FULL MATURITY OF THE WORD has turned back again in Its full Power, and being waved over the people, by the same signs and wonders that He did back there.


We actually are immortal and nothing can stop us in the form we are in now. The Theophany makes us Holy Ground even as the burning bush made Mt. Sinai Holy Ground. When the Theophany is finished with the earth body then it will leave it. This earth body can’t die until the Word Body leaves it. When we leave the earth body it becomes as it was before.


It is no longer Holy Ground even as Mt. Sinai is not Holy Ground Now. The thought here on the “Age of Maturity” takes in several terms under its umbrella and we want to open a door of revelation to those terms. The ministry can take these pieces of perfect truth and dig deeper into the well of life for their respective areas.




21 And now, the ENTIRE HOLY SPIRIT VISITS THE CHURCHmaking God in human flesh as He did before Sodom, the burning there, which was a type. Then Abraham, He appeared to him. And all the things that He hasn't done down through the ages, in the church ages, He is now doing. Back to the Word,


because the messages, and the messages, and the messages has to wind up in THE ENTIRE WORD.And in the last days, the Seven Seals being open, was to pick up every straggle that's been left off in it and make the whole thing in ONE GREAT BIG BODY OF THE BRIDE, that them who lived back there was not perfect until this church be perfected, the Bride group in the last days, to bring them in and ALL TOGETHER BE TAKEN UP.


The immaturity and lack of understanding was fading quickly. We entered a door that removed the veil of ignorance in a short quick work. A Bride Age had opened and it was an introduction into the male/female relationship. The Son of Man attribute bridged the move of the Holy Ghost by a prophet in flesh and Christ used him supernaturally. Christ in the redeemed body of William Branham opened the seals raising us to the “Revelation of Full Maturity”.




175The stalk, the denomination, it's got to be burned. So don't bring your denomination over in THE NEW MESSAGE. THIS IS THE WORD NOW. That's what denominated, the stalk; it carried it; that's right; but It come over into here, then the stalk died. It was a carrier, the denomination, but the Word goes right on. Yeah, the Word goes right on.




82 The substitute, a Life of Jesus Christ has to come into you, which is the Holy Ghost, God's Token, that you have accepted the Blood of His Son, Jesus Christ. Therefore, in the days of Wesley, or the days of Luther, it was thought to believe--in the days of Wesley, the chemistry of the blood. But this is the last day where the Token is required. THAT MAKES TOGETHER THE WHOLE UNIT FOR THE RAPTURE.




283 It come down through the Lutheran age, down through the other age, then finally It comes out into THE COMPLETE. Just before It comes, a prophet arises again. What it does, it foreshadows the Word, showing back here, revealing what's been done, what's been left off, that the Church will not be without understanding.


Then when this fades out, then, like John said, "I must decrease, He must increase," then ALL-IN-ALL comes into Him. He is fully manifested, through Luther, Wesley, and Pentecostal age, and on down, on down. He is fully manifested, you see, come down, just the manifestation, God unfolding. See Him now, notice, fulfilled in His promises for this day, as they had.




168 At the harvest time, the Seed is back to its original condition, and must have all of the Word, in order to be the Seed. Now, you can't have a half a Seed; it won't grow. See? It's got to be THE WHOLE SEED.





128…Now He promised us A FULL SQUARE MEAL, THE FULL SEVEN COURSE MENU, for all the Seven Seals are opened, and everything is ready for the Word of God, to those who can receive!




170 …Now, her messenger is promised in Malachi the 4th chapter. He's promised to do it, and the Message is to bring back the Word--bring the people back to the Word. Birth is to be.. SHE'S TO BE DELIVERED OF A NEW BIRTH--according to Malachi 4.


We are beyond that stage now. The entire bride attribute was delivered from the old ages, of building a Body of the Lord, into the Age of the Man-Child positioned in the Throne. She is functionally in a male/female relationship producing Word Children of the Age. It’s the same position Jesus Christ was in when he was here producing children of the age by the move of the Spirit.


We matured experiencing the Identification of the Body while eating on the Seven Course Meal. Have you ever seen a child as it begins to recognize its body parts and its senses and functions of itself? It is amazing to watch their expressions and actions as they are maturing through those processes. The Child is not adding to his stature as a body but that child is developing the functions necessary as the body grows into the Age of Full Maturity.





For out of the Ages come the Seals, and out of the Seals come the Trumpets, and out of the Trumpets come the Vials. Like the first burst of a Roman candle, the Church Ages come forth with a mighty initial illumination, without which there could be no further light.


But once the brilliance of the Seven Church Ages is given by Divine revelation, LIGHT UPON LIGHT follows, until THE WHOLE OF THE REVELATION opens wide before our wondering eyes; and we, edified and purified by its Spirit, are made ready for His glorious appearing, even our Lord and Saviour, the One True God, Jesus Christ.


We have come through the “Full Word Birth” and we have the complete understanding of Christ’s return. We completed his second coming and quickly unveiled the attribute of Wife to reign as Queen over the earth. We are in the Third Coming of Jesus Christ and truly we have fully birthed the Sonshipsof God into the earth. The Son of God, the Son of man and the Son of David manifesting in the earth now as we fulfill our part of Sonship in this Third Coming.