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SARAtronic charging solution PowerPoint Presentation
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SARAtronic charging solution

SARAtronic charging solution

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SARAtronic charging solution

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  1. SARAtronic charging solution Value-adding charging performance. Every day

  2. Agenda • Product presentation • Assembly • Performance • Options

  3. SARAtronic charging solution Product presentation

  4. SARAtronic charging • Charging solution for non-flammable refrigerants and oils • Speed up to 40 g/sec and supreme accuracy • Volume per stroke approx 150 gram (depending on media) • In depending of supply pressure, minimum liquid state • Charging from bottles, the charge ram has the characteristic of a pump, with cooling to obtain a good chiller effect.

  5. The outlet of the hoses can be on the right or left side, downward or upward direction Service access from front and right side Hose support with balancer (option) Small footprint Mobile version with bottle trolley, with space for 1 bottle (Option) Other features for flexible installation and service

  6. Benefits compared to competitors • Same HMI as the PROMAX with its high functionality, means known user interface, less training required and fewer spare parts on stock, this will save you spare part money. • Emergency stop is built as 2 channel cat 3, according to EN954. • Minimum of refrigerant in the station, by control off refrigerant is charged back into the bottle • Positive displacement cylinder: No sealing between piston and cylinder

  7. Benefits compared to competitors • We are in position to guarantee high accuracy by using the highly reliable SARAtronic charging gun. • By using the SARAtronic gun we are in the position to test if an application (unit) already has been charged. • By using the SARAtronic gun with heat we are in the position to guarantee high charging accuracy by random charging, means same accuracy by more than one amount (an absolute demand for doing it). • The SARAtronic has Start and Stop key pad in the gun. • Higher installation flexibility, the outlet of the hoses can be on right or left side, floor vice or overhead direction. Access for service from front and right side, means small foot print.

  8. By web access the MPC controller gives you instant email information in case of faults. So you can make corrective actions faster Maximize uptime- minimize speed losses

  9. Web and browser-based process receipts function provides an easy overview for simplified data maintenance and improved efficiency Maximize uptime- minimize speed losses

  10. Web process log monitors the last 100 processes for every media to help you benchmark performance Maximize uptime- minimize speed losses

  11. Results replication: Automatic data backup even if the connection to the production line information system (PLIS) is disrupted. It can store up to 1000 results in the local database. Automatically upload of the results after a re-connection It will automatically switch to manual mode if the PLIS connection is lost. No change in setup is required. All the limits are automatically copied between the MPC and PLIS by connection, means limits are also available in the MPC data base. A copying can also be done manually by a push bottom, means by changes in the PLIS this new limits can be up-dated. Maximize uptime- minimize speed losses

  12. Charging amount in barcode system makes integration with other manufacturing/ERP systems possible Compressor check in barcode system Model and compressor charge amount in one bar code or spilt bar codes Combination of multi bar codes Due to the most advanced Barcode system on the marked, simple barcodes can be setup directly from the HMI. Maximize uptime- minimize speed losses

  13. Touch control – easy and fast service, no need for programming skills I/O image and step control enable fast fault-finding, no need for programming skills TPM - Total Preventive Maintenance indicators for e.g. vacuum pump, filters and o-rings to keep uptime high and maintenance costs low Maximize uptime- minimize speed losses

  14. Alert diagnostic sensors monitor the entire vacuum circuit during every cycle, and instantly warn the operator if it detects any performance loss Fast and safe refrigerant recovery of the charging circuit Self evacuation for quick start up during installation and service Integrated filter eliminates need for add-on part Maximize uptime- minimize speed losses

  15. DFC - dynamic flow compensation for pressure drop ensures precision accuracy Gun heat for random charging performance improves accuracy and prevents condensation Charge ram outlet valve improves accuracy in depended of charge hose length. Maximize accuracy and uptime- minimize defect losses

  16. Quick shut-off valve automatically kicks in when SARAtronic is in standby to avoid leaks during, for example, weekend shutdowns Empting the Charging station during control off to avoid leaks during, for example, weekend shutdowns The modular charge cylinder and evacuation manifold design eliminates the risk of leaks Uncompromised safety

  17. PLIS for further quality and productivity improvements • PLIS ensures complete traceability and documentation of the processes • A solution for controlling, analyzing and improving the processes for increased productivity • Full PLIS 4.0 integration including replication of barcode mask • SARAtronic is PLIS backward compatible

  18. Custom label print: Label is designed by simple text based language making it easy to edit labels and create new ones. X-Protocol compatible: Can be extended with X-Protocol compatible modules like I/O and SIM modules Programmable refrigerant consumption for empty bottle, process can be continued after bottle change 990 Programmable channels 9 quick channels selection 1 last channel selection Top 10 channel selection Other benefits

  19. OEE Model

  20. The big 6 losses

  21. The big 6 losses