market cap is key n.
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Market Cap is Key

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Market Cap is Key. Indicates - your Size…..…... Works as - your Currency….…. Helps in Acquisitions/Mergers…….. Attracts - Clients, Employees etc…….…. Creates an aura for your company…..…..…. Market Cap…..Market determined.

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Presentation Transcript
market cap is key

Market Cap is Key

Indicates - your Size…..…...

Works as - your Currency….….

Helps in Acquisitions/Mergers……..

Attracts - Clients, Employees etc…….….

Creates an aura for your company…..…..…..

market cap market determined
Market Cap…..Market determined
  • Market Cap is a function of capital market and your market price / valuation will drive your market Cap……….
  • So This could be well understood and explained by a market Pandit only……
  • Stock prices and valuations takes in to account much more then just financials of a company.
  • Example – many qualitative aspects…….
market cap why its so important
Market Cap….Why its so important?
  • Its indicative of your company’s size and weightage in corporate world.
  • It attracts investors, particularly large institutions or funds, who have Market Cap criteria for investment.
  • Lenders, suppliers, Employees and even smart consumers, consider this aspect.
  • It is your currency for acquisition or mergers.
  • Its critical in fund raising, JVs, Alliances, tie-ups and attracting Franchises/Marketing networks.
what s your role in market cap
What’s your role in Market Cap?
  • As CEO/CMD, you have a key role to - Protect and Improve the Market cap of your company.
  • So, Are you doing the right things to protect Market cap or improve the same?
  • You shouldn't do any thing to destroy your co’s market cap.
  • Do you know, what …? can affect your market cap.
  • It could be some of management’s loose statement, public behavior, your attitude towards – your Customers, employees or stake holders etc etc.
what you are doing for market cap
What you are doing for Market Cap
  • Do you have Market Cap in your mind? ; while taking the strategic decisions?
  • Do you consider what will happen to your market cap, while taking any Policy decision, regarding – expansion or diversification?
  • Do you think about market cap, when you deal / interact with the external world [Corporate Communications].
  • Do you really consider Market Cap, while taking any accounting policy deviations etc?
market cap key focus
Market Cap…..key focus
  • For a company, Market cap is very important - but it may not be a focus area for ignorant top management.
  • Market cap improvement should be a focus for team at top, at all times and destruction of market cap should be avoided as for as possible.
  • This ideology must be nurtured in minds of top executives and desired actions should be taken to keep market cap outlook always in mind.
  • Special sessions should be held to sensitize the top team to understand the importance of improving Market Cap and things affecting market cap.
good governance is key
Good Governance……is key
  • Good governance…….be it in - Accounting practices, or strategic decision making or delivering value to customers, employees or shareholders; are key to Market cap enhancement.
  • Be fare to all – customers, employees, shareholders as well as to Regulatory and Revenue authorities…….
  • Social / Welfare spending or concerns may also be added.
  • Those who ignored all or some of them get the reflection of same in the Market Cap………..
good governance is key1
Good Governance……is key
  • Clarity of Goal or mission and vision of company [if not define – where company will go in next decades]
  • Complete Plan or strategy to achieve the defined goal or vision.
  • Absolute absorption of adopted plan /strategy by top management team to execute plan in time bound manner.
  • Ethical way / manner of achieving plan targets.
  • Efficient execution planning & ability.
sustainability is must
Sustainability…….is must

Business Sustainability:

  • Is your business has long term sustainable growth potential?
  • What are competing / substituting , products or technologies, which can affect your future growth potential?
  • Any future developing or emerging product /technology, can affect your business materially?
  • If yes / possible? Then whether you have thought out some sustainable / credible diversification plan?
  • If so, fine tune it and start working……..
sustainability is must1
Sustainability…….is must

Management Sustainability:

  • Had you ever tried to asses the management’s - competence, capability, bandwidth or weakness?
  • If not get it done fast…analyze strengths / weakness.
  • Are you doing enough, to improve skill set of top management team? For top management team Organise -Trainings / seminars / short term skill development programs etc
  • Is your company managed professionally or individually? Professionalize the management…by delegation of powers with accountability.
  • Management’s expertise and skill will lead him to top positions in – Industry Associations / Policy Influencing Govt committees etc
what we offer
What we Offer
  • Help you to - know and understand impact of various management actions, decisions on market cap of your company, before you announce them….
  • Enable you to avoid investor unfriendly decisions, which can destroy market cap of your company.
  • Warn you against any silly strategic decision or announcement, which can destroy image and Market Cap of your Company.
  • Act as top management’s confident advisor to protect and enhance the Market Cap.
what we can offer
What we can Offer……
  • Guide you about Market Cap protection and improvement.
  • To do right things for image build up.
  • To do right things for investors / Analysts interactions.
  • Help you find right PR / IR agencies to manage investor relations.
  • Suggest right Web managers or Media managers.
  • Enable exposure to Buss. TV and print media exposure.
what we can offer1
What we can Offer……
  • We can also enable your interaction with research analysts [via IR agency], across brokerages and prepare stock research reports for wider investor understanding.
  • Encourage analysts and investors to understand more about your company and value it rightly.
  • Help you to present yourself in better way, to analysts / Investors community during interactions.
  • Broadly guiding you in managing Investor/ Analyst’s interactions, to improve image, valuations and finally Market cap of company.
  • We take few selected assignments, where we think management is serious in improving Market Cap, by taking right steps.
  • In the whole process CEO/CMD can get advice confidentially - in person, any time from our Chief Mentor/Advisor.
  • Most of the advice could be in personal meeting only, to maintain confidentiality of the company.
  • Chief Mentor will give one meeting monthly and additional meetings, on demand plus available on phone any time.
our profile
Our Profile
  • Key mentor / Advisor – Mr. D D Sharma, has vast [20 years] experience in Capital Market, as HOD for research, sales and Advisor to HNI Investors & Corporate imvestors.
  • He understands – psychology & mentality of Investors / Analysts, as well as impacts of strategic decisions on market if not conveyed in right spirit.
  • He will enable you to avoid Market Cap destructive policies or strategic plans for companies.
  • Help you shore up corporate image and market cap of company over next 1-3 years.
  • Avoid silly mistakes and actions, which can destroy Market Cap of the company.