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Mario’s Adventure

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Mario’s Adventure

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  1. Mario’s Adventure Mario’s adventure has never been better!

  2. Chapter guide • 1: The adventure begins • 2: Jr. Toad’s training • 3: Set off to the trail of tools • 4: Koopa State Building

  3. Characters Major Minor Fredd Hank The cook Old Man Toads (mentioned) Princess Peach (mentioned) • Mario • Luigi • Jr. Toad

  4. Enemiesguide to all baddies in the story so far GoombaHammer Bro. Koopa TroopaManta Ray Bowser Mouser

  5. Places Mario’s house The Zoo Mushroom kingdom (By Mario’s house) Shroom’s Cool Cool Lake

  6. Chapter 1:The Adventure Begins It was a brilliant day in the mushroom kingdom. Mario luigi were having their daily fun, the toads were playing tag, and toad kids were adopting baby Yoshi’s. Mario and Luigi decided that they’d go to the zoo. The zoo was full of cages, filled with Goombas, Koopa’s, and they even let you feed Manta Rays! Although Mario has had experiences being with all of these people not being locked up, which isn’t as fun as it seems, It’s still fun to watch them communicate with each other. After a while, the two plumbers headed home. They played monopoly for about an hour, until they heard a knock on their door. Mario opened the door, and there was a toad standing their waving his hands all around yelling, ”no! No!” “What is it Fredd?” Asked Mario. “It’s terrible, Princess Peach has been kidnapped!” “Not again! By Bowser?” Asked Luigi. “Yes!” Answered Fredd. “Well we can’t just stand here!” Yelled Mario. “One more thing,” said Fredd. “What?” Asked Luigi. Fredd giggled, “your princess in another castle.” Mario and Luigi raced down the hill as fast as they could. Mario tripped and banged his head on a house, but quickly got up and pretended that it didn’t happen. “Do you think we’ll find world 8 soon?” Asked Luigi. Mario sighed, “I think there will be more than 8 worlds this time bro. Together, they ran off to the path Mario sensed to go. They were leaving the mushroom kingdom. “Mario, Luigi!” Yelled a toad. “What is it Hank?” Asked Mario. “You have something new in stock?” Asked Luigi. “Yah, a map to Bowser’s castle! And you can have it for only, 10 coins!” Said Hank. “Sure we’ll have it,” said Mario as he payed the toad. “Here you go!” said Hank. It looked as it was ripped in half, and it was colored with crayon. “Hmmm...” Said Mario. “This could come in handy.”

  7. Chapter 2Jr. Toad’s Training The map showed an X right ahead, so Mario didn’t know if that was where he was going to die or what. Luigi suggested that they got something to eat at “Shroom’s” just 10 feet away. So, Mario said that it was okay. MENU: Shroom Meal: $5 (yum!) Fire Flower Taste Shake: $6 (yum!) Fruit Flower: $3 (nutritious!) Gross Mushroom: $1 (great for pranks!) Purple Shroom: $10 (Delish!) Gold Shroom: $8 (goodt for diets!) Pasta: $6 (Yum!) Yummy, Yummy: $8 (Baby Food!) Oatmeal: $5 (Breakfast!) Eat-it $12 (Made from actual Goomba) Mouser’s Cheese: $10 (We stole it from him)

  8. “I’ll take some pasta!” yelled Mario with joy. “I’ll have some eat-it!” said Luigi. “Would you like a Koopa Sandwich with that?” asked the cook. “Uh, sure,” said Luigi. She left only to come back a minute later with the food and two Shroom Shakes. after they were done eating, they excited the restaurant and walked toward the boundaries of town. As they were leaving, a small Toad with a blue mushroom head came running toword them. “Wait Mario!” He yelled! “What is it little guy?’ asked Luigi. “ There's this giant awful koopa at Cool Cool Lake! It just ate Old Man Toads!” He exclaimed. “Don’t worry.” Mario said. “We’ll get him.” So they did. The giant kicked Luigi into the air and he smacked him into a house. Mario punched him. The strategy seemed to work. Luigi made the mistake of kicking the Koopa, and the koopa kicked him into the air and Luigi did a belly flop onto the ground. Mario did one last mighty punch, and the koopa exploded. “Wow! Said the small toad. “I wish I was a Mario Bro.” “we’re going on an adventure. Wanna come?” Asked Mario. “Do I.. Yah I want to come!” Yelled the small toad, who turned out to be named Jr. Toad. Later that day, they started his training. They came upon a goomba. “This is your chance Jr. Toad! Get that Goomba!” yelled Luigi. Instead of doing what Luigi thought Jr. Toad was going to do, which was jump on the Goomba, Jr. Toad kicked the small enemy in the face, and the enemy went flying. It was strange, but it seemed to work, so Mario and Luigi didn't say anything. They headed to the exit of the Mushroom Kingdom, and took one last glimpse at the map, then and then Mario plopped it into his pocket.