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Contracts & Finances. Marit Hogendoorn Metten Somers. CONTENTS OF THE PRESENTATION. Grant Agreement Consortium Agreement Third Parties & Subcontractors Finances Pre-financing Reporting Where to get information. Grant Agreement. We have received the signed GA

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Contracts finances

Contracts & Finances

Marit Hogendoorn

Metten Somers

Contents of the presentation

  • Grant Agreement

  • Consortium Agreement

  • Third Parties & Subcontractors

  • Finances

  • Pre-financing

  • Reporting

  • Where to get information

Grant agreement
Grant Agreement

We have received the signed GA

The starting date is set at 01-02-2010

The GA has come into effect at 26-03-2010

All partners need to sign accession form (between Partner and UMC Utrecht)

The EU requires to receive this before 10-05-2010

Grant agreement1
Grant Agreement

We will send out the required documents (The signed GA, the currently approved Description of Work (annex I) and all other annexes to all partners after this weekend

Each partner signs three copies of the accession document (1 for own administration, 1 for UMC, 1 for EU)

We collect all signed forms and ensure timely delivery in Brussels

Consortium agreement purpose
Consortium agreement: Purpose

To regulate critical aspects of project governance not covered by the grant agreement between the Commission and the project consortium.

Consortium agreement key aspects
Consortium agreement: Key aspects

the internal organisation of the consortium

the distribution of the Community financial contribution

management of intellectual property and access rights to results

liability and confidentiality arrangements between partners

Distribution of the community financial contribution
Distribution of the Community financial contribution


The payment schedule, which contains the transfer of pre-financing and interim payments to Parties, will be handled according to the following in conformity with the decisions of the General Assembly and any related decisions of a Sub Project Committee:

In the first year, the initial pre-financing by the European Union (EUR 2,423,997) will be distributed to the partners, proportional to the expected investments of the individual partners during the course of the project. Expected investments are reflected in the current distribution of budgets.

Distribution of the community financial contribution1
Distribution of the Community financial contribution

Interim payments will be made proportional to performance in the project. Performance will be rated according to an algorithm that will be based on the number of subjects that have been included, participation of these subjects in the different Workpackages, completeness of the scheduled visits and investigations (e.g. MRI, interviews, collection of bloodsamples and MRS) and progression towards completion of each Workpackage a subject has enrolled in.

A detailed description of the payment algorithm will be provided in a next version of the Consortium Agreement.

Consortium agreement to do
Consortium Agreement: To do

We have sent out a concept version

All partners: please read this document thoroughly and inform us a.s.a.p. of necessary changes as well as agreement with the text

Final version: requires agreement and signing by ALL partners

Pre-financing can only be distributed AFTER signing by ALL partners

Contracts finances



Third parties
Third Parties

Example: having other sites perform work for yourself, as was common in EUFEST, is restricted in OPTiMiSE

 EU/FP7 Regulations

Third parties1
Third Parties

  • Involvement of Third Parties that carry out part of the work requires approval by the EU

  • Failing to organise this appropriately will cause major problems with payments later on

Third parties2
Third Parties


  • relationship between Partner and Third Party is broad and not specifically created for the work in OPTiMiSE: its duration should pre-date and outlast the project.

  • formal external recognition of this relationship (for example: the existence of joint research units or an official affiliation in terms of employment).

Third parties3
Third Parties

Third Parties need to be described in DoW:

Official Name

Relationship with Partner

Contents of work to be carried out

Allocation of budget

We aim to add all Third Parties in the next DoW

Please send us the required information a.s.a.p.


Also requires approval by the EU

Subcontractors have a commercial interest

The contract between a partner and a subcontractor is set up accordingly

A Subcontractor can not perform CORE PARTS of the scheduled work (for most partners: all patient-related activities in the DoW)

Basic rules on financing
Basic Rules on Financing

Each partner responsible for own cost (reporting)

Individual budget is maximum possible amount to be reimbursed

Actual reimbursement depends on actual eligible costs and deliverables

All charges must appear in organisation’s general ledger with supporting documents

Communicate any (minor) budget transfers

Non eligible direct costs
Non eligible direct costs


Communication and connection costs (computers, laptops)

Any expense which is reimbursed by another source/3rd party

Any expense that is considered indirect in your normal accounting practices, e.g. overheads

Reimbursement of mri costs
Reimbursement of MRI costs

EU: problem with reimbursement of ‘fixed costs’/ consumables

Most partners have ‘fixed costs’ in MRI budget

Solution: transfer to ‘Personnel Costs’

To do:

Check with own Financial Officer

If necessary: re-allocate internal budget distribution

Inform us of any changes

We handle changes with EU (e.g. new A3 form)


Respect reporting deadlines after each period

Certificate on Financial Statements: report on

factual findings (form D)

Risk of EU audit: be prepared!

Registration of hours (per workpackage)

Available on cordis website
Available on Cordis Website

Guide to Financial Issues

Guide for Beneficiaries

Guidance Notes on Project Reporting

Guidance Notes on Certificates issued by External


And also: your National Contact Points