national waterways conference 50 th anniversary annual meeting n.
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National Waterways Conference 50 th Anniversary Annual Meeting PowerPoint Presentation
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National Waterways Conference 50 th Anniversary Annual Meeting

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National Waterways Conference 50 th Anniversary Annual Meeting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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National Waterways Conference 50 th Anniversary Annual Meeting. Boston, Massachusetts September 22-24, 2010 T Tony Willardson , Executive Director Western States Water Council.

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National Waterways Conference 50 th Anniversary Annual Meeting

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national waterways conference 50 th anniversary annual meeting

National Waterways Conference50th Anniversary Annual Meeting

Boston, Massachusetts

September 22-24, 2010


Tony Willardson, Executive Director

Western States Water Council


The future growth and prosperity of the western states depend upon the availability of adequate quantities of water of suitable quality.


To ensure the West

has an adequate, sustainable supply of water of suitable quality to meet our diverse economic and environmental needs now and for future generations.

federal cost sharing obligation
Federal Cost Sharing Obligation
  • Direct or Indirect Project Beneficiary
  • Best Position to Finance and Recover Cost
  • Best Finance, Recover/Bear Costs (Indirect)
  • National Economic and Social (Env) Goals

Economic Stabilization & Income or Wealth Redistribution

  • Established Federal Right to Goods/Service
  • Fulfill Federal Commitment or Promise
  • Growth and Water Policy
  • Meeting Future Water Demands
  • Water Infra-structure Needs and Strategies
  • Resolution of Indian Water Rights Claims
  • Climate Change Impacts
  • ESA & Protecting Aquatic Species

Army Corps of Engineers

Bureauof LandManagement

Bureau of Reclamation

Environmental Protection


National Oceanic & Atmo- spheric Administration

Natural Resources

Conservation Service

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

U.S. Forest Service

U.S. Geololgical Survey

U.S. Department of Energy

National Aeronautics and Space Administration


Urge Congress to require federal water resource agencies to include “Integrated Water Resources Planning and Assistance” as one of their primary missions…to encourage more comprehensive plans, reducing inefficiencies, project-specific responses, contradictory actions, and hastily conceived reactions to the latest real or perceived crisis.


Federal agencies should use state water plans to help determine national water policy and priorities that best align federal agency support to states; and to inform decision making regarding regional water issues.

  • Success in this endeavor will depend in large part on state initiative and innovation, since states have the pivotal role in water planning, as well as allocating and protecting the resource.
Decisions about where and how to grow are rarely influenced by water policy or by the availability of water
2006 wga water report
2006 WGA Water Report

To encourage sustainable growth policies and plans, states should identify the water

demands and impacts associated with future growth.

Additionally, states should develop integrated growth and water resource scenarios so that the consequences of various growth scenarios can be evaluated for both the near and long term.

water policy and growth
Water Policy and Growth
  • Need to integrate water resources and land use planning.
  • Water moving from agricultural to urban uses.
  • Applications for new water use, water right transfers, etc. should consider local, tribal and watershed group plans.
  • Third party impacts should be

considered, including adverse

effects on rural communities

and the environment.


Water Policy and Growth

  • Water and Land Use Planning Symposium

Denver, CO – September 2009

  • Ag-Urban Water Transfers Work Group
  • WGA Renewable Energy/Water Nexus
  • Exempt Wells Report – Published in March in Environmental Law Journal by Lewis & Clark Law School

Meeting Future Water Demands

  • More storage and innovative options

Water Reuse, Desalination, Weather Mod

  • National Water Needs & Use Assessment
  • Quantifying Supplies & Demands (w/data)
  • Importance of existing observation and remote sensing capabilities -

NRCS Snow Survey Program

USGS Streamgaging Programs

Landsat Thermal Infrared for ET









Why use High Resolution Imagery?

ET from Landsat 5

with thermal sharpened to 30 m

(Kc = ETact / ETref)

ET from individualfields is essential for:Water Rights, Water Transfers, Farm Water Management


Imperial Valley, CA

via Landsat 7


Water Infrastructure Needs/Strategies

  • 2008 DC Seminar (summary in WGA rpt)
  • Federal State Revolving Fund (CW & DW)
  • Rural Water Supply Act – Loan Guarantees

Needs Assessment (USBR)

  • Shared Water Vision & P&Gs
  • Review State Water Planning
  • Omnibus Public Lands Act (Settlements)
  • Reclamation Fund
  • San Antonio, TX Symposium Nov. 8-10

Resolution of Indian Water Right Claims

  • Water Rights Settlement Fund
  • WSWC/NARF Settlement Symposium

Lummi Reservation WA – Aug. 2009

  • DOI Quarterly Conference Calls
  • Settlement Criteria and Standards
  • Off-Reservation Tribal Trust/Fee Lands
  • Ground Water Issues

Climate Change Impacts

  • NIDIS Workshops – Lincoln, NE

& San Francisco, CA

  • National Mtg - Washington, DC Sept 14-15
  • WGA 2009 Climate Resolution

Call for National Climate Service

  • WGA Climate Adaptation Workgroup
  • Integration in State Water Plans

ESA and Aquatic Resources

  • State Water Rights and Tools
  • State Instreamflow Protections
  • Series of Western State Workshops
  • ESA/State Water Rights Protocol
  • Renew Discussion with U.S. Fish & Wildlife and National Marine Fisheries Service
Tony Willardson, Executive Director

Western States Water Council