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AWIPS and ITIL Implementation

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AWIPS and ITIL Implementation - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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AWIPS and ITIL Implementation. How Does ITIL Contribute to Program Success. ITIL Alignment with Mission. NWS Mission Objectives, as stated the AWIPS Statement of Objectives (SOO) lent themselves to an approach consistent with ITIL

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how does itil contribute to program success
How Does ITIL Contribute to Program Success

ITIL Alignment with Mission

  • NWS Mission Objectives, as stated the AWIPS Statement of Objectives (SOO) lent themselves to an approach consistent with ITIL
  • AWIPS Operations and Maintenance is made more efficient and less risk- prone through accordance with ITIL principles
  • Improved business alignment, customer satisfaction – 92% Field Satisfaction (up 6 points)
  • Movement from reactive to proactive orientation – increased proactive NCF pre-severe weather actions
  • Improved SLA management – ensures SLAs evolve with program needs and measure what is important
  • Improved delivery of third party services – increased AWIPS system-wide WAN Availability (> 99.98%)
  • High quality service delivery – recent release had Zero open issues after Beta; 50% install time reduction
  • Improved Capacity – SBN product delivery increased 35% over last 6 months
  • Improved management of risk derived from change -
  • CCB process that evaluates system upgrades
  • Customer focused, process oriented
  • Based on best practices
  • Optimum service against justifiable costs
  • Metrics-driven decisions
  • Focus on people, process, technology

ITIL based approach facilitates service improvements and enhancements

introducing itil within the awips pmo
Introducing ITIL Within the AWIPS PMO

Key Components

  • Visible Management Commitment
    • Championed by AWIPS Program Manager and leadership team
    • Comprehensive understanding of cost and benefit
  • Supportive Customer
    • ITIL focused on improving mission support
  • Training and Communication
    • Foundations training for key personnel
    • Ongoing communication
      • All hands meetings and Special-topic briefings
      • Project-wide Posters; Badge Tags and Email campaign
  • Dedicated ITIL Manager
    • Full-time
    • Certified ITIL Service Manager, PMP
  • Baseline and Benchmarks
    • Participation in APQC IT Benchmarking Study
    • Additional industry standard benchmarks

AWIPS program has a strong commitment to ITSM excellence

introducing itil within the awips pmo1
Introducing ITIL Within the AWIPS PMO

Key Components

  • ITIL Gap Analysis
    • Questionnaires, interviews, documentation search, observation
    • Results indicate AWIPS Concept of Operations supports majority of ITIL best practice
      • Customer outcomes drive service offerings
      • Strong, positive relationship with customer
      • Well-established communication channels
      • Governance in place ensures service quality
      • Continuous improvement mechanisms implemented
  • ISO 20000 Initiative
    • Pre-audit and Gap closure activities
    • Certification audit July 21 – 25, 2008
  • Service Improvement Planning
    • Teams trained in Raytheon Six Sigma
    • ITIL service improvement effort rolled into ISO 20000 continuous improvement plans
awips itil initiative summary
AWIPS ITIL Initiative Summary


  • Phase I: Current-State Assessment and Gap Analysis
    • Completed July 2007. AWIPS Service delivery process is fairly well-aligned with ITIL guidelines.
    • Specific process improvement activities identified
  • Phase II: Establish and Develop
    • Completion May 2008. Enhancements, improvements and upgrades to attain compliance
  • Phase III: Implementation
    • Phased approach. Formal staff communication and training
    • Completion May 2008
  • Phase IV: Monitor and Evaluate
    • Ongoing
  • Phase V: Continuous Improvement
    • Ongoing. Service Improvement projects rolled into ISO 20000 continuous improvement plan
  • ISO 20000 Certification
    • Completion third quarter 2008

Plan, Do, Check, Act



Lessons Learned


what to know before launching the initiative
What to Know Before Launching the Initiative

Ask the Right Questions to Get Results

Continuous Improvement

Improved customer

perception of value

Does adoption of ITIL

mean a change in culture?

Can we commit to ITIL as

a continuous process?

Stable, repeatable


What services do we


ITIL Initiative

What are our customer’s

objectives and goals?

Improved quality

Reduced cost

What is “good enough”?

What will it cost?

Improved management

of risk from change

Where are we?

Where do we want to go?

How do we know when we arrive?

essential components for success
Essential Components For Success

Best Practices for ITIL Implementation

  • Understanding the customer
    • Deliver value to customers by facilitating outcomes they want to achieve
    • Form and sustain a partnership with your customer, constituents, or stakeholders
  • ITIL Initiative must be managed as a project
    • Right-skilled Project Manager
      • Project Management Skills
      • ITIL Knowledge
    • Project Plan
      • Budget
      • Resources
      • Schedule
      • Risk and Opportunity Management
  • Prepare for unexpected developments along the way
    • Changes in customer requirements, ITIL versions, organizational directions
    • Unknown unknowns
essential components for success1
Essential Components For Success

Best Practices for ITIL Implementation

  • Communicate early and often
    • Visible Management commitment
    • IT Service Management policy and objectives
    • Short term goals and progress against goals
    • How all employee’s tasking contributes to the service delivery goals
    • Celebrate achievement
  • Educate entire staff
    • “ITIL speak”
    • Service orientation
    • Use appropriate external courses
  • Raise awareness of need for continual improvement
    • Train all personnel in improvement process
    • Reward improvements

Requires a Combination of Best Practices…But You Can Get There



Summary, Questions and Answers