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What is so Special about Agile Development? PowerPoint Presentation
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What is so Special about Agile Development?

What is so Special about Agile Development?

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What is so Special about Agile Development?

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  1. What is so Special about Agile Development

  2. What is Agile Development Agile development methodology is a dynamic process of carrying out software & web development and is gaining popularity as it is more focused, quality centric and customer-oriented as compared to other project management methods. It easily adapts to the constant variations in the requirements, enables smooth and seamless communication with clients, properly streamlines & organizes processes and simplifies the development process by splitting it into small parts. Thus, agile developer delivers quality end-products and ensures success.

  3. More about Agile Development For every non-technical person; this is a million dollar question. We every now and then hear this term and wonder if it is some kind of rocket-science! No, it is not a rocket science; but as the name suggests it is a dynamic process with which software and web development processes are executed. Since, we live in a fast-pace age; everyone wants instant outcomes - Therefore, this new-age methodology is been widely adopted. As compared to the traditional methods; agile software development is more focused, quality-centric and customer-oriented. Therefore, it is gaining extensive popularity.

  4. Now, let us see some of its remarkable features and benefits

  5. Easily adapts to the Constant Variations in General Requirements Since, software and for that matter web development is not a stand-alone process; it involves a series of functions right from its planning to final deployment, with each phase taking its own time to materialize. So, by the time final result is delivered to the client, the trend already changes. Agile development enables the programmers to react promptly to the dynamic nature of the IT market. With this style of programming; the whole task is divided into small units or sub-task, where any change in the initial design can be easily taken care.

  6. Flawless and unhindered Communication Channel Any relationship even "the strictly business relation" cannot go a long way without one-to-one and absolute communication. And for outstanding software and web development is completely based on how well the requirements are communicated. Since Agile software development places communication on the top, the channel between you and programmers (service provider) easier and smoother, and allows you to monitor the progress as well as interact with the team of developers to streamline the development process.

  7. Maintains Consistent Pace of Work Consistency is the key to success; especially for the software development - As in Agile development; the whole process is divided into sub-tasks; the work-pace is maintained consistently. In fact, it makes the estimation of the completion time more precise and thus, the unrealistic or unfeasible deadlines do not come into the picture. This makes the development team to plan their work accordingly, and thus, the whole process becomes more streamlined and organized, therefore, creating an excellent quality end product.

  8. Brings Simplicity to the entire development course The more complex development procedure, the more time and energy gets invested. And it does not even guarantees exceptional results. However, because agile software development splits the development into small parts, the programmers find it simple to understand the development flow as well as concentrate their energy and resource to work on it. Therefore, they ultimately brings excellent outcomes in terms of quality.

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