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Angeline Bakkila

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Angeline Bakkila
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Angeline Bakkila

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  1. Angeline Bakkila is a Sergeant in the U.S. Air Force Academy

  2. Angeline Bakkila is a Sergeant in the U.S. Air Force Academy. U.S. Air Force Academy is located in Colorado Springs in El Paso County, Colorado. It is an accredited undergraduate college. The college was established with an aim to serve the military officers across USA. The Academy educates, trains, and inspires men and women to become officers of character.

  3. Angeline Bakkila is assigned to the 10th Aerospace Medicine Squadron in the esteemed U.S. Air Force Academy. In her capacity as the sergeant in the medicine squadron, Angeline is responsible to provide adequate medical care to all the students and faculty members.

  4. She advises on diet and nutrition, and takes preventive measures to control communicable diseases. One of her main responsibilities is to recommend right medicines to the trainees and trainers in case any health issues arise.

  5. In her free time, Angeline indulges in walking, swimming, skating, skiing, hiking, and river rafting.  She has a great passion for reading, doing art & craft projects, cooking, sewing, and photography. She is also a proficient Mary Kay beauty consultant.

  6. Her contribution to the animal shelters to stop abuse and cruelty reveals her benevolent and kind nature. Angeline Bakkila is also experienced in sales, marketing, and medical.

  7. About Angeline Bakkila Angeline Bakkila is a Sergeant in the U.S. Air Force Academy. She has been assigned to the 10th Aerospace Medicine Squadron. Angeline Bakkila graduated from Lakewood High School in St. Petersburg, Florida.

  8. She also attended Palo Alto Community College in San Antonio, Texas where she was on the Dean’s List.  Other colleges that she attended include Pike’s Peak Community College, St. Leo University, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, and University of Nebraska at Omaha.

  9. Thank You