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Angeline Bakkila

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Angeline Bakkila
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Angeline Bakkila

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  1. Angeline Bakkila contributes to animal shelters regularly

  2. Angeline Bakkila contributes to animal shelters on a regular basis. Her contribution to the animal shelters to stop abuse and cruelty reveals her benevolent and kind nature. Animal shelters provide safety and protection to the stray animals and to those who are neglected or abandoned.

  3. Animal shelters also provide good and suitable atmosphere to the animals. They provide proper food and care to the animals. The professionals working in the animal shelters give proper training to the animals. Animal shelters also provide animals with regular vaccinations.

  4. A vetenary doctor also comes regularly for the medical check ups of the animals. Open door animal shelters provide shelter to all the animals that come to their door. Angeline Bakkila aims at working for the benefit of the animals. She has been working for the welfare of animals and managed to save many animals from cruelty. She is putting her best efforts to bring awareness among the people to stop undue suffering of animals.

  5. By contributing to animal shelters, Angeline Bakkila aims at making world a better place. Angeline loves animals and believes in helping them in every possible way. She believes in giving her complete attention and care to the animals.

  6. She makes charitable donations to support animals and volunteers in many organizations’ activities also. To that end, she aims at enlightening the minds of people to stop animal cruelty, treating all the animals with kindness, and encouraging them to donate their time and money in order to support homeless animals.

  7. Angeline Bakkila encourages people to adopt pets as they make good friends and bring joy and fun into your life. Pets adopted from animal shelters are properly trained, well groomed, and healthy. Pets can make one’s life very fulfilling.

  8. To be a good example for others, Angeline herself adpoted a chihuahua from one of the animal shelters in Florida. Follow Angeline’s footsteps to make the world a better place for animals!

  9. Thank You