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Do you know ANI/ALI?

Learn the difference between a 9-1-1 call and a non-emergency call, explore ANI/ALI mapping capabilities, and understand the various display options for landline, cell phone, and VoIP technology.

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Do you know ANI/ALI?

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Presentation Transcript

  1. Do you know ANI/ALI? 2012 AZ APCO/NENA State Training Conference Emily Garcia

  2. 9-1-1 vs. Non-Emergency • What is the difference between a 9-1-1 call and a non-emergency call? ANI/ALI Mapping Capabilities • Your job remains the same: • Obtain Pertinent Information, Deliver Quality Customer Service, Document Accurate Information in Case Comments, etc.

  3. Performance Objectives • Analyze the parts of the ANI/ALI screen • Understand the difference between landline, cell phone, and VoIP technology • Identify how different call types will plot on a 9-1-1 map

  4. What is ANI/ALI? • “Super-Duper Caller ID Screen” • MSAG Database • Cell Tower Routing/Programming

  5. Landline ANI/ALI Display

  6. Landline ANI/ALI Display

  7. Landline ANI/ALI Display

  8. Landline ANI/ALI Display

  9. Cell Phone ANI/ALI Display

  10. Cell Phone ANI/ALI Display

  11. Cell Phone ANI/ALI Display

  12. Cell Phone ANI/ALI Display

  13. Cell Phone ANI/ALI Display

  14. Cell Phone ANI/ALI Display

  15. Cell Phone ANI/ALI Display

  16. VoIP ANI/ALI Display

  17. VoIP ANI/ALI Display

  18. VoIP ANI/ALI Display

  19. Mapping Display

  20. Putting It All Together • Emily’s Thought Process/Flow Chart Phone Rings 9-1-1 Non-Emerg Process Call Landline Wireless Process Call WPH1 WPH2 Process Call Retransmit

  21. Questions? Emily Garcia Pinal County Administrator (9-1-1/Training) 520-866-5119 Emily.garcia@pinalcountyaz.gov

  22. Resources • Pinal County Sheriff’s Office Communications Special Orders • Pinal County 9-1-1 Office Policies and Procedures • State of Arizona 9-1-1 Office

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