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TRC 500 Meter Silhouette Range Ramada PowerPoint Presentation
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TRC 500 Meter Silhouette Range Ramada

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TRC 500 Meter Silhouette Range Ramada - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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R ifleman C hallenge M atch 2005. Challenge , 12 silhouettes at approximately 100 to 400 yards distance, adjusted par time

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Presentation Transcript

Rifleman Challenge Match 2005

Challenge,12 silhouettes at approximately 100 to 400 yards distance, adjusted par time

1) Starting Position--Shooter has all equipment attached to him when proceeding to start position, i.e., only thing in hands is rifle at low ready position. Rifle is loaded on line, safety on.Shooter starts COF on one knee in low ready.*

2) COF--On buzzer, shooter engages all targets, one hit each to neutralize. (no shot limits, no penalty for extra shots, shooter may go prone, shooter may use sling)

Shooter engages targets within banks left to right and banks in left to right order, i.e., 100, 200, 400, 300 yds. Shooter may return to targets missed within a bank, but may not return to banks passed. Shooter may skip any target without penalty.

3)Equipment--Any high power rifle (e.g. .223, .308, scoped, iron sights, bolt action, semi-auto, etc.) acceptable. No AP ammo. Elbow and kneepads OK. No shooting jackets. Shooter is unsupported, but may use sling. Mag’s loaded 10 rounds max.

4)Par time--120 seconds, adjusted up or down as follows:

-iron sights, add 30 sec’s

-bipod or any type of fixed rest, subtract 30 sec’s

-bolt action, with detachable mag, add 30 sec’s

-bolt action with integral mag (5 rounds max), add 60 sec’s

5)Scoring--number of neutralized targets (max 12) within par time. If all targets neutralized within par time, then straight time.

* Shooters with physical impairment may assume any safe shooting position that suits them.

385 meters

300 meters

200 meters

100 meters

TRC 500 Meter Silhouette Range Ramada

12 hits

8+ hits, at least two at each bank

4+ hits, at least one at each bank

Less than 4 hits

Note: Regardless of the total score, ability to consistently hit targets at all ranges is an essential feature of a good Rifleman. How do you rate on the scale above?