Employability at the percy hedley foundation
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Employability at The Percy Hedley Foundation. David Barker MBE Director of Adult Services. Aims of the Presentation . Explore Employability and Social Enterprise in the broad context of our service users Show a few film clips Answer any questions. The Percy Hedley Foundation.

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Presentation Transcript
Employability at the percy hedley foundation

Employability at The Percy Hedley Foundation

David Barker MBE

Director of Adult Services

Aims of the presentation
Aims of the Presentation

  • Explore Employability and Social Enterprise in the broad context of our service users

  • Show a few film clips

  • Answer any questions

The percy hedley foundation
The Percy Hedley Foundation

  • Established 1953

  • Aims to promote the needs, rights and aspirations of disabled people through the provision of high quality, specialist services

  • Nursery, 2 schools, Post 16 facility, FE College, day service, residential service, sports academy

  • 450 staff

The percy hedley foundation1
The Percy Hedley Foundation

  • Works with profoundly impaired disabled people

  • Increased importance of advocacy and employability

  • Karten support at Able 2 day service and Karten Media Suite

Example policy drivers
Example Policy Drivers

  • Valuing People

  • Supporting People

  • Improving the life chances of disabled people

  • Independence, well being and choice

  • Learning for living and work

Messages from policy drivers
Messages from policy drivers

  • More choice of activities and more service flexibility

  • Individualised budgets as part of a range of funding mechanisms

  • Greater ownership and control of services - Advocacy

  • Progression towards independence

  • More community based services

  • Flexibility learning towards outcomes

  • Person centred plans

  • Moves towards employability

Ex phf school pupil research
Ex PHF School pupil research

  • September 2007

  • Questionnaires sent to all students leaving PHF schools between 1995 and 2005

  • Age range approx 18-28

  • 41 replies from 137 questionnaires (30%)

Service expectations
Service expectations

  • More choice, flexibility and control

  • More community based services

  • Social enterprise opportunities

  • Mixed package of services across a number of locations

  • Person centred services

  • Advocacy

  • Housing options

  • Employability Opportunities





Person Centred


Advocacy definitions
Advocacy definitions

  • Advocacy – Speaking up for yourself or having someone speak on your behalf

  • Representational advocacy – Electing representatives to service steering group, Management committee and Executive committee

  • Person centred plans – services build around the individual not individuals fitting into services


  • Delivered via two mechanisms

    • Employability Project (Demand side)

    • Projects (Supply side)

      (Print, Catering, Music Studio, Karten Media Suite)

Employability project
Employability Project

Disabled People


Labour Market Intermediaries

Employer engagement tools
Employer Engagement Tools

  • Events

    • Megaquiz

    • Business breakfasts

    • Fashion shows

    • Awards ceremony

  • Publications

  • Employability Centre


  • Print

  • Catering

  • Music Studio

  • Karten Media Suite

Idea karten media suite
Idea – Karten media suite

  • Everything in one place

  • ‘Real’ work experience

  • Cheap but commercial rates

  • Emerging social firm or social enterprise

Real work experience
Real work experience

  • Working conditions

  • Real work to do

  • Business park location

  • Open to the public for business

  • Training opportunities

  • Some paid employment opportunities

Social enterprise
Social Enterprise

  • Social purpose is central to what we do

  • Social enterprise is a model linked to social justice

  • Social enterprises growing in number and importance

  • The right business model for us

Social enterprise opportunities
Social Enterprise opportunities

  • Move from day service user to Project Worker

  • Training in social enterprise undertaken with a group of people already operating a social enterprise

  • Business plan completed

  • Development of ceramics business

Thank you
Thank you

  • A few film clips then any questions