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Window Cleaning Service by Expert

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Anergy Building Services Pte Ltd was supported in 1998 with a vision to be the premier selection for the supply of cleanup services to the personal sector comprising industrial, residential and industrial comes. With this objective in mind, Anergy has remained centered in providing quality and personal services to our business.

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window cleaning service by expert

Window Cleaning Service by Expert

Washing the facade, painting walls, and repairing plaster is a simple job. The more serious, which is

related to repainting or maintenance of insulation, it is better to leave it to the experts? We advise when

plaster repairs are more appropriate, and when only renewing the facade is enough. If the plaster is only

dirty, you can see an algae or mildew coating on it, just cleaning and painting the facade. Small cracks

and even greater damage can often be easily repaired, provided that they are not extensive.

Many problems with plaster result from the dampness of the wall and then, before you take care of

saving the facade, you must definitely eliminate the cause of the appearance of moisture and dry the

walls. In that you also take help of our Window Cleaning Service. When the large surfaces of the walls

are covered with cracks, the plaster dissipates (a dull noise when tapping) or falls off, it will have to be

crimped and repositioned. In such situations, a comprehensive solution, i.e. ETICS insulation, is


Cleaning the Facade:-

The walls get dirty just like other building elements and you need External Facade Cleaning. Sometimes,

however, they are additionally overgrown with algae or mold. Because they are quite rough, porous or

invoiced, dirt is not easy to clean. The usual dirt is eliminated by washing the walls with water under

pressure. It is worth adding a cleaning agent to clean the facades. The second wash is already carried out

with clean water to rinse dirt and cleaning agent.


1 Bukit Batok Crescent, #03-12 WCEGA Plaza, Singapore 658064

removal of algae and mildew

Removal of Algae and Mildew:-

It is more difficult to get rid of algae or mold - frequent guests in damp and shady places. To clean the

facade, you should use special means to remove such lichen. At the end, it is worth painting the

impregnation facade with plasters protecting against the return of unwanted microorganisms and do

Floor Cleaning Service. You must wash by hand - with a brush that does not scratch the walls, because

algae and molds are holding onto the ground quite well. The wall after such cleaning should be

thoroughly washed with clean water to completely rinse the chemical preparation.


1 Bukit Batok Crescent, #03-12 WCEGA Plaza, Singapore 658064