i n t r o d u c i n g bible study resources from baptistway press n.
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I N T R O D U C I N G Bible Study Resources from BaptistWay Press

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I N T R O D U C I N G Bible Study Resources from BaptistWay Press - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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I N T R O D U C I N G Bible Study Resources from BaptistWay Press.

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BaptistWay Press® is the publishing arm of the Baptist General Convention of Texas. Launched in the spring of 2000, the Adult Bible study curriculum was the first age-group material published. A full year of free online Preschool and Children’s curriculum was added in September, 2003. Youth curriculum also went online in the fall of 2003, with a sampling of lessons. A full year of youth curriculum is scheduled to be completed during 2004-2005. These recent additions provide a fully age-graded curriculum for the local church. The adult materials are the only purchase items, with the preschool, children and youth curriculum available FREE on the BaptistWay website – www.baptistwaypress.org.
Welcome to the BaptistWay® family of resources.
  • Adult Curriculum
  • Youth Curriculum
  • Preschool & Children Curriculum
  • Language Materials
  • Additional Resources
adult resources
Adult Resources

The undated Adult Bible study materials consist of three printed resources – Teaching Guide, Pupil Guide & Large Print Pupil Guide - that may be purchased on a quarterly basis, or anytime a church (or class) decides to begin a new study. (Plus a host of free online resources.)

Teaching Guide

Pupil Guide

Large Print Pupil Guide

The Teaching Guide is a 6x9 inch (Bible size) book that contains extensive Bible commentary and two teaching outlines on each of the 13 lessons included in each undated quarterly.
The writers of the Bible Comments and Teaching Plans sections are listed on the back cover of each study.
The Study Guide (for each member of your Bible study group) is the same size as the Teaching Guide, with extensive Bible study comments written especially for the member.
Additional writers (shown on the back cover) provide the content for the Study Guide. The lesson comments include scripture in text, varying from New American Standard, New International Version or New Revised Standard Version, at the discretion of the writer.

NOTE: The Large Print Study Guide option includes the same material in a thicker version of the 6x9 inch format.

free online adult bible study teaching resources
FREE Online Adult Bible Study Teaching Resources
  • Adult Bible Teaching Resource Items are listed on the BaptistWay website. These free resources are available to print and use as handouts for any lesson.
  • Additional Bible Study Comments by Dr. Jim Denison, pastor of Park Cities Baptist Church, Dallas, Texas
  • Additional teaching resources by Dennis Parrott

Available at www.baptistwaypress.org

other adult bible study teaching resources
Other Adult Bible Study Teaching Resources
  • Baptist Standard Enrichment Teaching Helps (printed and internet editions)

Available atwww.baptiststandard.com

  • Dr. Lucien Coleman, long-time seminary professor, offers a reproducible two-page teaching plan and a one-page member guide for each lesson that can be purchased by contacting him at coleman@mesh.net
where can baptistway bible study materials be used
Sunday School

Wednesday Night Bible Study

Small Group Bible Studies

Adult Bible Fellowships

Off-campus Bible Studies

College Bible Studies

Home Cell Groups

New Church Starts

Nursing Home Bible Studies

Mission Bible Studies

Anywhere people gather to study the Bible

Where can BaptistWay Bible Study Materials Be Used?

BAPTISTWAY® Curriculum Plan 2000-2008

Where We’ve Been

Visit our website www.baptistwaypress.org


BAPTISTWAY® Curriculum Plan 2000-2008

Where We’re Going

Visit our website www.baptistwaypress.org

BaptistWay® Youth Curriculum began in September, 2003, with lessons being offered free online at www.baptistwaypress.org

The inaugural Bible Study year (2003-2004), saw the introduction of a “sampling” of at least one dozen youth Bible Study sessions.

five units 18 lessons were placed online dealing with such topics as
Five units (18 lessons) were placed online, dealing with such topics as …


Dealing with one’s feelings

Sharing one’s faith

A four session study of the Gospel of Mark

Dealing with hurt and grief

during the bible study year 2004 2005 ten additional units 36 lessons will be placed online
During the Bible Study year 2004-2005, ten additional units (36 lessons) will be placed online.

Topics include:

  • A four session study of basic Baptist beliefs
  • Spiritual disciplines
  • Relationships
  • Obedience
  • Worship
  • A ten session “sprint” through the Old Testament
The new BaptistWay youth curriculum user may enjoy an entire year of FREE online curriculum that will be completed during the 2004-2005 Bible Study year.
as you study the baptistway youth curriculum you will work through sections such as
As you study the BaptistWay® youth curriculum, you will work through sections such as:
  • What the Bible Says (commentary)
    • What the Bible Says to Me (as an adult leader)
    • What the Bible Says to Youth
  • Teaching Plan
    • Motivation
    • Examination
    • Application
      • Including options “And/Or”
  • Student Page (reproducible handout, including a learning activity and “One More Thing” (a “take home” application activity”)
the lessons are written in a basic educationally sound format
The lessons are written in a basic, educationally sound format
  • motivation (creating interest in the topic)
  • examination (study of the scripture passage)
  • application (transferring the learning from the classroom to everyday life)
aspects of each session include
Aspects of each session include:
  • background scripture
  • focal scripture
  • main idea of lesson
  • life question
  • teaching aim
why use baptistway youth bible study materials
Why Use BaptistWay® Youth Bible Study Materials?
  • They are planned and written by outstanding youth educators who lead youth in their churches
  • They deal with a variety of topics important to the spiritual growth of teenagers
  • They utilize a brief (four session) study of a New Testament Book (Mark), as well as a ten session study of the Old Testament
  • They include a four-session unit concerning basic Baptist beliefs.
  • They are concise, yet educationally sound
  • They are user-friendly
  • They are budget-friendly (free!)
  • Undated
  • Designed for use in Bible Study
  • Can be used anytime preschoolers and children are at church
age divisions early childhood preschool
Age DivisionsEarly Childhood (Preschool)
  • Younger Early Childhood
    • Babies through Turning Twos
  • Middle Early Childhood
    • Twos and Threes
  • Older Early Childhood
    • Fours and Fives
age divisions children
Age DivisionsChildren
  • Bible Adventurers
    • First and Second Graders
  • Bible Explorers
    • Third and Fourth Graders
  • Bible Followers
    • Fifth and Sixth Graders

Early Childhood & Children’s Curriculum will address:

  • Foundations of faith
  • Appropriate age characteristics
  • Cultural background of the Bible
  • Development of lives prompted by the Holy Spirit
  • Development of obedience and service to Him
eight concept areas
Eight Concept Areas
  • God—Who God is
  • Jesus—Who Jesus is
  • Relationships-Self, family, friends, community
  • Christian Character—Godly characteristics
  • The Bible—The Bible is God’s revelation to Man
  • Church—The family of God
  • Environment—Nature and how to care for it
  • Special Days and Seasons of the Church Year
sequence of study
Sequence of Study
  • A sequence of study is recommended and suggested by the order materials go online.
  • Churches may choose to study these materials in various orders.
  • Each unit is a stand-alone, self-contained and undated.
distinctive traits for early childhood and children curriculum
Distinctive Traits for Early Childhood and Children Curriculum

The Online Curriculum:

1. Guides the study of the Bible in ways appropriate to the specific ages

2. Is developmentally and culturally appropriate

3. Provides suggestions for adaptation for children with special needs

4. Is user-friendly—practical, helpful and useful to teachers

5. Enables teachers to understand how the learning aim guides all parts of the sessions

6. Is educationally sound

distinctive traits for early childhood and children curriculum1
Distinctive Traits for Early Childhood and Children Curriculum

7. Emphasizes stewardship

8. Is rich in Bible content for pupils and teachers

9. Includes “Beliefs Important to Baptists” as part of the curriculum plan

10. Emphasizes Christian disciplines that lead to Christian growth

11. Includes “Bible Talk Conversations” (Early Childhood) that are from the Bible passage studied that Sunday

12. Provides a “Chronological Bible Study” for fifth and sixth graders during the second year

how to download free age level bible study materials from baptistway press
How to Download Free Age-Level Bible Study Materials from BaptistWay® Press

Step 1 – Go to the Baptist General Convention of Texas website: www.bgct.org

Step 2– On the left-hand side of the BGCT Home Page, click on the BaptistWay Press icon. This will take you to the BaptistWay Press web site. (You may also access this site by going directly to www.baptistwaypress.org.)

how to download free age level bible study materials from baptistway press1
How to Download Free Age-Level Bible Study Materials from BaptistWay® Press

Step 3 – On the BaptistWay Home Page, choose from the list of Bible study resources arranged in the options of Adult, Youth, Children and Preschool (Early Childhood). (As an example, we’ll refer to Early Childhood in the following step.)

Step 4 – On the Early Childhood page, there are four age-level options available. (Babies, Ones and Turning Twos, Middle Years – 2’s and 3’s, Older Years – 4’s and 5’s) Click on any of the headings to choose the current study. The material will download in Adobe Acrobat format that can be printed out or saved to a disk for future reference. (At the bottom of the page, you will see several other Supplemental Materials you will find helpful in planning for portions of the Bible study material.)

NOTE: The Bible study materials are undated for ease of use at anytime throughout the year.

BaptistWay provides seven language versions of the Adult Bible Study materials which may be downloaded free from our website

Lessons are available in

  • Cambodian
  • Chinese
  • Korean
  • Laotian
  • Spanish
  • Vietnamese
  • Simplified English
for easy access to the free language bible study materials simply use the link provided below

For easy access to the free language Bible study materials simply use the link provided below


beliefs important to baptists
Beliefs Important to Baptists

Beliefs Important To Baptists is a Bible study that is especially related to who the people called Baptists are, what they believe, and how they live.

Beliefs Important to Baptists – Study Guide (One Volume Edition) - $2.35

Beliefs Important to Baptists – Teaching Guide (One Volume Edition) - $1.95

(The Teaching Guide is also available as a FREE download from www.baptistwaypress.org.)


Brief Basics is dated and designed for a three to five minute presentation each week. Downloadable FREE from www.baptistwaypress.org, it can be used in the following ways :

  • By adult Sunday School teachers at the beginning of the class period or by the department director or the general Sunday School director in opening assemblies
  • By the pastor as a feature in the Sunday morning worship service
  • Make copies of articles and use them as bulletin inserts
  • By WMU and Baptist Men’s leaders in their meetings
  • By Discipleship leaders
come go with us
Come Go With Us

We hope you’ll join us on the journey.