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the importance of providing a proper homework environment for children n.
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The Importance Of Providing A Proper Homework Environment For Children PowerPoint Presentation
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The Importance Of Providing A Proper Homework Environment For Children

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The Importance Of Providing A Proper Homework Environment For Children
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The Importance Of Providing A Proper Homework Environment For Children

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  1. The Importance of Providing a Proper Homework Environment for Children

  2. Once the fun-filled days of summer day camp are over, kids return to one of the most famously dreaded tasks of childhood, homework.

  3. Of course, homework is an important part of every child’s school experience, and one of the most helpful things you can do to help your child …

  4. … with this much-complained-about task is to provide a comfortable, pleasant work area with a minimum of distractions.

  5. You’ll find that with well-organized space set aside for doing school assignments, along with some appropriate parental support, math problems and school projects …

  6. … can provide some great opportunities for parent-child bonding as well as increased success in school.

  7. Getting Organized

  8. Organization is a skill kids will use to great advantage all their lives, and kids do best with an established routine for completing school assignments.

  9. A designated time and space for completing homework gets kids into good study habits.

  10. Make sure when your youngster sits down to start homework, all the necessary tools are at hand, from books to pens, pencils and instructions from the teacher.

  11. Constantly getting up to find various items is a big distraction and can cause kids to lose focus on the assignment.

  12. Whether they’re working at a desk, at the kitchen table or even on their bed, kids need to have everything close at hand in order to complete tasks in a timely manner.

  13. Space should be well-lit and relatively quiet.

  14. Setting Up a Space

  15. For many families, a kitchen or dining room table gives optimum room to spread out, but if possible a specially designated space is a better option.

  16. Kids don’t need a fancy desk for a homework station; a portable folding table or simple desk from Ikea will allow you to create an individualized work area for your child.

  17. When a space is especially designated for homework, kids can get themselves better organized without the need to constantly clear school paraphernalia away for other activities.

  18. Necessities

  19. Let your child help you gather everything needed for various assignments.

  20. For younger kids, this can include pencils, scissors, glue sticks and erasers kept in colorful cups or bins.

  21. Vertical desktop files or portable file drawers are great for storing paper, past assignments or reference books, while other helpful items include a clock, calendar, pencil sharpener and trash bin.

  22. A large calendar is an excellent way to help your child prepare for big projects or exams, making sure milestones are met and studying isn’t put off until the night before.

  23. Teen Spaces

  24. A designated homework space is important even for middle or high school students, as it encourages better concentration than sprawling out across a bed.

  25. Desks provide space for supplies, computer docking stations and dry erase board.

  26. Workspace should be well illuminated, have a comfortable chair and be kept in proper order.

  27. Good workspace organization is a great study aid.

  28. Parental Supervision

  29. While older kids should be able to study independently, younger children need someone to keep an eye on them to make sure they are sticking to the task at hand.

  30. Kids also do better when they know an adult is there to provide some help if they need it…

  31. … much as kids at day camp find it helpful to have counselors and supplies handy to help them with their homework.

  32. One of the most important aspect of a child’s school experience is doing homework.

  33. Children enjoy completing their homework in the afterschool program at Maplewood Country Day Camp.

  34. Experienced staff provide guidance and help. Then it's time for arts and crafts, rock climbing, gymnastics and more.

  35. Visit the site at to see the fun your child will have at Maplewood Summer Day Camp.

  36. MAPLEWOOD COUNTRY DAY CAMP & ENRICHMENT CENTER 150 Foundry St. (Route 106) PO Box 88 (Mailing) South Easton, MA 02375 Email: Telephone: (508) 238-2387 FAX: (508) 238-1154