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Critical Steps To Capture An Employers Attention PowerPoint Presentation
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Critical Steps To Capture An Employers Attention

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Critical Steps To Capture An Employers Attention
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Critical Steps To Capture An Employers Attention

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  2. Millions of people are currently unemployed in the United States.

  3. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has the number of unemployed people at 8 million at this time.

  4. Therefore, applicants have to make extraordinary efforts to convince potential employers of their need to hire them.

  5. The entire process provides opportunities for a potential employee to convince a the employer to make a favorable hiring decision.

  6. The following are some critical steps to capture a potential employer’s attention:

  7. 1 Create Unique Resume Elements

  8. Employers have to go through hundreds and sometimes thousands of resume applications.

  9. They are looking for some uniqueness in the batch.

  10. The days of the boring resume file name and format are gone.

  11. A competitive prospective worker now has to come up with file names …

  12. … and formatting elements that grab the person who is sifting through the pile. Exciting resumes will avoid the trash bin.

  13. One example is to create a file name such as “your new hire.doc,” that sends a “hire me” subliminal message to the employer.

  14. The job seeker should use a layout that isn’t commonplace, as well.

  15. Special qualifications, experience and schooling should speak to the potential employer in bold or italic letters.

  16. Make sure your resume includes keywords the employer may be looking for.

  17. 2 Conduct Company Research

  18. Conducting company research is mandatory for a person who is looking for a career rather than a job.

  19. Employers want to know that their future employees know and understand the company culture, goals and protocol.

  20. The idea is for the applicant to avoid applying to work for a company that may not have the same values that he or she has.

  21. Knowing where the company stands in the financial market is good to know, as well.

  22. A prospective employee can mention something that he or she has read during the research sessions upon entering the interview.

  23. The interviewer will likely be impressed by the person's willingness to learn about the employer.

  24. 3 Bring Extras to the Interview

  25. Extras are additions to a job interview that stand out from the crowd.

  26. Interviewees usually bring their resumes and themselves to the interview.

  27. An extra-step interviewee could bring something like a PowerPoint presentation or an infographic that states his or her vision for the future.

  28. The extra material may stick in the interviewer’s mind as a reason to hire the applicant.

  29. Either of those items will express to the interviewer that the applicant is computer savvy and accustomed to some of the new programs.

  30. 4 Dazzle With Enthusiasm

  31. Enthusiasm is an element that has power in the employment world.

  32. Interviewers are more likely to hire a person who expresses enthusiasm than a person who expresses flat over-qualification.

  33. Enthusiasm lets the prospective employer know that the applicant is highly excited and extremely grateful for the opportunity to work for such a firm.

  34. The best way to come to an interview is to bring a huge bucket of enthusiasm.

  35. Going above and beyond what everyone else does is critical for a person who sincerely wants a job.

  36. Nowadays, too many applicants are competing for the same position for mediocre attempts to be acceptable.

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