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Natural Cure For Flatulence, Excessive Passing Of Gas PowerPoint Presentation
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Natural Cure For Flatulence, Excessive Passing Of Gas

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Natural Cure For Flatulence, Excessive Passing Of Gas - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Natural Cure For Flatulence, Excessive Passing Of Gas

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  1. Natural Cure For Flatulence Causes and Symptoms of Flatulence: Gas is emitted in the digestive process when substances like fiber, sugar and starch are digested in large intestine and produce gases like carbon dioxide and nitrogen and in some people methane too. When these gases are in large amount and do not get a chance to escape through rectum cause flatulence or bloating.

  2. Causes For Flatulence Too much consumption of foods rich in fat, starch, sugar and fiber, deficiency of good bacteria responsible for breaking down these materials and another type of bacteria which consumes gases like hydrogen causes flatulence. Other health related issues like lactase deficiency, mal-absorption by pancreas, decreased bowel movement due to any reason, intestinal obstruction, indigestion, constipation etc.

  3. Causes For Flatulence Bloating of stomach, excessive passing of gas and abdominal pain are few common symptoms of flatulence. Sometimes bloating of stomach, right after the meal, may not be due to excessive gas but due to presence of normal amount of gas and stomach not able to empty it in short time. An average person passes gas 10 to 20 times in a day which is considered as normal, more than that is a symptom of flatulence.

  4. Arozyme Capsules Trapped gas in the stomach causes pain in the abdomen, this happens when gas produced is more than normal and passing it is not possible by the stomach, mostly due to fecal obstruction caused due to indigestion, and is also a symptom of flatulence. How Arozyme capsules work as effective natural cure for flatulence?

  5. Ingredients In Arozyme Capsules Hing or asafetida has been use in India and other countries for curing flatulence and improving digestion, its pungent smell is supposed to activate saliva glands in the mouth to secrete enzymes those help in digestion. More importantly it increases microflora in the intestines which improves digestion of starch, fiber and sugar and also suppressing the gases produced in the process to control flatulence.

  6. Ingredients In Arozyme Capsules Gardenia gummiferalinn is an excellent treatment for flatulence as it is a mild laxative, treats constipation and indigestion which overall augurs well for the treatment of flatulence. Mint or peppermint tea has been used for releasing trapped gas in the stomach as mint contains winter green oil which helps in relaxing stomach muscles and has anti-spasmodic properties.

  7. Ingredients In Arozyme Capsules Mint also promotes digestive process for long term treatment of flatulence. Haritaki or terminaliachebula has properties of a laxative and helps the body in clearing obstructions, it also improves excretory system to promote bowel movements, and all of these properties make it an excellent medicine for flatulence.

  8. Ingredients In Arozyme Capsules Cassia angustifolia too has purgative properties and apart from that it improves liver functioning and removes liver congestion. It is very helpful in curing and treating flatulence. Zingiberofficinale or sonth is a commonly found herb but has rich medicinal properties, it is one of the richest anti-oxidants.

  9. Ingredients In Arozyme Capsules Zingiberofficinale soothes digestive tract, reduces gas formation and promotes secretion of digestive enzymes for better digestion. PtychotisAjowan or Ajwain has thymol which is helpful in treating many health related issues including flatulence. It regularizes and initiates smooth bowel movement and can be used as a food ingredient.

  10. Ingredients In Arozyme Capsules Sodium bicarbonate is also an effective treatment however temporary for flatulence as it restores the acid-alkali balance of the body and also helps in passing the trapped gas in the stomach.

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