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  1. Concrete & Ply Deck Waterproofing

  2. Watertight Integrity Protecting a building against the elements is the key to retaining its long term structural integrity, as the ingress of aggressive atmospheric chemicals, salts and water make structures vulnerable to deterioration. Utilising engineered waterproofing systems to prevent the ingress of atmospheric chemicals optimises a buildings structural performance and its ability to stand resilient to the environment.

  3. Selecting the right system is about more than achieving durability. You need a high quality, flexible solution that will reduce whole-life costs and can be installed with a minimum of downtime. Astec waterproofing membrane systems are based around unique internally plasticized membrane technology, available as fast setting single component materials for spray or hand application. They include specific solutions for concrete and ply roofing, podium decks and balconies.

  4. Unusual Roofing Shapes Astec Waterproofing Systems afford architectural roofing shapes of any design. As in a geodesic dome that is cement clad, the structure can be made watertight without the need for conventional mechanical flashings and provides a system that is cost effective to install, easily maintained and is aesthetically pleasing. Astec waterproofing systems can be over-coated with Astec Elastic Texture coatings to provide the final decorative appeal that will blend with any environment.

  5. Seamless Durability Astec waterproofing systems are liquid-applied, fully adhered seamless membranes that are formed in situ during new construction or retrofit, of concrete / timber ply decks, degraded box guttering or over existing weathered membranes. The system will stop the transmission of ponded bulk water thus eliminating moisture accumulation in the substrate.

  6. Low Temperature Flexibility Astec membranes possess low temperature flexibility, down to -30° C which makes them resistant to low temperature cracks in extreme weather, and assures positive adhesion, resilience to hailstone impact, and long-term crack free integrity.

  7. Resists U.V. Degradation Durable, flexible, heat reflective elastomeric membranes resist UV degradation, ponded water and many industrial chemical environments and because they remain cool will last up to four times longer than conventional waterproofing.

  8. Remains Cool-Even in Dark Colours Most importantly, no more excessive heat build up in the concrete slab, that can take days to cool down once absorbed. Astec Energy Star infrared heat reflective coating systems reflect fully 50% of solar heat by infrared reflection. Even in darks colours, their low solar absorbance and high emittance will significantly reduce absorbed heat in roofing substrates.

  9. Contact Us Astec Paints Australasia Pty Ltd A: Head Office - 22 - 24 Pinn Street, St. Marys, S.A. 5042 P: Post Office Box 321, Melrose Park, S.A. 5039 T: (08) 8297 2000 International: (+61 8) 8297 2000 F: (08) 8297 2555 W: