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best and worst paint colours for your home n.
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Best and Worst Paint Colours for Your Home’s Resale Value PowerPoint Presentation
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Best and Worst Paint Colours for Your Home’s Resale Value

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Best and Worst Paint Colours for Your Home’s Resale Value
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Best and Worst Paint Colours for Your Home’s Resale Value

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  1. Best and Worst Paint Colours for Your Home’s Resale Value

  2. Selecting Right Colours For Your House It is no secret that certain colours can make a great design statement, but there are also colours that can degrade your house’s value if not used properly. We all understood the fact, selecting right colours for your house is a complicated task as a wrong shade and imperfect colour balance can ruin the whole view of your room.

  3. Research on Colours Selection The research says, “the paint colours of our home have the ability to affect its sale price”. So, it is advised to mindfully choose the paint colours that not only beautify your home but increase its asking price in the market at the same time. Here, we are sharing some paint colours that home owners often choose to create a minimalist look but instead end up lowering their home’s value with these choices.

  4. SLATE GREY Though grey colour is trending nowadays, not all greys are the same. For instance, using dove or light grey hues in a living room may help maximise it value but having your dining room walls coloured dark grey can take a toll on the interior visual appeal. Moreover, dark shades like these make a space look smaller than it actually is, which can turn down the house’s value amongst buyers looking for spacious, big homes.

  5. OFF-WHITE/ EGGSHELL Watching off-white colour listed here may seem a bit contradictory because white belongs to the neutral palette and you can’t go wrong with neutrals, right? Wrong! According to top interior designers, painting a room white isn’t always a bad choice especially if the space has plenty of natural light coming in. But a small, dark room painted off-white colour may feel dead and off-putting. What’s more, off-white walls may feel dull and faded-like they haven’t been painted for a long time.

  6. TERRACOTTA Incorporating shades of orange and brown might be a good way to add fun and vibrancy to a home, but most buyers find such shades offending to the eye. Terracotta is one of the least liked and preferred colours in homes and reaction of this colour from buyers is not so welcoming.

  7. DARK BROWN This colour has been considered bland and don’t resonate well with the buyers. Studies have shown that using dark brown hues in bedroom and bathrooms can significantly lower the sale price of a property.

  8. Colours That Can Create A Positive Impact On Home’s Sale Price Now that you are aware of some colours that can reduce your home’s worth, it would be a good idea to learn about hues that can actually add bonus points to your home. Here’s a list of paint colours you want to use in your home to enhance its value.

  9. PURPLE If you choose to paint your dining room with the pinch of purple colour be it mauve, eggplant or lavender it will definitely enhance your dining experience. It adds a sense of calmness while increase your home’s appeal.

  10. YELLOW If you want to raise your house’s asking price without having to add any extravagant accent, it is recommended to colour your kitchen with creamy or wheat-coloured yellow. It is one of the most south-after colours when it comes to remodelling kitchens.

  11. TAN Paint your bathroom with oatmeal colour or beige shades and see the difference in its visual appeal and, of course, your home’s worth.

  12. GREEN Focus on light green hues or earthy greens, the pick isn’t shabby as it is the third best colour that promotes sleep. Moreover, people who have used green colour in their bedroom reportedly said they feel positive around this colour especially when they wake up.

  13. Final Words Though, it’s completely up to you how you wish to decorate your home with your personal style, if you are constructing your house for selling purpose, then you should keep these points in mind. Besides, seek assistance from professionals who will use quality professional paint in your home that not only are aesthetically pleasing but also keep your house shinning for longer.

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