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Property Management Services

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Property Management Services
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Property Management Services

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  1. Transportation Broker Services With over 19 years of industry-leading success, we are equipped with state-of-the-art software and computer systems, allowing us to offer our services in a variety of formats to meet each customer’s operational requirements. 5703 Corsa Avenue, 1st floor, Westlake Village, CA, 91362 Copyright © 2015 Registry Monitoring Insurance Services, Inc. 800-400-4924 ( Carrier Insurance Monitoring Our Carrier Insurance Monitoring Program will provide your company with an efficient cost-savings solution for tracking your carrier’s insurance information. Your staff will have more time to focus on increasing your business productivity, rather than spending long hours verifying insurance coverage. Let RMIS give you the peace of mind that your dispatchers are using only approved carriers with current insurance information to service your clients. All insurance information is obtained directly from each carrier’s certificate of insurance provided by the insurance producer. To insure we receive the most up-to-date information available, RMIS becomes listed as a Certificate Holder on each certificate of insurance we monitor. Monitored Certificate Information Underwriter Producer Limits Policy Number Coverage Effective Date and Expiration Date Notice of Cancellation Monitored Insurance Coverages General Liability Auto Liability Worker's Compensation Motor Truck Cargo Trailer Interchange Other coverages per request • • • • • • • • • • • • •

  2. Daily Updates: We update all information received daily as insurance providers notify us of policy changes, such as cancellations, reinstatements, policy numbers and coverage. Certificate Expirations: Prior to expiration date of each coverage, we proactively contact the vendor’s insurance producer and request an updated certificate for the new policy period. We will follow up with multiple requests, including faxes, e-mails and phone calls until an updated and accurate certificate of insurance is received. DOT Reporting: In addition to tracking your carriers insurance, RMIS provides Authority status changes from the FMCSA, Safety Rating changes from Safer, and CSA Basic Scores. The information is integrated into each carrier record. Insurance Verification: Our professional team is available Monday through Friday 6:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (PST) to assist our members in obtaining a current certificate of insurance or verifying insurance for any carrier. Simply provide us with the carrier’s name, address, and phone number and we will contact the carrier or their insurance provider on your behalf. Our verification assistance will help expedite your business, and give you the assurance needed before utilizing a carrier. Reporting Options Our customers have access to both their carrier information and Certificates of Insurance through the following methods: • Secure Web Interface: A powerful website provided by RMIS that is custom built for each of our clients with their special preferences. Our web interface allows clients to access their carrier insurance information 24 hours a day by using an assigned Client I.D. and Password. • Data Transfer: Customers with in-house software systems can use our File Transfer Protocol (FTP) format, which can easily integrate into most transportation software programs. We can also provide carrier insurance information through an XML/API format. This format enables your company to query our database in order to obtain real-time information on any of your registered carriers. RMIS has interfaced with the following dispatch software providers: McLeod, Aljex Software, TMW's Truckmate, Mercury Gate, and Strategy.

  3. • API "Real-time" Link: RMIS can interface with your in-house management software, providing you up- to-the-minute updates on each carrier’s insurance coverage. Our IT personnel will assist your company with any software adjustments to establish the “real-time” link, as well as provide ongoing support. • E-mail or Fax: In addition, we can e-mail, mail or fax you a hardcopy report of all your registered carriers, along with each Certificate of Insurance. RMIS identifies the state and year of issue for the Tax ID provided and includes a search of the Social Security Administration’s Death Master Index to determine if the SSN is associated with that of a person who is being reported as deceased. Carrier Registration System Plus (CRS Plus™) How many people in your company are involved in the carrier qualification process and how much time does it take your company to qualify a carrier? Imagine a custom registration website built specifically for your company that provides a quick and efficient way for your carriers to meet all of your compliance requirements. RMIS offers freight brokers, forwarders, and shippers a fully automated registration product called CRS Plus™ (Carrier Registration System Plus). Contingent Cargo Coverage RMIS provides Contingent Cargo Coverage through our Master Policy, as part of the Membership Program. Coverage is provided by Lloyds of London, an "A" rated company, with limits of up to $250,000. Coverage is produced by Roanoke Trade Services Inc., the broker of record. Shipper’s Interest Insurance Coverage Need more coverage for a client with an occasional high value load? Our members can purchase primary cargo insurance, on a load by load or volume basis, to cover the value of their client's freight without having to rely on the carrier’s cargo insurance coverage. Shipper’s Interest Coverage allows brokers to expand their business and move additional types of freight such as: •High value commodities •Freight which exceeds the carrier's limit of coverage •Freight not covered under the carrier’s cargo liability policy Specifically, this insurance cover’s your client’s freight, not the carrier's liability for damage or loss. In addition, your company will be protected under the policy as an additional insured, even though you have no insurable interest. Claims are filed directly against the master policy, by the transportation broker or shipper, and paid within thirty (30) days from the date in which all required supporting documents are presented. Participants are billed for the use of the program at the end of each month. This unique, cutting edge program was developed by Registry Monitoring Insurance Services, Inc, in association with Roanoke Trade Services and Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty (formally Fireman's Fund Insurance Company) for the benefit of our clients.