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Harvey Solursh PowerPoint Presentation
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Harvey Solursh

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Harvey Solursh
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Harvey Solursh

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  1. Harvey Solursh established Strategic Alliances for Cryptologic Inc.

  2. Harvey Solursh joined Cryptologic Inc., as the Chief Financial Officer in 1998, which is world's largest online gaming and gambling software provider. Harvey Solursh contributed greatly to Cryptologic's growth from its modest beginnings to successful achievements as a pioneer in the online gaming industry.

  3. Harvey Solursh helped Cryptologic through the company's molding years and took responsibility as a financial advisor and consultant to guide the company in making profitable business decisions by using his experience.

  4. Harvey Solursh has specialization in the fields like finances, venture capital financing, private placements, along with asset and share purchases and sales, which added to the company's overall wealth of experience.

  5. Harvey Solursh also served as a senior partner to Solursh, Feldman & Partners, Chartered Accountants. Because of Harvey Solursh's hard work and dedication, Cryptologic Inc. became extremely popular and an industry winner in no time. His expertise created new growth opportunities for Cryptologic and his support added value to the company's profile and established the brand name in the online gaming industry.

  6. Harvey Solursh put his best for the company to achieve all the desired goals and much more with the help of his expertise for looking new business ventures related to online gaming and gambling. This gaming software is certified to government regulation of Malta and Alderney with strict standards similar to land-based gaming. The company is also a member of Remote Gambling Association, which offers highest standards of fair play in all online games..

  7. About Harvey Solursh Harvey Solursh was the chief financial officer of Cryptologic Inc, a popular e-gaming company that offers casino software to some of the biggest names in the gambling industry.

  8. To know more please browse through http://www.cryptologic.com

  9. Thank You