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Pursue Career as a Lead Auditor PowerPoint Presentation
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Pursue Career as a Lead Auditor

Pursue Career as a Lead Auditor

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Pursue Career as a Lead Auditor

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  1. Pursue Career as a Lead Auditor

  2. Businesses are increasingly beingthreatened by security threats in the form of maliciousspyware, malware that attacks computer systems, mobile devices which has data andmemory. When existing defenses, security management systems are vulnerable to data thefts,information leakages etc. • State, military establishments, financial corporations, and industries at large face threatened by the phishing attack that poses an existential threat to companies which face competition.

  3. In this backdrop, BS 7799 (a standard published by BSI group) developed a set of policies andprocedures called ‘Information Security Management System (ISMS)’ to manage confidentialdata. Hardware giants are spending millions on IT information security by doing constantresearch on the same. • As a result technology developed to minimise information securitythreats so that business continuity can be ensured. ISO 27001 Lead Auditor certificationcourse is designed to address the security issues, providing suggestions for internal audit,documentation and continual improvement for IT enterprises.

  4. About ISO 27001 Lead Auditor Certification Course: Certified ISO 27001 lead auditor training course contents include ISMS, ISMS standards,ISMS audits and third party certification. Meticulous auditing is a sure shot way to improve data security. By learning this course, one can: ● Conduct audit according to IRCA guidelines. ● Meeting compliance to ISO 27001 standard. ● Following audit trails and reviewing documenting evidence.

  5. Career Prospects: • Dubai which is a hub for IT businesses, provides ISO 27001 LeadAuditorTraining. Besides,ISO 27001 Lead Auditor certification course is also available for those who want to pursue achallenging career as a competent Lead Auditor. • Those who involved in IT security field like Information Security Manager, IT Risk & Compliance Manager, and consultants should undergo this certification course/training to update their domain knowledge for recognition in reputed companies. Besides, other IT experts who wish for career switch can consider a certification course. • While summing up, if your calling is for information security, then an ISO 27001 Lead Auditorcertification course or training is highly recommended.