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One of the best iPhone application developers in India

Since the inception of iPhone the smartphone market has grown tremendously. With increasing demand of smartphone the requirement of apps for the iPhone too has risen. Hiring an experienced iPhone app developer is not the difficult task but finding an efficient developer who would be able to complete the task as per the requirement and in stipulated time. It is at IADI that one can have one stop solution for all iPhone applications.

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One of the best iPhone application developers in India

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  1. iPhone Application Developers IADI

  2. About Us • iphoneapplicationdeveloperindia (IADI) was established in 2007 and since then we haven’t looked back. • When iPhone was launched it was like a whole new genre of smartphone added to mobile world. • The use of iPhones has changed the way people communicate and. iPhone has changed the way we communicate drastically, especially through its applications which were mainly used for entertainment at start, but now covers a wider range of areas and industries. This has opened numerous opportunities in the form of applications to developers all across the world. • Market for app development for iPhone is on the rise. There are numerous app developers today so whom and how to hire a good developer is the biggest question. www.iphoneapplicationdeveloperindia.com/hire-iphone-application-developer-india

  3. That’s what we are here for • Three questions you should ask yourself before embarking on the journey of searching an app developer: • What is the key benefit I want a user to get from using this app? • What other apps exist that are competitive and why will mine be different? • What is this app going to do for my business? www.iphoneapplicationdeveloperindia.com/hire-iphone-application-developer-india

  4. Have some vision • It is always advisable to have some idea of what you want in the app before you go and meet the developer. • After presenting the idea to the developer don’t hesitate to ask the questions like: • Is it possible on iPhone? • How do we do this? • Have a very clear goal of exactly what the app will do, how it will function, if you will want updates, how much you will charge for the app, and your budget. www.iphoneapplicationdeveloperindia.com/hire-iphone-application-developer-india

  5. Where will you find the developer • This specifically depends on your project size and scope of your vision. • If you have a large project in mind then it is best to hire an established agency or development group. • There are no authoritative sites which can provide you a list of all such developers. However if your project is small and you want to hire a freelancer then “Craiglist”. www.iphoneapplicationdeveloperindia.com/hire-iphone-application-developer-india

  6. Skills possessed by developers • Check the samples of developer’s past work. Ask for the list of apps that the developer has launched. • Then check whether you like those apps? Does those apps reflect the quality work that you are looking for? • Avoid being someone’s first client for app development even if they are providing dirt cheap rates. Because then the app won’t be upto the mark. www.iphoneapplicationdeveloperindia.com/hire-iphone-application-developer-india

  7. Cost & Deadline • Devise a proper budget for your app. Depending on this budget you have to select the developer you want to hire. • Also decide a particular date by which you expect you app to be ready. Your developer should be made aware of it. • The base price to develop a simple app with a less experienced developer is around $20,000, while a complex app with seasoned developer would cost somewhere around $100,000. www.iphoneapplicationdeveloperindia.com/hire-iphone-application-developer-india

  8. Don’t rush for releasing the app • Releasing a low quality app initially and then after few months relaunching it with advanced features just to make your presence felt in the App Store is not advisable. • Instead hire a professional developer from start itself to get the perfect iOS application development as per your requirement.

  9. What do we offer?? • We at IADI have very advanced iPhone app developers who have good experience in application development • We offer app development for: • iPhone 3G • iPhone 3GS • iPhone 4G • Our developers use high level scripting languages, Flash CS5, and also Cocoa programming. www.iphoneapplicationdeveloperindia.com/hire-iphone-application-developer-india

  10. Contact Us +91 79 26923254 (India) +44 33 0001 0303 (UK) +1 (561) 283 4241 (USA) info@iphoneapplicationdeveloperindia.com 304, Abhishree Complex, Satellite, Ahmedabad, Gujarat - 380015. India www.iphoneapplicationdeveloperindia.com/hire-iphone-application-developer-india

  11. Thank You www.iphoneapplicationdeveloperindia.com/hire-iphone-application-developer-india

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