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8 Best Features Of The Patient Portal Software PowerPoint Presentation
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8 Best Features Of The Patient Portal Software

8 Best Features Of The Patient Portal Software

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8 Best Features Of The Patient Portal Software

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  1. 8 Best Features Of The Patient Portal Software

  2. Introduction • In the emerging technological world, healthcare providers are moving towards a digital healthcare change by implementing patient portal software, integrating EHR systems, and automating the billing process to improve the practice growth and to enhance quality care for their patients.

  3. Best Features To Check With The Patient Portal Software

  4. 1. Secure Messaging • Secure Messaging is the primary feature to check out in the best patient portal software as it enables both patients and healthcare practitioners to engage in secure communication. • Besides, secure messaging features that can be implemented through a variety of flexible deployment options have good prospects for application in chronic disease management within telehealthsystems.

  5. 2. Easy Access To Personal Health Information • The key priority of the patient portal is to provide patients with convenient round-the-clock access to personal health information (PHI) via the Internet. • Having entered a unique username and password, patients can browse (and print if necessary) health information including recent doctor visits; case reports; medication lists; immunizations; allergies; lab & test results.

  6. 3. Friendly User Interface For Patient Registration • Portals are beneficial in terms of managing the process of patient registration with ease. • Patient portals enable easy-to-perform sign in to get access to the records or complete patient forms for having a test, getting insights with health history data, tapping in immunization records, or lists of prescribed medication lists.

  7. 4. Online Appointment Scheduling • With the system settings tuned to users’ needs, this feature will surely make patients more inclined to involve in medical service practices so developers should be aware of providing efficient solutions in case making or confirming the appointment would be required.

  8. 5. Appointment Reminders • Developing this feature results in activating multiple channels for creating fail-proof appointmentreminders by delivering text messages about the scheduled meetings, sending patients emails, or recorded messages. • Making use of these features will automatically reduce tons of time of administrative staff on making calls for reminding patients about their appointments.

  9. 6. Access To Educational Materials • Patient portals can provide rich resources for easily increasing the patients’ awareness. • Enabling patients’ instant access to educational health-related information can be viewed as one of the powerful patient engagement solutions. 

  10. 7. Online payment options • According to a report by TransUnion, 62% of patients say that knowing their healthcare expenses in advance impacts the likelihood of their pursuing care, while 68% of healthcare consumers fail to pay off their medical bill balances fully. • To resolve these concerns, comprehensive solutions such as Vozo offer patient portal software with a wide range of payment options, providing patients with greater transparency when it comes to managing health finances.

  11. 8. Integration with EHR • A patient portal that is integrated with the practice’s electronic medical records software can automatically update a patient’s records at the same time the results are inputted in the EMR. • While most patient portal solutions by default support integration with core EHR systems, by extending an open API, they can also connect to other third-party digital solutions and medical IoT devices, such as step counters, glucose monitors, or sleep trackers.

  12. Conclusion • As the healthcare industry started moving towards value-based care, enhancing patient portal software helps the healthcare providers to promote proactive patient self-care and also to increase patient collections.

  13. VOZO patient portal software provides a comprehensive solution to help healthcare providers achieve clinical, financial, and operational excellence through a powerful patient portal.

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