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Andrew Charlton

Andrew Charlton

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Andrew Charlton

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  1. Andrew Charlton Dr. Andrew Charlton is an expert economist who firmly believes that fair trade practices are crucial to the economic prosperity of the future. In his book, Fair Trade for All, he and co-author Joseph Stiglitz propose a new, and perhaps radical model for how developed and developing nations can conduct business together in the future so that all parties benefit.

  2. Education Andrew Charlton is someone who truly feels that quality education is crucial to the future prosperity of Australia as well as the rest of the planet. As someone who attended Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar and earned a doctorate in Economics, he feels that his outstanding education was pivotal in the advancement of his career in politics, business and authorship.

  3. Climate Of all the challenges that future leaders will face. Dr. Andrew Charlton sees climate change as one of the pressing issues that will not be going away any time soon. As someone who was once deemed a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum and represented Australia at the United Nations Copenhagen Climate Conference while in his late twenties, Dr. Charlton is a credible advocate for environmental awareness.

  4. Fair Trade Fair trade policies are crucial to the economic development of poorer countries, which is an issue that people all over the world should take ownership in. According to Dr. Andrew Charlton, developing countries who fall behind in the advancement of clean energy sources and green technologies will be the perpetrators of excess carbon and methane emissions, which is something that affects everybody.

  5. Australian Prosperity Andrew Charlton is a doctor of economics who has represented his home country of Australia at the G20 Leaders Summit when he was working as the Senior Economic Adviser to former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. He sees the rise of Asia’s middle class as opportune for increased trade with the continent; a sentiment he expressed in his latest quarterly essay.

  6. Experience in Politics Dr. Andrew Charlton got an early start in the political arena, serving as an adviser to former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd not too long after receiving his doctorate in economics from Oxford University. By the time he was 28, Dr. Charlton had become the Senior Economic Adviser to the former PM and was representing his country at the G20 Leaders Summit.

  7. Experience in Business After working in Australian parliament, Dr. Andrew Charlton then went on to take a stint in private business. He accepted a position for Wesfarmers, working in corporate development and Cole’s corporate. Dr. Charlton was a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University, and is deeply interested in the prosperity of Australia’s future through increasing trade and promoting commerce.

  8. Technology Andrew Charlton sees technology as a tool that empowers us to accomplish more within our daily lives. The ability to make communications and transactions in a real-time manner has revolutionized the ways that business is conducted; and has ultimately helped the environment by enabling people to do more without having to create carbon emissions through unnecessary travel for business transactions.