andrew barnett fort lauderdale n.
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Andrew Barnett Fort Lauderdale - Andrew Barnett Mergers & Acquisitions PowerPoint Presentation
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Andrew Barnett Fort Lauderdale - Andrew Barnett Mergers & Acquisitions

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Andrew Barnett Fort Lauderdale - Andrew Barnett Mergers & Acquisitions - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Andrew Barnett Fort Lauderdale served as a Vice President of Corporate Development of Dental Partners, Inc. While working at the company, he managed to establish a $15 million bank line of credit, closing on $30 million of acquisitions, and selling the company.

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Presentation Transcript
andrew barnett fort lauderdale

Andrew Barnett Fort Lauderdale

Owner, Andrew Barnett Mergers & Acquisitions

andrew barnett belongs from miami fort lauderdale

Andrew Barnett belongs from Miami/ Fort Lauderdale Area, US. He is a business owner and entrepreneur. He also has the experience of working with different medical, healthcare and finance organizations.

andrew barnett fort lauderdale has benefited many

Andrew Barnett Fort Lauderdale has benefited many organizations with his

skills over the course of his career.

currently andrew barnett is running a small

Currently, Andrew Barnett is running a small business of merging and acquisition and has the office in Fort Lauderdale. From past few years, this company provided the services of consultation to many organizations in merging and acquisition.

andrew barnett fort lauderdale is working hard

Andrew Barnett Fort Lauderdale is working hard to expand this business by providing the best services to clients.

as for andrew barnett fort lauderdale

As for Andrew Barnett Fort Lauderdale’s educational history, he got his bachelors degree from Penn State University major in Finance. And after this, he continued his studies at the same institution in financial management.

andre barnett started working right after

Andre Barnett started working right after completing his studies. He joined different medical, healthcare and finance related organizations to gain the knowledge.

andrew barnett fort lauderdale worked with

Andrew Barnett Fort Lauderdale worked with Metropolitan Health Networks, Inc. as an executive vice president of the company. And after this employment, he worked with a Dental Practice management company to resolve the issues of acquisition.

andrew barnett fort lauderdale also gave

Andrew Barnett Fort Lauderdale also gave his services to real estate company NMI Finance Inc.