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University of Montana Climate Action Plan

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University of Montana Climate Action Plan - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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University of Montana Climate Action Plan Planning to reduce greenhouse gas emissions The Office of Sustainability UM Facilities Services 32 Campus Dr MS 9288 Missoula MT, 59812 Present draft Climate Action Plan Obtain feedback on goals and strategies of plan

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university of montana climate action plan

University of Montana Climate Action Plan

Planning to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

The Office of SustainabilityUM Facilities Services

32 Campus Dr MS 9288Missoula MT, 59812

purpose of open house

Present draft Climate Action Plan

  • Obtain feedback on goals and strategies of plan
Purpose of Open House
purpose of open house3

Initiate comment period

    • December 8 – comments due
    • Submit comments via email
    • December 8th – feedback meeting
      • UC Room 330, 3:00 pm and 6 pm
Purpose of Open House
the commitment

2007 American College and University President’s Climate Commitment signed

  • 2008 Greenhouse Gas Inventory


  • 2009 Climate Action Plan
    • Sustainable Campus Committee
    • Technical & Education Working Groups
    • Public Involvement
    • Clean Air Cool Planet campus carbon calculator
The Commitment
team effort

Faculty StaffStudents

Transportation Specialists COT

City of Missoula Alumni Relations

Building Managers ASUM

Biomass Experts Athletics

Renewable Energy Specialists

Team Effort
just the beginning

UM’s Climate Action Plan is a long range plan pointing the direction to carbon neutrality.

  • Will need to be updated as technology and conditions change.
  • Success will take the involvement of the campus community.
Just the Beginning
greenhouse gas inventory8
Greenhouse Gas Inventory


Steam Plant

Purchased Electricity


Energy Efficiency and Conservation

  • Renewable Energy Generation
  • Green Buildings
  • Transportation
  • Offsetting Emissions
strategies for energy efficiency

Energy audits

-Upgrade equipment, replace stream traps, modify ventilation, and improve building envelopes

  • Lighting retrofits

-Replace energy inefficient lighting

  • Retro-commission HVAC systems

-Optimize the operation of equipment and controls

Strategies for Energy Efficiency

Strategies for Energy Conservation

Behavior modification-Turn off lights, adjust building temps, shut off equipment, use less hot water, and close windows and doors. 4-day work week -no classes held one day a week and staff works 4 ten-hour daysEnergy-wise IT Policy -Replace monitors with Energy Star. Power management software. Cloud computing. Capture waste heat from servers

strategies for renewable energy


-Biomass to syngas (synthetic natural gas) plant

  • Solar photovoltaic
  • Solar thermal

- Solar water heating panels on south-facing roofs

  • Wind

-UM could take advantage of the state’s wind resource by funding, partially or completely, installation of one or more turbines off-site

Strategies for Renewable Energy
green buildings

LEED New Construction (NC) Silver certification

-25% energy savings

  • LEED for Existing Buildings, Operation and Maintenance (EBOM) certification

-Similar to energy audits and retro-commissioning but more comprehensive

Green Buildings


*Athletics not included

transportation at um
Transportation at UM
  • ASUM Office of Transportation
  • -Provides education and incentives to bus and bike
  • -Bike share program
  • -park and ride busses
  • University Fleet
  • 5 hybrid vehicles
  • 1 electric maintenance truck
  • -65 mph speed limit
  • Air Travel
  • -Athletics consolidates trips
  • -Increasing use of teleconferencing
stakeholder meetings

Summer Public Open House

ASUM Office of Transportation

Mountain Line

University Fleet

Office of Public Safety

Athletics Department

Business Services

ASUM Off-Campus Rental Center

Missoula alternative transportation organizations

Stakeholder Meetings
strategies for commuting
Strategies for Commuting
  • Increase incentives to bike, walk and bus to campus
    • -Greater orientation outreach
    • -Utilize latest technology for bus scheduling
    • -Build a bike hub
    • -Students can build up points for biking or bussing, receive credit toward graduation or tuition reduction
  • Location efficient housing
    • -UM can play a greater role in community housing development
    • -Create more affordable student housing within 3 miles of campus
  • Disincentives for parking on campus
  • -Decrease number of parking permits sold
  • -Convert all lots to daily fees only
strategies for fleet
Strategies for Fleet
  • Replace fleet with more fuel efficient vehicles
  • Replace midsize sedans with compact cars
  • Replace SUVS with minivans
  • Encourage academic departments to evaluate field trips
  • -Departments can consolidate trips
  • Use more electric trucks in maintenance fleet
  • Use biodiesel in ASUM busses
  • -Develop a lab on campus to make biodiesel
strategies for air travel
Strategies for Air Travel

Increase Video and Teleconferencing

-create a space designed for videoconferencingon campus

Evaluate necessity of departmental travel

Academic departments and Athletics to purchase carbon offsets for travel

-funding for offsets

offsetting emissions

Carbon Offsets

-Carbon sequestration projects to offset emissions

  • Renewable Energy Credits

-Purchasing RECs at the same quantity as our electricity consumption offsets our use and supports renewable energy

Offsetting Emissions
putting it all together in a climate action plan

Strategies evaluated by:

    • Implementation cost
    • GHG reduction potential
    • Annual savings/costs
    • Ease of implementation

Note: Metrics based on rough estimates and analyzed using Clean Air Cool Planet campus carbon calculator

Putting it all together in a Climate Action Plan
the big three methods to directly reduce or replace fossil fuel sourced energy

Behavior modification

    • Building & equipment use
    • Transportation
  • Energy efficiency
  • Renewable energy
    • Biomass
    • Wind
The BIG ThreeMethods to directly reduce or replace fossil fuel sourced energy
linear growth projection of um s ghg emissions
Linear Growth Projection of UM’s GHG Emissions

Extrapolated by Clean Air Cool Planet campus carbon calculator

10 below 2007 levels by 2015 30 below 2007 levels by 2020
10% below 2007 levels by 201530% below 2007 levels by 2020

30% below 2007

2007 emissions level

Remaining emissions

the cost to achieve interim goals

Total cost = $84 million over 10 years

If biomass plant is externally funded:

  • Total cost = $25 million over 10 years
  • Annual cost = $2.5 million
  • Annual energy savings = $2 million
The Cost to Achieve Interim Goals
getting to neutral

Carbon Neutral by 2020

    • Upscale wind or other renewable energy projects
    • Offset emissions
      • $330,000 to offset remaining emissions in 2020
Getting to Neutral
getting to neutral30

Carbon Neutral by 2030, 2050

    • Offset emissions
      • Main scalable strategy for achieving neutrality by a given date
      • Cost will grow as overall emissions grow
Getting to Neutral
next steps

Feedback on draft Climate Action Plan due December 8

  • Feedback meeting December 8, UC Room 330, 3 pm and 6 pm
  • Submit plan to ACUPCC by January 15, 2010
Next Steps