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The Case of the Lost Dog! PowerPoint Presentation
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The Case of the Lost Dog!

The Case of the Lost Dog!

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The Case of the Lost Dog!

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  1. The Case of the Lost Dog! Introduction Task Resources Process Evaluation Conclusion Standards Citations Teacher Notes A WebQuest for 5and 6th Grade (Reading and Language Arts) Designed by – Heather Christensen EDTL 680 – Information Literacy for Teaching and Learning – Summer 2008 Based on a template from The WebQuest Page

  2. Introduction • Oh no! The principal has found a little lost dog, named Shiloh, on our school property. • It has three silver tags on its collar, but all the facts have been erased. • We must research carefully, in order to help solve this mystery, and return the lost dog to it’s rightful owner!

  3. Task • Your mission is to answer this essential question: “What are the key facts of this research mystery?” You must discover the dog’s breed, gather information about the owner, and uncover the location of its home! • You will use this research to compose a friendly letter assignment.

  4. Process- page 1 • The teacher divides the class into groups of three and uses popsicle sticks to assign individual roles. • There are three assigned roles in each group: • Grand Graphic Guru • Amazing Author Analyst • Stupendous Setting Searcher • To solve this mystery…each person must successfully complete their individual research challenges.

  5. Process 2 • Each person will “teach” their group members what they have learned. • Once you are finished, turn in your individual research assignments to the teacher. • Work together to compose a friendly letter to Shiloh’s owner. • Carefully read theShiloh Friendly Letter Assignment Directions and the Shiloh Friendly Letter Rubric. • Then use the ABCya!friendly letter program to create and print your final draft. • Proofread your work and turn in your final draft into the teacher!

  6. Great Graphic Guru- • Your mission is to help solve the mystery by organizing the facts. • Answer a KWL Chartabout Beagles using the site Beagles on the Web . Fill each column with 10 facts or statements. • Use the novel, Shiloh, to create graphic organizers that display valuable novel information.

  7. Great Graphic Guru- page 2 • Complete a Venn Diagramon the novel. Include 10 facts about Judd Travers, 10 facts about Marty, and what they have in common. • Fill in a Story Pyramidfor the novel. • Once your group is finished, you will teach everyone in your group about your findings.

  8. Amazing Author Analyst- • Your mission is to research the author of the novel! • Carefully follow the steps to complete the Online Biographyassignment and answer 10 questions about the author. • Design an Author Awardfor Phyllis Reynolds Naylor’s novel, Shiloh. • On notebook paper create a list of 10 questions to ask the author about Shiloh. • Once your group is finished, you will teach everyone in your group about your findings.

  9. Stupendous Setting Searcher- • Your mission is to explore the state of West Virginia. • Complete the 10 West Virginia Map Questions. • Color the State of West Virginia Flag and answer the three questions. • Read West Virginia Facts then list 10 things you learned on notebook paper. • Once your group is finished, you will teach everyone in your group about your findings.

  10. Resources • Popsicle sticks with student names • Printed copies of all PDF worksheets • 1 Blank Friendly Letter assignment sheet (for each group) • Pens or Pencils (for every student) • Computers (for every student) • Internet access

  11. Evaluation Shiloh Friendly Letter Rubric– 80 possible points total

  12. Conclusion • Excellent work! Congratulations on successfully solving this mystery challenge! Shiloh’s owner is very happy and relieved that you have returned him safe and sound. You are now a highly skilled researcher, ready to take on any challenge!

  13. Standards • Ohio Academic Content Standards – 5th and 6th grade Language Arts (Writing Process Standard) -A. Generate writing topics and establish a purpose appropriate for the audience. -C. Clarify ideas for writing assignments by using graphics or other organizers. (Writing Applications Standard) -C. Produce letters that address audience needs, stated purpose and context in a clear and efficient manner. • Ohio Academic Content Standards for Technology- 5 and 6th grade (Technologyfor productive application standard) -B. Use appropriate tools and technology resources to complete tasks and solve problems. -5. Investigate technology tools used for researching problems and acquiring information and data. (Technology and information literacy standard) -4.Distinguish between relevant and irrelevant information in an information source.

  14. Standards- cont. • Guidelines for Effective School Library Media Programs in Ohio- 5 and 6th grade -Benchmark C: Demonstrate effective usage of library-based technologies, including the Internet and other electronic resources for teaching and learning. -3. Lead the integration of library-based technologies into the curriculum -4. Demonstrate technology projects that utilize active learning.

  15. Teacher Notes • For classes with great variations in computer ability levels, the teacher should select each group and roles. (To assure all students’ success.) • An extra aid or teacher would be helpful to assist in answering student questions and providing guidance. • Teachers must continuously monitor the class progress and help to keep students on task.

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