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Soteria Search & Rescue – Helicopters (SAR-H) Helicopter Search & Rescue (SAR) in the UK Covers 11,000 miles of coastline UK Search & Rescue Region (SRR) Covers 1.4million square miles of sea Covers overland SAR UK Helicopter Search & Rescue:

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Search & Rescue – Helicopters (SAR-H)

helicopter search rescue sar in the uk
Helicopter Search & Rescue (SAR) in the UK
  • Covers 11,000 miles of coastline
  • UK Search & Rescue Region (SRR) Covers 1.4million square miles of sea
  • Covers overland SAR
  • UK Helicopter Search & Rescue:
    • 12 bases: 4 currently operated and managed by Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) for the Department for Transport (DfT) and 8 by the Ministry of Defence (MoD - Royal Navy & Royal Air Force)
    • MCA and MoD together provide a 24/7 service
    • 1998-2006: over 18,800 UK SAR helicopter incidents
  • DfT lead civil maritime / aeronautical SAR provision


current sar aircraft
Current SAR aircraft

MoD Sea King

MoD Sea King




uk sar region
UK SAR region

Introduction of new technology will increase coverage

Total incidents UKSRR (excluding false alarms) – 1998 to 2006 inclusive.

Very High Risk

High Risk

Moderate Risk

Low Risk

Very Low Risk


sar h solution basis stated operational objectives
SAR-H solution basis – Stated operational objectives
  • Concurrency
    • Ability to respond to 12 separate but concurrent incidents
  • Surge
    • Ability for 2 x aircraft to reach risk area within 75 mins
    • Ability for 3 x aircraft to reach risk area within 90 mins
  • Reach
    • Ability to reach all Very High Risk Areas and 75% of Medium Risk Areas within 60 mins
    • Ability to reach Threshold SAR Operating Area (max 250nm) within 120 mins
  • Availability
    • 98% on state of readiness. 15 minutes take off during daytime, 45 minutes at night


sar h single statement of user need
SAR-H single statement of user need

“The User requires a manned-helicopter capability that can undertake SAR operations in response to maritime, aeronautical and overland SAR incidents within the UK SAR region and other directed tasking by day, night and in adverse weather conditions.

In addition, the military user requires a military-manpower footprint within any new force to generate and sustain those SAR skills identified as being essential for the enduring provision of a Deployed SAR capability needed to support expeditionary forces.”


sar h is
SAR-H is:
  • In 2006 the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) and Department of Transport (DfT) launched EU competitive dialogue procurement designed to create:
    • a single harmonised SAR helicopter service in the UK
    • and to provide military aircrew with SAR skills that can be transferred to the expeditionary forces.


sar h is9
SAR-H is:

SAR-H programme details:

  • joint MCA and MoD programme – assembling the existing SAR helicopter capability into one harmonised service, under a single contract
  • replace current SAR helicopter service with a bespoke capability
  • full operating contract - platforms, personnel and supporting facilities
  • Private Finance Initiative project circa £6bn
  • SAR-H contract commences 2012
  • contract period of 25 years per base
  • EU competitive dialogue process used to identify a preferred bidder


what is soteria
What is Soteria?

Soteria is the Greek goddess of safety, deliverance and preservation from harm;a mission statement that fits well with the role of delivering a successful SAR service


playing to our strengths
Playing to our strengths

The largest global supplier of civilian helicopter services and the current provider of the MCA Interim SAR Service. With a dedicated culture of constant improvement when it comes to safety.


playing to our strengths13
Playing to our strengths

Proven MOD PFI expertise with an extensive record as a PFI equity investor


playing to our strengths14
Playing to our strengths

UK government PFI/PPP experience, significant training provider and a leading MOD and DfT contractor


playing to our strengths15
Playing to our strengths

S92 manufacturer and a world leader in the design and manufacture of military and commercial helicopters, with a long and distinguished pedigree in SAR


interim sar for the uk
Interim SAR for the UK

Interim SAR

  • Five-year contract from 2007-2012 with one-year option
  • MCA bases: Lee-on-the-Solent, Portland, Stornoway, Sumburgh

Interim SAR being delivered by CHC

  • CHC provides full SAR operating service (aircraft, crew and support)
  • Transition to two new fleets (AW139 and S92) completed on time with no disruption to service
  • Innovative use of new technology platforms, featuring latest and best rescue equipment
  • Focus on safety, reliability, performance and delivery
  • Dedicated, highly-trained, professional crews ready 24/7 to respond to any incident in all kinds of weather


accident rate benchmarking
Accident rate benchmarking
  • As of February 2008 our five-year rolling average was 0.23 accidents per 100,000 hours, below the average for major fixed-wing airlines





(Accident rate per 100,000 flight hrs

















Major Airline

Note: (2006 Data taken from IHST ‘Air Safety Online’ and ‘1998-2003 OGP’)

(1) From 1996 to the end of February 2008

(2) Includes 20 well known airlines, consisting of Lufthansa, British Airways, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Air France, Air Canada, and others


soteria selects sikorsky s92 for sar h
Soteria selects Sikorsky S92 for SAR-H
  • Specifically configured for SAR operations. Excellent track record. Possesses power, speed and technical capabilities to deliver SAR services in the most testing conditions, over land and sea
  • Versatile and well-suited to performing the full spectrum of SAR tasks. Remains fully SAR capable irrespective of mission, unlike other platforms that need to be re-roled
  • CHC has significant experience of operating SAR S92s in the UK.
  • Repeatedly tested in response to a diverse range of operational SAR missions. Has maintained an impressive aircraft availability level in excess of 98%


s92 sar discriminators
S92 – SAR discriminators
  • Large cabin size – Height 6 ft
  • Location of winch near to handling pilot
  • Firefighting or Mountain Rescue Team in one lift and remain fully SAR capable
  • Landing on sloping ground 10 degrees fore and aft 13 degrees lateral
  • Crosswinds 35kts from any direction




  • a modern heavy-lift helicopter fitted with the latest cutting-edge technology and equipment for its role in SAR operations
  • top speed of 165kt (190mph), can cruise at 145kt (167mph). Can be fitted with internal fuel tank, which increases its radius of action (ROA) to 270nm or 310 statute miles (ROA is defined as the distance the aircraft can fly from base, spend 30 minutes on task including 15 minutes in the hover, then return to base with 20 minutes’ fuel reserve remaining)
  • aircraft fitted with latest high-speed twin hoist (in case of single hoist failure), each hoist cable being 290 feet long with a lift capacity of up to 600lbs at speeds of 350 feet per minute


s92 cont d
S92 (cont’d)
  • aircraft cabin fitted out to allow paramedic level of medical care to be administered to a casualty and the ramp at the rear of the aircraft provides easy assess for loading and unloading of stretchers, incubators and other bulky medical equipment, as well as easy access for rescue teams and their equipment
  • one of the first aircraft built to comply fully with the FAA/JAA Part 29 safety regulations




  • CHC: largest global supplier of civilian helicopter SAR services, including interim SAR service for the MCA
    • proven SAR service in UK - doing it now
  • RBS: extensive track record of PFI financing
    • proven MoD PFI expertise
  • Thales: MoD training service & MoD PFI expertise
    • proven MoD contractor
  • Sikorsky: manufacturer with a distinguished pedigree in SAR

proven SAR aircraft S92

The foundations, strength and credibility to evolve seamlessly into SAR-H