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Making your CD music mobile PowerPoint Presentation
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Making your CD music mobile

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Making your CD music mobile
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Making your CD music mobile

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  1. Songs 2 Mobile Enhanced CD application Making your CD music mobile

  2. What is Songs 2 Mobile? Songs 2 Mobile on CD is a software application that allows the buyer of a music CD to create one or more free customized ringtones from songs on the CD. The band/label can choose to “give away” with each CD from 1 to unlimited “make your own” ringtones. A pay per use option is also available for ringtone sales after free ringtones have been used • A social network widget allows users to post personal ringtones for friends to hear on their social network pages

  3. Bands / Labels • Help promote and increase physical CD sales • Ringtones generate awareness of your songs • The social network widget helps promote the CD to the bands target audience • Replicators / Distributors • Offer the application to earn additional income • Provide new and innovative products • Set up an on-line account to add to clients as necessary Why Songs 2 Mobile? • Buyers of CD’s • They like ringtones and making their own ringtones • Ringtone market is forecasted to reach $5.2 billion 2008 • User generated content is the fastest growing segment of both the on-line and mobile content market segment

  4. How does it work? Songs 2 Mobile CD is a small application burned on the music CD after the tracks have been burned, but prior to final CD replication. You choose which songs are “permitted” to be customized into ringtones by the consumer. When the CD is put into a PC the user chooses a song and then goes into our proprietary ringtone editor tool. In order to benefit from the service the users need to register thus eliminating the possibility of fraudulent activities. After the free ringtones have been used up, users may still create their own ringtones and opt to purchase them, creating an additional revenue source.

  5. Social Network Enhancement Each user of the Songs 2 Mobile application on a CD will be able to post their created ringtone(s) on their social network site via our dedicated social network player. This allows the consumer to "show off" their favorite songs/ringtones to their friends and helps market the album. There is also a link back to the respective album site on our social network site, which all artists would be listed automatically.

  6. Contact us For a demo of the whole process, please go to our site:  Songs 2 Mobile Live Demo Please write to us for a unique username and password. For more information please visit Please do not hesitate to contact us at: Phone: Europe +40 21 231 8805 Phone: North America +1 847 858 4866 Account Manager Ionut Lupu Vice President Barton Sidles