Performance improvement strategies for individuals and teams
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Performance Improvement Strategies for Individuals and Teams LIFO ® Training A performance improvement technology with numerous applications that leads to increased productivity, communication, and teamwork benefiting more than 8 million people in 20,000 organizations and 28 countries.

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What is lifo training l.jpg

A performance improvement technology with numerous applications

that leads to increased productivity, communication, and teamwork

benefiting more than 8 million people in 20,000 organizations and 28 countries.

What is LIFO® Training?

LIFO Training is…

Lifo training focus l.jpg

1 applications


Personal Productivity


With Key People

Interpersonal Communication


In Groups

Team Building

LIFO® Training Focus

LIFO® Training gives us tools to communicate and be

more effective in any of the three basic human situations:


Getting to the next level of success l.jpg
Getting to the Next Level of Success applications

Productivity Busters

Productivity Boosters

1. Controlling Excesses

1. Doing What's Unnecessary

2. Extending Options

2. Not Doing What's Necessary

A quantitative view of productivity l.jpg
A Quantitative View of Productivity applications

Staying in the Productive Zone

Tracking Individual and Team Productivity

Doing Too Little(Blind side)

Doing Too Much


Least PreferredStrengths

Most Preferred Strengths

Do Just Enough


Do More

Do Less



Who can benefit from lifo training l.jpg

Delivers essential skills needed at all organizational levels.

Benefits all departments and job functions.

Fits into existing programs or stands alone.

Who can benefit from LIFO® Training?

LIFO® Training is for everyone at all levels.

Organizational benefits l.jpg

Deliver essential concepts and skills that increase the productivity of managers and employees at all organizational levels.

Organizational Benefits

1. Multi-level Impact

2. High Performance

  • Challenge both the most productive and the least productive people to do better.

Organizational benefits8 l.jpg

Eliminate the cost of lost time from inefficient work styles, recurring problems, miscommunication, avoiding responsibility, and uncoordinated teams.

Organizational Benefits

3. Reduced Costs

4. Quick Results

  • Accelerate cooperation, trust, and open communication for improved planning, decision making, and problem solving.

Lifo workshops l.jpg

Identify the values and goals that motivate people to produce their very best work.

Seek situations that allow people to use their own special strengths to the fullest.

Replace wasted effort with efficient action.

Avoid missing key information in planning and problem solving.

Develop greater versatility for dealing with a wider range of tasks and responsibilities.

LIFO® Workshops

1. Break the Productivity Barrier

Lifo workshops10 l.jpg

Recognize other people’s communication preferences. produce their very best work.

Translate what you want to say so it answers the key questions in other people’s minds.

Use communication strategies that get through, get agreement, and get action.

LIFO® Workshops

2. Bridge the Communication Gap

  • Identify and overcome the sources of conflict in key relationships.

Lifo workshops11 l.jpg

Inventory team strengths. produce their very best work.

Appreciate and utilize individual differences for greater team achievement.

Minimize wasted effort by controlling team excesses.

Make better decisions by overcoming team blind spots.

Collaborate for more balanced information gathering, decision making, and resource utilization.

LIFO® Workshops

3. Build Teamwork

Slide12 l.jpg

A Full Range of Proven Products produce their very best work.

Why lifo training is so effective l.jpg

Create a high-trust learning environment. produce their very best work.

Promote progressive mastery of relevant skills, attitudes, and insights.

Why LIFO® Training Is So Effective

1. Carefully sequenced activities

2. A common language and conceptual framework

  • Facilitates discussion and shorten learning time.

  • Supports many different training applications.

Why lifo training is so effective14 l.jpg

Identify what participants most need to learn. produce their very best work.

Generate ownership and clarity.

Support practical action plans that lead to behavioral change.

Why LIFO® Training Is So Effective

3. Surveys, checklists, and written activities

4. Small and large group activities

  • Encourage exploration of feelings and attitudes.

  • Enable feedback and generate commitment.

Why lifo training is so effective15 l.jpg

Don’t stop with explanations or diagnostics. produce their very best work.

Include proven techniques and action plans.

Why LIFO® Training Is So Effective

5. Practical skills are immediately applied

6. Thorough research and testing

  • Disseminate best practices from around the world.

  • Assure successful and enjoyable experiences for both trainers and participants.

What others say l.jpg

I used the LIFO produce their very best work.® Method to train the entire sales force of Citicorp's Global Payment Products division with remarkable results, leading to an increase of 31% in revenues following this intervention. Gerrit Knodt, Ph.D., Senior Partner, InterContext s.p.r.l.

What Others Say

  • Manufacturing efficiency increased from 65% of standard to 95% of standard. Absenteeism decreased from 20% of our people being absent on a daily basis to just 3%.Don Payne, Director of HR Development, Mattel, Inc.

  • Our turnover rate has greatly decreased—it is now one of the lowest in the industry.Lori Madden, HR Manager, Toys R Us

  • LIFO® Training is very adaptable, so it can be used as the basis for many kinds of HR training. That makes it very cost effective.Jeff Wells, VP of Human Resources, Circuit City

  • LIFO® Training is one of the more effective programs for a broad spectrum of people—from mail clerks to vice presidents.Karen Otazo, Manager, HR Development, ARCO

What others say17 l.jpg

I have used nine different instruments over the last 15 years and the LIFO® Survey is the best. People can get it quickly. It has face validity.Bruce A. Davis, Consultant, Participative Management, GE

What Others Say

  • Participants appreciated walking away with skills they can immediately incorporate into their everyday lives. The training materials and handbook look professional and are easy to follow.Donna Maciorowski, Training Specialist, US Fish and Wildlife Service

  • LIFO® Training took us a step beyond the MBTI because it is very explicit about action strategies—it focuses on translating insight into actual behavior.Dr. Harold Hillman, Director, AMOCO Management Learning Center

  • LIFO® Training is great tool for building organizational success in business, school, and families. It was well received at our organization.Keith Grant, Business Planner, General Motors Midsize Car Division

What others say18 l.jpg

I recommend LIFO years and ® Training as the keystone of all interpersonal skills training. Our clients have told us that they have been able to communicate much better with co-workers and managers.Cynthia Francis, Senior Consultant, Francis Group, Ltd.

What Others Say

  • After 23 years as a business consulting professional, the LIFO® program is my communications effectiveness training program of choice. Thanks!Drew Helvey, Senior Management Consultant

  • To survive in a rapidly changing, high-pressure environment, it is essential to maximize communication skills—and LIFO® Training is a key to doing that.Larry Ferguson, Healthcare Organization Consultant

  • As both an instructor and a participant, I have found the program to be very beneficial. I believe it will contribute to the profits of any company.Mark Novas, M.A., Dean, Electrospace University

What others say19 l.jpg

LIFO years and ® Training creates laughter, comfort, communication, self-insight and mutual understanding, and it allows participants to test assumptions they have about each other.Dave Radcliffe, Training Advisor, ExxonMobil USA

What Others Say

  • LIFO® Training has had the most significant impact on our staff. People who could not work effectively together now work harmoniously.Penny Beiler, Training Officer, Alaska Department of Labor

  • LIFO® Training has helped break barriers to open communication, leading to greater harmony and improved efficiency in the office.P R Kalaivanan, Managing Director, Johnson & Johnson

  • LIFO® Training not only empowers me as an individual, but enables me to empower other people. When you understand their strong points and blind sides, you can interact more effectively.John Wilfore, Sub-Section Mgr, Business Information Center, GE

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