manufacturing systems of the mars settlement local steel aluminum and glass l.
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“ Manufacturing Systems of the Mars Settlement ” Local Steel, Aluminum, and Glass Damon Ellender Programming Team Manufacturing Local Manufacturing is key to long-term planetary settlement Requirements Steel Processing 400kg/day 1500K

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manufacturing systems of the mars settlement local steel aluminum and glass

“Manufacturing Systems of the Mars Settlement”Local Steel, Aluminum, and Glass

Damon Ellender

Programming Team

  • Local Manufacturing is key to long-term planetary settlement
  • Steel Processing 400kg/day 1500K
  • Aluminum Processing 25kg/day 1000K
  • Glass Processing 200kg/day 1200K-1400K
  • Manufactured Products as needed for construction(i.e. Structural, wire,…)
  • Dual use or Flexible equipment used where possible
glass process
Glass Process
  • Floated on Tin, Pilkington Process, 2mx4m float tray, made from local brick, covered to protect from dust
  • Cooled using CO2 in Lehr, 2mx2m, made from local brick. Rollers imported.
  • Cut into 1m x 1mx5mm glass panels for transport and further cutting.
  • Located Outdoors
lcc steel process
LCC Steel Process
  • Low Carbon Content (LCC) Steel is better for low temperature application
  • All products made of 6mm Sheet or cast directly
  • Provision for Rolling ‘Strip’ depending on size of Steel Batch
  • Located Outdoors
strip caster
Strip Caster
  • 6mm thick x2m wide
  • Can be outdoors though dust may require enclosed(not pressurized) areas
  • Pickling could also be done in enclosed area to ensure recovery of acids/caustics.
typical strip casting process
Typical Strip Casting Process
  • All products made of 6mm Sheet or cast directly
  • Provision for Rolling ‘Strip’ depending on size of Steel Batch
slab caster
Slab Caster
  • For Context
  • Not practical for amount of steel manufactured unless larger sections needed(i.e. rails)
  • Batch Casting or Direct Chill better alternative
aluminum process
Aluminum Process
  • Strip Casting possible using same process as Steel
  • Direct Chill is also possible for Aluminum, not sure for Steel.
aluminum direct chill casting
Aluminum Direct Chill Casting
  • Ingots Poured Vertically
  • Continuous Quench with Water or CO2
  • Once Mold is full, valve shuts, and ingot is rotated and pressed out by ram.
  • Other material could use this process(i.e steel)
annealing furnace
Annealing Furnace
  • Located Outdoors
  • Capable of 1000K Temperatures
  • Capable of Controlled Cooling(using CO2)
  • Approximately 5mx1mx1m made from local Refractory
  • Heat Exchanger Imported(1m3, 100kg)
  • Uses Steam from Nuclear Reactor for Controlled Heating
material transport
Material Transport
  • Need Glass, Steel, and Al transported from Refining to Manufacturing Airlock
  • Need Steel Rolls transported to Annealing Oven
  • Need Finished Products transported from Manufacturing Airlock to Area of Use
  • Rover or Automated Robot Carrier could easily be programmed to perform this function.
products processing indoors
Products Processing (Indoors)
  • Sheet Metal
    • Foil Foil Mill (8m2,1000kg)
    • Ducting 4m brake(4m2, 200kg), Resistance Welder(.25m2,50kg), Rivets
    • Piping/Tubing Tube Mill(4m2,500kg)
    • Wire/Cable Stripper(4m2,200kg), Wire Mill(6m2, 500kg)
    • Mesh Expander(3m2,200kg)
    • Stamped
      • Housings Press and Dies(4m2, 200kg), Castings(.5m2, 50kg)
      • Structural Members Press and Dies(4m2,200kg), Castings(4m2,100kg)
      • Rover Wheels Castings(.5m2,50kg), Press and Dies(4m2, 200kg)
    • Roll Winder/Unwinder (4m2, 400kg)
  • Cast Metal
    • Structural Beams Direct Chilled, Castings(4m2, 100kg)
    • Castings Castings(1m2, 100kg)
      • Valves
      • Sprinklers
      • Rover Parts
  • Glass Glass Cutter(2mx1m, 100kg)
  • Coatings
    • Zinc Galvanizing Use Locally Made PE Tank, and Zinc
    • Powder Coating Line Includes Oven, 3mx3m, 400kg
    • Electroplating Use Locally Made PE Tank, and appropriate Eplating solution
  • Shop
    • One Off Manufacture Drill Press, CNC Lathe, CNC Milling Machine (H&V), Grinders, Cutters
    • Prototyping Rapid Prototyping System, Wax or Plastic Investments Minimum
  • Robots/Automation
    • 6 DOF Motoman Handles Resistance Welder, Plasma Cutter, and Manipulator
    • Crane Loading and Unloading of Heavy Items
  • May be used for making wire ribbon as well.
cutting device
Cutting device
  • Diamond Saw
  • Cuts both steel and glass
tubing mill formers
Tubing Mill-Formers
  • Rolls strips into a tube and welds.
  • Tubing out can be rolled or cut in lengths.
coiler decoiler
  • Roll and Unrolls Tubing, Strip, Wire, and Cable.
  • 200kgs per unit
  • ~1mx2m floorspace
steel mill control room
Steel Mill Control Room
  • For Context
  • Supervision of Process
    • Video
    • Instruments
    • Visual
  • Programming of new process
powder coat oven
Powder Coat Oven
  • Finished Products
  • Durable Epoxy Coating
  • Can be used on Steel and Aluminum