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Presentation of the Tourism Project TUPINAMBÁ LODGE ITAPARICA Island – Bahia – Brazil A proposal …. An opportunity ….

Presentation of the Tourism Project TUPINAMBÁ LODGE ITAPARICA Island – Bahia – Brazil A proposal …. An opportunity …. .

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Presentation of the Tourism Project TUPINAMBÁ LODGE ITAPARICA Island – Bahia – Brazil A proposal …. An opportunity ….

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  1. Presentation of the Tourism Project TUPINAMBÁ LODGEITAPARICA Island – Bahia – BrazilA proposal …. An opportunity ….

  2. TUPINAMBÁ LODGE here presented is only one example of what it is possible to do on our land, concentrating mainly on the sports and nautical tourism. We imagined it in the form of a condominium, but it could also be an individual investment. Moreover, nothing prevents the consideration of other uses of the same land ….. PREAMBLE Itaparica island, and the "Baía de Todosos Santos", are Environmental Protection Areas, with the obligation to obtain a"LicençaAmbiental"(Environmental License) issued by the competent authorities for the realization of any project.

  3. What is "TUPINAMBÁ LODGE", and what are its goals? It´s a condominium whose originality is to combine 2 functions: Residential. Each owner will have their private space. Business . On the condominium common areas, an infrastructure of accommodation and entertainmentcan be installed. Goal: To take advantage of the tendency traced from private investors and politics about a exploitation of the touristic potential of the Baía de Todosos Santos. Which advantages can one expect from such a formula?......

  4. NATURE AND ADVANTAGES OF THE TOURISTIC CONDO CONCEPT It´s an investment that concentrates simultaneously on the quality of life and the return on invested capital. Maintaining a lively atmosphere always renewed by the flow of visitors, basicly "filtered" by their interest in boating and nature. The dynamic nature of this investment will stimulate the local economy which will share the benefits with new opportunities for all in terms of jobs and incomes. Who can be interested by TUPINAMBÁ LODGE? Active and enthusiastic people, who want to adopt a healthy lifestyle, close to nature, and who wish to give free course to their entrepreneurship, and who feel competent for activities compatible with the project.. (ie: sailing, kite and windsurf, restoration, equestrian sports, yoga and massages….) Lets go now to the area>>>>

  5. BAÍA de TODOS os SANTOS …. and the state capital, Salvador de Bahia. We are at 1:30 hours of the capital (road + ferry boat). From Salvador International Airport, we can fly direct to Itaparica island in 20mn by air taxi (plane or helicopter).

  6. Seafront land reserved for TUPINAMBÁ LODGETheclear green part roughly measures 20.000m2, it´s however possible to negotiate a smaller area, 12.000m2, as shown by the plan on the next page.

  7. Plan of 20.000m2 and of 12.000m2

  8. These nearby landscapes could alone justify the investment… But are there other reasons to invest there?

  9. Yes, there are .... there is also the Cultural Richness of Bahia The cultural diversity of Bahia, cradle of the Afro Brazilian culture, one of the most appealing attractions of this region.

  10. BaÍA de todos os santos – all saints bay The future • Organized by the State Government of Bahia, the 1st International Nautical Forum of the Baía de Todos os Santos was held in June 2008 in Salvador. Participants included Brazilian and foreign investors, with a strong representation of the French Federation of Nautical Industries. • The name “Bahia”, which already stood for carnival, festivals, music, now has to become the “registered trademark” of the yachting world in Latin America. • Recent increase of demand for seafront properties has already caused their strong valorization and the quick decrease of their availability.

  11. All saints bay - BAía DE TODOS OS SANTOS Ranked as one of the most beautiful bays in the world, it allows a comfortable and safe navigation in calm waters among the dozens of islands, picturesque villages, wild beaches and stunning landscape. Navigable rivers and long waterways in the mangrove eco-system will enable you to penetrate inland.. Swimming is possible everywhere in safety. The flow of the tides constantly renews its water with clean offshore water. There is no known case of shark attack or other marine species in the region within a radius of several hundred kilometers. Important characteristic of this bay: it has two entrances. The largest, in the north, which is the gateway to the vessels and all commercial traffic, and the southern entrance, smaller, wild, discreet, which opens between Itaparica Island and the mainland. This is where we find ourselves. ...and we will see on the following page how this privileged situation influences its VOCATION! Climate: Tropical climate, with an average temperature varying little between the winter and the summer, which makes it possible to be dressed slightly all the year. Storms, tropical depressions and cyclones do not exist there. • The year is practically divided in two main seasons. "Summer" for the dry season, and “Winter" for the rainy season. The summer season starts in September / October and ends in April / May, happily coinciding with the winter in the northern hemisphere.

  12. ... and to speak about its VOCATION Close to the southern entrance of the bay, where we have our land, is the only part of the Baía de Todos os Santos, where only a few hundred meters separate the quiet waterways of the bay from the great beaches of the windward coast, beaten by offhore wind and waves.This location allows a wide range of activities from the same base:- Kite et wind surf- Sport or adventure sail...or quiet ride- Rowing- Snorkelling- Trekking- HippismAnd we must add, that for the seaplane enthousiasts, it is difficult to find elsewhere a comparable playground!

  13. Possible partnership All beside the surface reserved for TUPINAMBÁ LODGE, we have a composite workshop, mainly dedicated to the sailing boats design and manufacture . See our web site www.sambacat.com We could be an effective logistic support for the nautical activities of Lodge, such as for example design and manufacture of unusual boats, like this beam dugout designed to use lateen sail and kite. PS- Our collaboration could also be welcome because our practice of the country, its language and its laws.

  14. Then...you´re welcome ! Contact: Robert Dotta Rua dos Coqueiros, 80 44470-000 – VERA CRUZ-BA - BRASIL Phone: +5571 3637 5012 E-mail: sambacat@sambacat.com

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