mgc webinar service is your best bet l.
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MGC Webinar Service is your Best Bet PowerPoint Presentation
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MGC Webinar Service is your Best Bet

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MGC Webinar Service is your Best Bet - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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MGC Webinar Service is your Best Bet Charles Wiseman Derrick Fitzgerald We Want You Back With budgets tight for new equipment, maximizing the performance and reliability of your existing MGC is as important as ever. 

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MGC Webinar Service is your Best Bet

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Presentation Transcript
mgc webinar service is your best bet

MGC WebinarService is your Best Bet

Charles Wiseman

Derrick Fitzgerald

we want you back
We Want You Back
  • With budgets tight for new equipment, maximizing the performance and reliability of your existing MGC is as important as ever. 
  • Polycom Support offerings are designed as a cost effective way to leverage your investments while receiving all necessary technical assistance to keep the equipment running at full capacity.
  •  POLYCOM recommends the purchase a Support Agreement to ensure your MGC performs at the highest levels
  • Support Agreements are Investment Protection
    • Today and the future
service is your best option
Service is your Best Option
  • Polycom will only accept new Maintenance Agreements for equipment that is at the most current software release levels
  • If your Maintenance Agreement has expired or, you have never been under a Maintenance Agreement, and are not at the most current software release level you will be required to purchase the current software license before Polycom will accept your request for a Maintenance Agreement
  • Software upgrades are offered separately on a license fee basisat the then current list price. This license does not entitle you to future upgrades. It is only to purchase a current version of the software.
greatest return on your investment
Greatest Return on Your Investment
  • To help you minimize the cost to upgrade to the current software release and to become eligible to purchase a Maintenance Agreement we are offering the following special software upgrade pricing
  • Example 1, if you are at revision 6x the cost of the license alone is $15,000
    • For this special promotion we are offering the software for $1,000 on the MGC 50 and $1,800 on the MGC 100
  • This represents a typical savings of over $10,000 on a full license price!!!
value of upgrading your mgc
Value of upgrading your MGC
  • An upgrade to release 7.x helps prepare your conferencing network to:
    • Deliver new service offerings
    • Reduce your time spent on managing conferences
    • Improve video / audio conferencing quality
    • Improve Security
    • Maximize your company’s investment
    • New technology
new conferencing service offerings
New Conferencing Service Offerings
  • Ad-hoc enhancements
    • “Virtual” Meeting rooms using up to 2000 defined rooms on the MGC or using the MGC API to integrate into enterprise wide DB
    • Improved Entry queues
    • Added Presence based solutions
  • Full featured Audio
    • Improved Operator support, Chair across multiple cascaded conferences, G.729a
  • Unified - Added SIP to:
    • Audio - Video, IP (H.323 or SIP) or ISDN / MPI
  • Personal Video (desktop on-demand video)
    • Version 7and 7.5 support for Microsoft and Nortel
    • Version 7.03 for Avaya
audio and video quality improvement
Audio and Video Quality Improvement
  • Video
    • H.264 –Up to 30 FPS H.264 standard support in video switched, continuous presence and gateway conferences
    • Highest Common Enhancements – Additional parameter support for H.264, H.263 annexes (F, N, T, I*), Pro-Motion, VGA/SVGA/XGA resolutions
  • Content
    • H.239 – Full standards support for H.239. Supports mixed Polycom P+C and H.239 conferences
    • 4CIF to XGA video resolution graphics support in mixed conferences with different endpoint capabilities
    • H.323 P+C H.239 Cascade – People + Content and/or H.239 is supported in IP “star” Cascaded voice-switched conferences
  • Audio
    • SilenceIT – Patent pending feature that will automatically mute endpoints generating music or other audio interferences with the conference
    • Audio Error Resilience - MGC capability to generate synthesized audio to replace missing audio packet.
reduce management time spend less time setting up and managing conferences
Reduce management time- Spend less time setting up and managing conferences
  • Updated Transcoding capabilities for:
    • Audio – H.320, H.323 and SIP participants all in the same conference
    • Video – includes H.264
    • Content – H.239 and XGA resolution
    • “auto” option allows a “set and forget” approach
  • Improvement of resource allocation
    • No longer have to plan the speeds and feeds for video and ISDN port utilization
  • Cascading
    • Content – H.239 on ISDN links and IP links
    • ISDN and IP links – now can cascade over IP links or ISDN links, with content support
    • Auto Cascade – for multiple location, single user experience, with low set up effort
  • Reliability/Manageability for H.323 conferences
    • RTCP Monitoring - Enhanced monitoring capabilities for IP conferences
    • Enhanced status reporting per media channel (audio, video, content)
    • DHCP - IP media interface can now obtain its IP information address via DHCP
    • DNS – Enhancement to support SIP
      • Link DNS name to an IP interface
    • NAT Traversal
      • Static Mapping, each internal IP address (IP board) is translated into a specific external IP address.
    • Alternate GK
  • Ad-hoc, on demand – no time spent on scheduling and rescheduling conferences
improved security
Improved Security
  • Security
    • AES for media encryption
    • Updated CDR to include AES and chair indication field
  • Removable hard drive
  • Added Secure Socket Layer (SSL) for MGC Manager
  • Ad hoc users can be verified through MGC API into enterprise employee database
maximizes your company s investment
Maximizes your company’s investment
  • By upgrading your conferencing equipment, you can:
    • Gain extra capacity and expansion capability
      • New hardware - ISDN, IP, Video and Audio modules
        • More ports
        • Better utilization of the ports –
          • improved dynamic resource management algorithms (video and ISDN ports)
          • Conference on a port
        • Better system utilization of the ports (span modules)
        • Better price per port
    • Mix and match conferencing equipment
      • The MGC now supports even more ITU standards such as H.264, H.239, AES, G.729a, and G.722.1
      • This enables you to utilize standard compliant equipment in the network
      • Expanded transcoding algorithms to support endpoint variations
  • Some assistance
    • We’ve cut Video module list price by 50%
    • IP 48 & Audio 48 module list price by 20%
    • Offer substantial module trade-in program - rebates
new hardware
New Hardware

We also have the “+” plus versions of the Video+8 and Audio+

new technology

Microsoft OC

Nortel MCS

Polycom WebOffice

New technology
  • IP – SIP
    • Although H.323 is dominant and will continue to be deployed, most of the “personal” video deployments will be based on SIP. This offers more flexibility for new types of services such as IM/Chat and multipoint Video integration – one click
  • High Definition Video
    • Following the trends in the consumer industry, high definition video ( 9 to 1 ratio to CIF resolution) is now supported on the MGC
    • Up to 90 HD endpoints, in IP video switching mode
  • Technology Alliances
mgc v8 0 glimpse edr in july august
MGC V8.0 Glimpse(EDR in July / August)
  • Video Error Concealment over a dirty IP network
  • VTX-1000 Wideband Support (G722.2)
  • Additional support for SIP and the alliances
  • Conference on a Port (COP) for SIP
  • Text messaging for operators / admin to participants
  • Additional Security enhancements
mgc update summary
MGC Update Summary
  • The MGC has evolved in the last couple of years:
    • Additional hardware for increased capacity and improved utilization
    • Additional software based features and functionality
    • ITU standards to provide you maximum flexibility
  • Enables new services, new technology and provides an upgrade path to new MGC releases such as R8 in the fall
  • Save money by not having to purchase an upgrade later at full list price
  • Obtain all the benefits associated with the new features and functionality of our current software
  • Become eligible to purchase a Maintenance Agreement thru which you can receive future updates and upgrades, when and if available, free of charge during the term of the contract.
  • Plus all the other benefits of a support agreement
    • Same day parts shipment
    • Technical telephone support
    • Self help tools and Knowledge Base
60 day support promotional opportunity
60 Day Support Promotional Opportunity
  • For the customers on this webinar we are offering a one time discount on a Support Contract
  • If you purchase a one year Support Agreement we will take 10% off the total Support Agreement price
  • If you purchase a three year Support Agreement we will take 15% off the total Support Agreement price
  • These discounts along with the Software promotional pricing provides you with very attractive and highly discounted promotion pricing