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IMAM ZAMAN a.s . COMPETITION Tutorial ~ Junior Category ~ 4 th October 2009 PowerPoint Presentation
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IMAM ZAMAN a.s . COMPETITION Tutorial ~ Junior Category ~ 4 th October 2009

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IMAM ZAMAN a.s . COMPETITION Tutorial ~ Junior Category ~ 4 th October 2009 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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IMAM ALI a.s. KNOWLEDGE FOUNDATION. IMAM ZAMAN a.s . COMPETITION Tutorial ~ Junior Category ~ 4 th October 2009. QURAN RECITATION. Please listen quietly Introductory Video on the topic. RULES OF THE SESSION. BE A PRACTICAL EXAMPLE OF A GOOD MUSLIM!!  Respect each other

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Presentation Transcript
quran recitation
  • Please listen quietly
  • Introductory Video on the topic
rules of the session
  • Respect each other
  • Be serious about learning
  • Put your hand up for questions at the end of the talk only
  • Listen to the instructions carefully
what are we going to do today
What are we going to do today?
  • Kick Start your research
  • Buddy up System
  • Videos
  • Poster Brainstorming
  • The Grand Quiz – 2 Teams ~ **GIVEAWAYS**
  • End of the Session Presentation
buddy up
  • Choose the person sitting next to you and introduce yourself with your name, age and something your are really good at. Also, explain the reason why you want to take part in this competition?
  • Introduce your Buddy to rest of the class
brainstorming activity presentations
Brainstorming Activity / Presentations
  • What is Brainstorming?
  • Along with your Buddy, brainstorm any information that you find useful for your poster
  • End of the Session, 1 minute long presentation to rest of the class. **All participating groups gets a discount**
  • Who is Imam Zaman (as)?


kick starting your reseach
Kick Starting your Reseach
  • What do you know already?
  • Do some survey
  • Use your tutorial Info
  • Conduct External Research i.e. Books, Internet, Website
who is he
  • Born on Friday, 15thShabaan 255 AH in Samarra, IRAQ.
  • Father: 11th Imam Hasan Al Askaria.s.

Mother: BibiNargisKhatoon

  • His Imamat began at the age of Five when his Father died in 260AH.
  • His real name is Muhammad and title is AbulQasim – Same as of the holy Prophet
prophet pbuh said
Prophet pbuh said:

“The world will not come to an end until a man from my family, whose name will be my name, will rule over the world and bring justice & peace”

  • Watch the Video carefully
  • The clip is 4 minutes 13 seconds
  • The questions will be asked from the video
  • Watch for simple things like the colors, shapes, sayings etc.
  • Every correct answer recieves a
the occulatations
The Occulatations
  • The Minor Occultation Ghaybat-e-Sughra- contact through Intermediaries
  • The Major OccultationGhaybat-e-Kubra

- no contact

imam zaman a s says
Imam Zamana.s. says:

“During the time of my occultation, benefiting from me is just the same as you are benefited by the sun hiding behind the clouds”

his age
His Age
  • He is almost 1150 years old and his life will last as much as Allah wishes.
  • “We sent Nuh to his people and so he lived among them a thousand years.” (29.14)
  • Even the modern science does not deny the possibility of lengthing the human life span.
  • Afterall, the regulations of a man’s life is in Allah’s hand and he is the creator of all of us.
  • Just as any other miracles of other Prophets and Imams which were against the natural order of Allah but still within the power of God.
  • Clip from 313 Movie
  • Sheikh’s comments about His age and existence
  • Video Length - 7:12 secs
the belief of al mahdi
The Belief of Al-Mahdi
  • Not only limited to Shia Muslims
  • Sunnis believe in His reappearance
  • Also some other religions have same belief of a savior brining justice to the world
christian belief in al mahdi
Christian Belief in Al Mahdi
  • And as for Ishmael, I have heard thee; Behold, I have blessed him and will make him fruitful and I will multiply him exceedingly, Twelve Princes shall he beget and I will make him a great nation”

(Genesis 18:20, Old Testament)

hindu belief in al mahdi
Hindu Belief in Al Mahdi
  • “In the end of the world, after corruption of the world, a leader will appear who is called Mansoor. He will master all the world, he will know everyone whether a believer or an unbeliever, and whatever he asks, God will offer him”.
  • “From Arabs ground , Hashim’s sons, a man with a big head, big body and big feet comes out, and continues his grandfather’s religion with a large army, goes to Iran and constructs the earth and fills the earth with justice”. (The holy book: BeshatratAhdin).
jews belief in al mahdi
Jews belief in Al Mahdi
  • “ …and God will approve the pious men who will become owners of the earth and will settle in it for ever”

(Mazmour 37, 10-37).

islamic belief in al mahdi
Islamic belief in Al Mahdi
  • “And certainly we wrote in the book after the reminder that (as for) the land, My righteous servants shall inherit the earth”. (Chap 21:105)
  • “We desire to be gracious to those who were abased in the land, and to make them leaders, and make them the inheritors”. (Chap 28:5)
  • “Allah has promised to those of you who believe and do good that He will most certainly make them rulers in the earth as he made those before them rulers, and that he will most certainly establish for them their religion which he has chosen for them. (Chap 24:55)
also from the sunni books
Also from the Sunni books…

Narrations from Prophet Muhammad pbuh:

  • “Allah will send one of my family to overcome injustice and cruelty through justice, even if only one day of this world is left” (Ahmad Hanbal , vol -1 p.99).
  • “Resurrection will not happen until a man from our household will govern the world whose name is as mine.” (A.HanbalVol 1 pp. 376, 430).
  • We have about 300 hundred ahadith related by the Shia and Sunni scholars on many aspects connected with Imam Mahdia.s.
when imam mahdi will come
When Imam Mahdi will come?

“Hazrat Al Mahdi (as) will come in a situation that diversity and degradation among the people is so high that the world will be ruined. He will come and preserve humanity from damage and corruption. Then God will enrich peoples hearts with faith and love”

Prphet Muhammad pbuh

the 2 objective of any imam
The 2 Objective of any Imam
  • Monotheism – Maintaining relationship between Insaan to Allah
  • Justice – Maintaining relationship between Insaan to Insaan
after imam mahdi s arrival
After Imam Mahdi’s arrival…
  • Islam will become an international religion and other religions will disappear.
  • There will come a day in which no cruelty, no injustice, no hostility, no killing, no oppression, no lies, and no corruption will exist in the world. It means that after a period of corruption and ignorance finally the world will be filled with equity and justice. And the reason for not collapsing or destroying the world in future is the expectance of The Mahdi (as) in coming and making man to live a happy life. A period in which only peace, humanity and morality will govern the world.
  • The Prophet of Islam (SAW) calls that day, the day of light and human dignity
  • Another Clip from 313 The Movie
  • Sheikh’s comment about the 313
  • Length: 3:50 secs
what else can you do
What else can you do?
  • Dua Nudbah
  • Movie 313
  • Keep checking the website

  • Email
  • Pray to Imam Zaman a.s.
buddy presentations
Buddy Presentations
  • 1 minute presentation comprising of the information you have collected today
  • Be Concise
  • Be Informative
  • Respect other people
  • Listen carefully!!!


Thank You 